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  1. I have some concerns and would like some clarification please on the following stories I have heard. I have been informed that there was an “executive meeting” to which not all of the executive were invited. At said meeting some or all of the family Stewart were said to be “burnt out”. No person in the WSCC that I know of has the experience, or the qualifications, to pronounce this upon anyone. Some of the family were told not to volunteer at any event for a year. As a result of this we lost eight volunteers. It may have been noticed that we had small ice race tracks to cover for the loss in volunteers and a general scare at GMP about volunteers through the season so far. Second on my list in this epistle is a second “executive meeting” held recently. It may have had the same invitees as the first. I have been told that at this meeting Shane Stewart’s membership was suspended. I was informed that it was for handing Tow 1 a fire extinguisher when asked, and no one else around to help. It truly bothers me that the Club seems to be run by a small, or large, clique of people that do whatever they want to whomever they want with no “official” word or comment to the general membership. I do not call this democratic, but more malevolent despot. It is not right or good. I have had my say. I am sure opinions, flames, and maybe even facts may come back. Have a nice day. Hamish #882
  2. I received this today from Norm, a Gimli photographer. I hope the link works. H. 1941Teddy has shared a video with you on YouTube Gimli Ice Festival - Fire on Ice Car Racing - March 2019 by 1941Teddy The Gimli Ice Festival has hosted the Winnipeg Car Club and their Fire on Ice racing for eight years. If you're into watching some amazing ice racing, Gimli is the place to go during the Ice Festival. Once the racing is completed, the friendly drivers will take interested spectators for a zip around the track. This year I was able to hook up with racing car driver TIm. Tim was gracious in allowing me to attach my cell phone to the car's inner windshield and take me for a heart thumping ride around the track. Thank you Tim! I hope that this video gives you a sense of what these drivers are experiencing, especially 'flying' around the track in a near total whiteout.
  3. These photos will only be up until March 15 so grab any of them you want. H. <https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ai_D5d1nuzqw2xCGwUo-_NcLUsPw>
  4. My 15 seconds of fame. Actually it was comforting to have the media attendance at the track. It shows that we draw enough attention for them to show. We rock. H.
  5. Randy Lewis sent me his video of Winnipeg Beach ice racing and his Winnipeg stay. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iXmq7JhoqQ> His written report will be out later. H.
  6. I received Randy's report: Stills: <More international trackchasing...this time from Manitoba, Canada> Video: <Way up north ice track racing - Winnipeg Sports Car Club> H.
  7. I will try to be there although I may be a bit late. H.
  8. The Radio Tech Team: Andy Fenstad, Don Gerrard, Hamish Donaldson
  9. Would the person having radio #15 please return it to Bryce and/or call me at 204-895-4147. I have all but this one and we may need to re-program them all to isolate the med people from the general net. Thank you. Hamish
  10. Susan Holfeuer called me today from Gimli. They are having a parade in Gimli Sunday February 19 and would like any ice racers who will not be in Portage la Prairie to attend if possible. If the car does not run, tow it on the trailer. They have 30 entries already and would really like to have a representative from the Ice Racing group. I copied the letter and will attempt to add it below. H. Winter Parade.rtfd.zip
  11. The gate key was given to me by the Water Ski people today. H.
  12. Would the person holding the Water Ski gate key please get in touch with me. An inspection of the site is planned for Friday January 27 by Tim and the key would be appreciated. H.
  13. Thank you. I have passed this on to St. John Ambulance. Have you made any arrangement with a hotel or motel for people wishing to stay in Portage la Prairie? My Springfield Flying Club contact has said there has been no word internally about any worker lunch(s) at the airport. H.
  14. Scott may have sent me in but I will enter here for two please. H.
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