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  1. themikewoo

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    Any advice on a place that does a good alignment for cheap? Looking for a sale I guess for my parent's beater.
  2. themikewoo

    Event 1, March 17, 2018

    Looking good Corey!
  3. themikewoo

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    I got Winnipeg Honda to do my S2000. I went there because they have a machine that doesn't mount to your rim so therefore less chance for damaging your wheels. The machine is also friendly to lowered cars.
  4. Do you prefer a specific part of town?
  5. themikewoo

    2018 Permanent Number List

    Mike Woo #5751 renewed Hands off #78
  6. themikewoo


    Someone might have e-mailed me about a transponder. I thought it was phishing scam lol. No I do not have a transponder and not exactly sure what a transponder even is.
  7. themikewoo

    FS: 2006 Honda S2000 Laguna Blue Pearl (Mike Woo's)

    Car has been sold to someone from San Francisco. Big thanks goes out to Joe, Beau, Zaag, Mag, Nick, and Sam for their help with this sale.
  8. themikewoo

    Promoting autocross

    Hey guys long time no talk. Someone by my car. Here's my two cents. Problem: Spectators Set up one meeting point inside the city, conga line it outside the city to the event. If you miss the party train, we should put more signage on the highway with balloons (everyone loves balloons). Got to have Food and a nice spot to spectate from. Maybe bring back the belchers from the RRX days. Can't say it's family friendly, maybe find room for a petting zoo. Problem: Embarrassment Maybe we can host a free welcome event where the course is really really simple. Maybe just a straight line with a few essential elements. Timing has to be on in order to show progression and get addicted. Problem: Promotion YouTube emphases on YOU. Laptops + GoPro's + Racers + ??? = YouTube Stars We can offer to capture video and post them to the WSCC YouTube page. Highlighting the new drivers, they will spread the word because they will be showing all their friends and family. Super quick and dirty editing, maybe a generic background music. Problem: Carriage For people worried about breaking their daily driver. We can have a person with simple hand tools to a tech inspection on their cars and really show that their car won't explode on their run. Check lug nut torque, tire pressure, battery tied down, etc. But if that person is just afraid of the unknown then no amount of convincing will get them to race. *** I think we should also charge people at the end of the scheduled race event extra if they want to race. This will be targeted at the people that arrived LATE, stayed and now have that thought bubble above their head, "this looks easy and my car would of been top ten heck maybe even first place". This way this will push them over the edge of that spectator competitor threshold. This might means we rename fun runs to "cash runs".
  9. themikewoo

    Custom Alignments

    There should be a WSCC discount page.
  10. themikewoo

    FS: 2006 Honda S2000 Laguna Blue Pearl (Mike Woo's)

    Price lowered to $27,999.00 O.B.O.
  11. themikewoo

    FS: 2006 Honda S2000 Laguna Blue Pearl (Mike Woo's)

    Lol thanks for the bump Jim.