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  1. Sick shot of Botcher
  2. Took some underside pictures. The rest of the album is here:
  3. @Magner 00:45 in your first video would of been a prime piece of montage material. Way to keep that booty in check pimp. @justkickin The double zoom reminded me on arcade video driving games lol.
  4. Happy fathers day bump!
  5. All these new crazy courses this year. Makes me want to come out to race.
  6. Nexen? Good? Those two words in the same sentence?
  7. Oh yeah. I'm planning on compiling screen shots to show how stupid they are.
  8. Price lowered to $31,000.00
  9. Car is now on autotrader and a fresh batch of scammers have flooded my inbox lol.
  10. Nice pickup, especially with OEM wheels!
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. Bump.
  12. Thanks for the tip. How do I get authorization to take the car south? I'm guessing that if they load it onto a trailer then the truck driver needs authorization.
  13. Car passed saftey today. Been speaking with someone from Virginia and he is going to look into exporting. Hopefully it's as easy as I imagine.
  14. It does not but the new buyer can potentially join.