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  1. Think with drifting being so popular afraid they will jump up in price.
  2. I didn't know the Matrix was legal to race, to me it looks too top heavy. They also made a XRS version of the Corolla too! Question for the RHD owners. How hard is it finding parts? That is my biggest issue holding me back.
  3. What kind of car do you have? Maybe we can find some YouTube videos and post them on here for you.
  4. Any advice on a place that does a good alignment for cheap? Looking for a sale I guess for my parent's beater.
  5. I got Winnipeg Honda to do my S2000. I went there because they have a machine that doesn't mount to your rim so therefore less chance for damaging your wheels. The machine is also friendly to lowered cars.
  6. Car has been sold to someone from San Francisco. Big thanks goes out to Joe, Beau, Zaag, Mag, Nick, and Sam for their help with this sale.
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