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  1. Jackson autosport specializes in Japanese performance vehicles. Very thorough and performs top quality work.
  2. Looking forward to giving this a try. Thanks for sharing!!!!
  3. I use a modded g27. Ive updated the pedals, am suppling more voltage to the force feedback motors and added cooling to offset the heat from increased voltage. Its good for a gear driven. If i was to upgrade i’d probably skip belt driven and go with direct drive. I wont upgrade until this thing dies which it shows no sign of. This article is a pretty good breakdown of options: http://simracingpaddock.com/sim-hw/2020-sim-racing-wheel-buyers-guide/ as poor as the h pattern that comes with the g27 is i cant imagine not having any.
  4. Pcars 2 and ACC are my go to. They both work really well with a VR headset. I believe that AC one can work well with VR but needed some fiddling.
  5. Two thoughts; Wouldn’t your muscle memory just learn that 85% down gives you 100% and just leave you with essentially a shorter pedal. Since the pedal itself is less sensitive wouldn't it be harder to “finesse” the pedal and get precisely the amount of throttle you need for a given situation.
  6. Yeah, everything is disposable. We should buy a brand new hybrid every 4 years cause it will be better for the environment.
  7. Perhaps a worthwhile exercise would be to apply the proposed rules to last year’s events and see exactly how things would have changed. Then you will see if this was an improvement. You may need to make some guesses on car mods but a rough in can help.
  8. I dont want to be a debbie downer here, but will power through anyways, having a solid roll bar near a soft head can lead to serious injuries in even a minor accident. There is a reason why helmets are necessary. I can totally see why they would make such a decision. But to answer the original question I’ve not heard of this new rule but MPI doesnt seem to feel the need to inform me when they change something.
  9. Remember kids, this is the only place where you want to get into as many stranger’s cars as you can.
  10. Hand tools and the internet can guide you through this diy style.
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