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  1. Fast_Toys

    Georgeous 17x8 5-114 Winter Wheel & Tire Package

    Price drop to 675.00. NO CURB RASH!
  2. I have a gorgeous set of white powder coated MSW (designed by OZ) for sale with 205/50/17 Michelin X-Ice tires. These are one of the best winter tires on the market. These wheels are in excellent condition and look fantastic. They come with brand new center caps (as pictured) as well as a used cap set as spares. The tires have approximately 6/32nd's of tread depth less (they are 10.5/32nd's new). Wheel Specs: 17x8 5-114 +45mm Offset These will clear the brakes on 05-07 WRX STI's as well. Email me at sales@fasttoys.net or call 204-955-4896 $ 675.00
  3. Fast_Toys


    Sold please remove
  4. Fast_Toys


  5. Fast_Toys

    Bob Earl Racing Simulator & G25 Setup

    Bump. Price lowered to 400.00. This is like NEW!
  6. Fast_Toys

    Bob Earl Racing Simulator & G25 Setup

    It will work with anything that uses a USB port and is supported by the game you are playing.
  7. Here is the PERFECT Christmas gift (or gift to yourself) for the racing/video game enthusiast. I am selling my barely used (maybe played with 3-4 times) Bob Earl Racing simulator chair with a Logitech G25 racing wheel, shifter and pedals. This is the ULTIMATE setup to simulate a race car seating position to play Grand Turismo etc. Everything is like new, mounted and ready to play. The frame is fully adjustable for different heights of drivers. Replacement cost would be over 900.00 for the set up. My make room in the basement price $ 450.00
  8. Fast_Toys

    Bar Table & Chairs

  9. Fast_Toys

    Bar Table & Chairs

    I have a chrome trimmed bar table and 4 chairs for sale. They were rarely used and everything is in great condition except one chair that has some small punctures in the vinyl from our cats. This could be recovered easily as the seat unbolts from the base. $ 100.00 Call 204-955-4896
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  11. Fast_Toys


  12. Fast_Toys

    Delete Me

  13. Fast_Toys

    Demo QSTARZ GPS Lap Timer

    Sold. Thanks!
  14. Fast_Toys

    Demo QSTARZ GPS Lap Timer

    I have our demo (used twice) QSTARZ GPS Lap Timer for sale. It is in like new condition. It is packed full of features which you can read about on their web site: http://racing.qstarz.com/Products/LT-Q6000.html $ 325.00 + taxes. Give me a call or email sales@fasttoys.net if you are interested. Thanks!
  15. Fast_Toys

    AX Events 3&4 This Weekend

    It would have been great to run the course in the dry. Those of you from the first group that didn't stay for fun runs missed out. It was a really fun course on dry pavement!