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  1. Why not just run what you brung, in the appropriate class? Nothing I liked better then running an automatic focus in fsp and still taking home a trophy. Hell there was a super fast dude running a corolla. A fast driver can overcome the wrong car.
  2. My agent will be right over. Please send me your Paypal address.
  3. When looking at the US market here are some comparable. seems well aligned good luck with the sale.
  4. Sweet!
  5. The process to create, laminate and e-mail membership info is fairly painful. If some efficiencies can be found by eliminating the arts and craft portion we are trying to do it.
  6. The letters have been used to get solo and race licenses for some time. I'd be surprised if a local club in Calgary can't make it work, and I'd be willing to work with them if needs be.
  7. Sorry to hear about the shake down nightmare. I hope you get it all sorted out and up and running so you can enjoy kicking ass!!!!
  8. A couple of things: Your service is not important until something goes wrong. When things go smoothly you will be unnoticed. How you act when things go wrong, is going to be how you are judged. Some business is not worth the effort, but it is important to judge that prior to committing to the work. After it is too late to back out.
  9. Wait, are we all just going to accept the premise that Miley Cyrus is not hot?!?
  10. Good luck!
  11. Did you leave an upper decker?
  12. What level of certification does it meet? DOT is not enough.
  13. I have a lightened segmented flywheel in my car. The IACV had to be massaged a bit catch the RPM drop but I do so love the speed at which it revs.
  14. I hate mpi.
  15. That thing is epic. Loved the articles about paving the corners.