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  1. Noel Mattson - 1582 Renewing #11
  2. f0rd

    Promoting autocross

    I definitely noticed the autocross numbers are struggling this year. Sure miss the days when there were 70+ drivers and event caps were getting hit! Here are a few random thoughts. 1) Re-institute the “season pass” program. At the beginning of the year, this allows racers the option to pre-purchase entry to the entire season at a small discount. Limit the number of season passes available. WSCC had this option many years ago and I remember it being fairly popular. Sell all the season passes and you have a core group established for every event and a better chance of guaranteeing minimum attendance requirements. 2) Car meets and car shows seem to achieve huge weekly attendance numbers even though you basically just stand around a parking lot and look at cars. Meanwhile our events, where you actually get to drive fast and compete, struggle for attendance. Maybe we need to be part of an event that is primarily a car show, where the autocross is secondary? This might attract an entirely different crowd and get them hooked. Perhaps more attempts at partnerships with local car clubs and forums. 3) Although it’s mostly just good fun for most of us, some people are actually drawn to autocross for the competition. Would it help to expand the rewards and recognition on the competitive side? Prizes at each event? More significant prizes for the championships? More widely published results? 4) This year we had 18 events, and you needed to attend 10 of them to compete for a trophy. Our summers in Winnipeg are fairly short and committing 10+ weekend days is probably a really tough call for some. What if we split the year into two 9-event mini-seasons? This would intensify the competition over a shorter time span and allow people to come out and be competitive with a smaller time commitment. Make it to five events within a mini-season and you’re in the hunt for a trophy. A mid-year "reset" would also improve the situation where people sometimes get left in the dust due to car changes, tire changes, breakdowns, or whatever other challenges occurred in the first half. 5) We all wish we had a better facility. Something closer to the city with more space and a better surface would obviously help improve attendance. Unfortunately we are stuck with what exists, the chances of a new venue popping up are slim to none. Most of us are aware of the sludge lot, and recognize that it is the ultimate potential autocross site in Winnipeg...the holy grail! Club leadership has worked very hard to gain access (thanks guys!), but so far it seems to be a dead end. Just to keep the idea on life support…should we publish a log of what was attempted, what was discussed, who was involved, what the results were, etc.? Perhaps there is someone else in the club who has different contacts or some other forum to further engage the discussion. We are a large diverse group and you never know who knows somebody in the right place to get a door opened. Are there any other ways to try and shake something loose (letter writing campaigns, petitions, media, etc)? Are there ever any personnel changes at the related offices that may help us revisit the discussions? 6) Springs Church has nice little lot that is often used by other clubs for small autocross events. Would it make sense for the WSCC to hold a few “promotional” non-competition autocross events there? The main goal would be to attract a crowd inside the city, suck a few new people in, and ultimately draw them out the real events at St. Andrews or Gimli.
  3. f0rd

    Event #4 at Gimli

    Excellent course design Shawn. Thanks for all your efforts to make this event happen. I also preferred the Gimli site over St. Andrews.
  4. Member #1582 - Noel M #11 please
  5. f0rd

    The Next Ice Spec Tire?

    On the 335 I ran Blizzaks, then Hakka 8 studded, then Hakka R2. The R2 was the clear winner. My M3 is now rolling on Hakka R2's as well as the Pilot. Nokians cost a bit more, and the place that sells them is a disaster to deal with, but still totally worth it.
  6. Great driving guys! Looking forward to more M3 battles next year.
  7. f0rd

    Gimli autocross pictures

    Nice work Steve!! Thanks for coming out.
  8. Shawn, I will be at the track by 11:30 to help out with course setup.
  9. f0rd

    FS: 2009 BMW 335i Sedan

  10. f0rd

    FS: 2009 BMW 335i Sedan

    FOR SALE: 2009 BMW 335i Sedan, M-Sport, Audiophile, 6MT Details - Alpine White with Black Dakota Leather - 6 Speed manual transmission - 109xxx km - No accidents, 100% original paint - Recent Manitoba safety inspection (29/APR/2016) - Private sale, no GST, no liens on vehicle - Interior 9/10, Exterior 9/10 M-Sport Package - M Sport Bumpers, Steering Wheel, Shifter, Door Sill Plates - M Sport Suspension - Aluminum glacier silver trim Audiophile Sound Package - 655 Sirius Radio - 6FL USB Integration - 752 BMW Individual Audio system Cold Weather Package - Heated seats - Split-folding rear seats Other Features - Sunroof - Adaptive Xenon Headlights - Blackvue dashcam Regular maintenance performed by Birchwood BMW. HPFP replaced under warranty/recall. Spark plugs, injectors, and battery recently replaced. Original owner. Purchased new from Otto's BMW (Ottawa) in September 2009. Modifications (over $11k retail plus install costs) - Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential built by VAC Motorsports - TC Kline (Koni) Double Adjustable Coilovers with Swift Springs 400F/700R - Vorshlag Camber Plates - E93 M3 Front Sway Bar 28mm - M3 Front Control Arms - HP Autosport Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks - M3 Strut Tower Brace - P3 Cars Custom Vent Integrated Boost Gauge - MHD Stage 2 Tune - VRSF Catless Downpipes - ETS Intercooler - BMS Dual Cone Intake - ER Charge Pipe with Tial BOV - Cyba 3.8" Black Chrome Exhaust Tips - Whiteline Rear Subframe Bushing Inserts (not installed) Wheels/Tires - Alufelgen SF-71 19" with 235/265 Falken FK452 tires Extras available: - OEM Style 193M 18" with 225/225 Nokian R2 winter tires (like new, only six months old) - APEX ARC-8 lightweight 17"x9" with 255/255 Bridgestone RE-71R tires (used for one summer) - OEM 18" 225/255 Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Runflats (not mounted)
  11. Noel Mattson Member #1582 Car #11 Thanks!
  12. Coach, this thread might give you some ideas. Different car, but this guy fabricated some homemade aero mods for his E90 and installed sensors to actually measure the effect (for Kosta). http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=629044
  13. f0rd

    A Big Thanks

    Big thanks to all executives and other volunteers for their time. The quality of WSCC events never ceases to amaze me. Slick online registration, live results online, and commentary over FM radio are all great improvements. The events are always well organized and run super smooth. Our course designers do a stellar job with our challenging site options. Truly a high caliber operation and all the hard work everybody puts in behind the scenes really shows. We are spoiled to have so many great drivers in Winnipeg to battle against and learn from....thanks to everyone for the competition and keeping things fun out there.
  14. I'm planning on being in Gimli Saturday night. I can help you out Curtis.
  15. My guess is fuel pump