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  1. What level of certification does it meet? DOT is not enough.
  2. I have a lightened segmented flywheel in my car. The IACV had to be massaged a bit catch the RPM drop but I do so love the speed at which it revs.
  3. I hate mpi.
  4. That thing is epic. Loved the articles about paving the corners.
  5. That's messed up.
  6. They have for years. It is good and cheapish. Agreed upon value is the only way to insure a car. No need to haggle with mpi, waiting until the time of claim is a shitty way to insure.
  7. There is nothing in the classic car policy information to infer that MPI won't try and take it off the road at first convenience. Furthermore, a 1995 car is not eligible. So there is nothing protecting this asset for MPI's other policies. Not that we should need to protect ourselves from MPI. If they don't to insure my car they should step aside and allow me to work with someone who does as a primary payer.
  8. Thank god I have a secondary policy in my car with an insurance company. Cheap rates for guaranteed value. MPI is what happens when you mix the greed of insurance with the guaranteed market of crown corporations. Bunch of clowns, but not he fun kind, the tear stained mattress kind.
  9. Nothing like mpi buffoonery to brighten my day.
  10. Just for the sake of clarity, is it a regular antenna for special towers or is it a special antenna for regular towers?
  11. I'd be ok with heavy breathing...
  12. Less than two hours left.
  13. You also get to breath in asbestos, not too many other ways to get that. I suppose if you work in asbestos abeatment you'd get lots of opportunity. So I guess my point is that you have other options.
  14. Thanks for posting them up so quickly!!! There is a small issue with Timeattack R09. It should be assigned to Valter.
  15. I'm not sure that you have options here. Given the volume of people attending the registration workers wanted everybody to register in advance. While you're at the track today see if you can sweet talk them. Otherwise you may need to sit this one out. Sorry, Taylor