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  1. evolv

    Nd miata parts and 4x100 wheels in Calgary.

    This car has been sold.... from what I know the muffler and wheels are gone..
  2. Okay.. thanks.... Arrive with full fuel tank! GOT IT
  3. so what's that, one lap, two laps, 20000000 laps? How long are the laps? Where and when are the offered? any pre-event requirements Details needed... thanks
  4. evolv

    FS 15x6 50mm offset 5x114.3 Light Weight Rims

    Still in the garage,,, price drop to $100.00
  5. I see in the Full Year membership that there is a day of Hot Laps at Gimli included, in detail, what do you get for that?
  6. Karl Schnablegger 6210 Renewing 72
  7. evolv


    Time for new Helmet... where would be the best place to shop for this?
  8. evolv

    Spring Nat's 2018

    Love to go but planning to be in Alaska in May....
  9. evolv

    Promoting autocross

    I just checked out RRX area The parking lot south east of the Downs race track is large enough for an event but needs to be resurfaced. This would be an excellent autocross lot if 1. you could get it and 2. it was resurfaced Our old race area still looks the same, large bump between the east and north ends and large man hole protruding 2 inch's up at the same transition area. Also new buildings and access roads into the area. I would deem this area as borderline dangerous do to the proximity of the buildings and confinement of the area and I would not recommend it for autocross.
  10. evolv

    Promoting autocross

    If we got this hot dog vendor I think attendance may sky rocket... lol Locally grown in Manitoba, the girls from Steinbach
  11. evolv

    Promoting autocross

    Beau is definitely on track with promotion, but in addition to cards and word of mouth I keep thinking about where we compete. Location, Location, Location: St. Andrews isn't the greatest spot or even a nice piece of pavement. Events at RRX we're better attended and I believe the location had a major part in that. I don't exactly remember the RRX being a great piece of pavement, especially with that nasty bump between the east and north sections. I would be willing to seek out a new location or two, knock on a few doors, make a few calls, see where it goes, Of course I would not proceed without the executives blessing and go ahead. You know how to get a hold of me.
  12. evolv

    Promoting autocross

    I like where you're going with this... I see many clubs state side have two classes. Pro Class - A voluntary class usually populated by drivers that consistently finish at the top of the leader board. These drivers usually show up for most if not all events. 1st and 2nd place trophy only PAX determined. Open Class - For those that come out to have some fun, are new at the sport or just want to compete against other drivers with similar skill sets. Trophies in accordance with the number of drivers with a minimum number of qualifying events. PAX factor. note: Novice Class rolled into open class (we have seen the odd Novice driver do very well in their first year). When I was state side this year they gave out shirts, ball caps and decals which was a nice touch, something we use to do! Maybe something we could use as promotional bait for an open class. This is where the Novice drivers can get recognized. Nothing says promo more than an eager Novice wearing a WSCC Autocross T-shirt and bragging to all their friends. I also wonder (and I'm going to get slammed for this one) do we have too many events? 18 events + 2 schools + 2 test and tune + a club event (what ever that was). wow 23 events in a 21 week summer! Maybe its watering down the entry levels.
  13. evolv

    Event #14, Sep 9

    Did anyone grab some data for this event, I would be interested in knowing what max speeds were obtained and in what sections.
  14. evolv

    Sept 17 co-drive

    Excuse 134 to get new tires