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  1. The Datsun 510 list was having a discussion about early adopters of the Datsun 510 in racing and this rally came up. I'll post some links for your viewing pleasure. There are mentions of Manitoba in this video and even my home province of New Brunswick. Here you go.... This ’68 510 car #145 from California competed in the June 1968 Shell 4000 Rally from Calgary Alberta to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. The team of William Huber and Zeke Lean finished 44th out of 55 finishers. There were three other 510s in the rally, with Van Louie/Galk in car #118 finishing 12th, Henderson/Henders
  2. Anyone have suggestions for a good place to have a cruise control installed on my Nissan Stagea? Yes, I could do it myself, but I'm so busy with other projects and warranty is always nice.
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