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  1. 2018 Road Race Championship Poster

    Nice Poster!!!
  2. Permanent numbers

    Near as I can tell there is no mention of a racing decals being an issue (https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Reg-and-Ins/Registration/VSI/pages/modifications.aspx). I suspect that if it were a young man doing this it might garner them the wrong kind of attention from the long arm of the law.
  3. Permanent numbers

    Sheet metal screws?
  4. Awesome!!!!!! Glad to see him being recognized for his years of hard work and dedication.
  5. In the WTF MPIC file

    Ahh nothing makes me prouder to be a Manitoban then seeing the good works of its crown corporations. .
  6. The tables I have available are sturdy and would hold a TV.
  7. The folding tables are yours if you want them.
  8. I have two 2.5 x 6 foot tables that i’d be happy to lend to the cause. Let me know if they would work.
  9. 2018 Fire on Ice Championship Poster

    Great design work.
  10. **** IMPORTANT - Venue Changes

    My dogs are so small they run on top of it. Like bugs sitting on top of water because they are not dense enough to break the surface tension.
  11. **** IMPORTANT - Venue Changes

    That's too bad. I love my dogs and I understand this from a dog safety concern. Don't want those fuzzy idiots running onto the track.
  12. 2018 Membership Process - MSR

    I did the membership director postition for most of a season and it is not fun. Most volunteers at least get the benefit of being at the track. The old way of the membership director took hours in front of a computer every weekend trying to reconcile the two websites for membership, excel files from special events, and hand written applications (some of which made me wonder how they passed the written portion of the mpi license exam). It needed to change and i appreciate an effort to make the position sustainable. I trust that they took into consideration the people who founded the club, who still take pride in their membership, and who do not have a computer or smart phone. They may not be active but they should not be forsaken. As for walk ups if the prospective member doesnt have a smart phone perhaps the registrar should or a notebook to help facilitate this.
  13. 2018 Membership Process - MSR

    The walkthrough make it as easy as pie.
  14. Let's see what MPIC is throwing away this week.

    In this sense I was using the term pollitics as from the original greek. I.E. the process of making decisions that affect members of a group. In this province we have given political power to an insurance company.
  15. Let's see what MPIC is throwing away this week.

    ^ Makes me hate MPI more and more. An insurer should be there to cover a risk, not implements its own political agenda. Stupid socialist province.
  16. R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    Glad no one was in it when this happened.
  17. Let's see what MPIC is throwing away this week.

    No rally armour mud flaps, no deal.
  18. Promoting autocross

    I don't have so much of a new suggestion just a couple of thoughts if how you guys go about implementing your ideas: Look at some prioritizing of your ideas, for example having a novice event at the beginning of the season should only come after finding a better way to advertise the event to potential novices, so better exposure is a pre-requisite of a novice event. Be able to track the success of your efforts to see if they are worth while for the next year. For example printing business cards and distributing them only is a good idea if you can directly correlate new participants with that activity to see if it is worth the time / money of doing it. Good Luck!!!
  19. 2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    Congrats to this years winners and all who participated!!!!
  20. Promoting autocross

    I like the idea of cards but think it is missing the ability to measure its success. Perhaps each card could be good for a discount or something. That way those who get the cards give them back when they come to an event and we can track the effectiveness of the campaign.
  21. Really Joe?

    I thought only my wife and i had that rule.
  22. 1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

    What was the irreparable damage? Frame or just poor service from MPI?
  23. 2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    I think you need to let the time attack director know what class you are in. There is no connection between the time attack site in Ontario and these files.
  24. Mazda 3 Making Metal

    Why not just run what you brung, in the appropriate class? Nothing I liked better then running an automatic focus in fsp and still taking home a trophy. Hell there was a super fast dude running a corolla. A fast driver can overcome the wrong car.