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  1. My 15 seconds of fame. Actually it was comforting to have the media attendance at the track. It shows that we draw enough attention for them to show. We rock. H.
  2. Randy Lewis sent me his video of Winnipeg Beach ice racing and his Winnipeg stay. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iXmq7JhoqQ> His written report will be out later. H.
  3. I received Randy's report: Stills: <More international trackchasing...this time from Manitoba, Canada> Video: <Way up north ice track racing - Winnipeg Sports Car Club> H.
  4. I will try to be there although I may be a bit late. H.
  5. The Radio Tech Team: Andy Fenstad, Don Gerrard, Hamish Donaldson
  6. If there is any room left, Hamish would like two(2) please.
  7. Would the person having radio #15 please return it to Bryce and/or call me at 204-895-4147. I have all but this one and we may need to re-program them all to isolate the med people from the general net. Thank you. Hamish
  8. Susan Holfeuer called me today from Gimli. They are having a parade in Gimli Sunday February 19 and would like any ice racers who will not be in Portage la Prairie to attend if possible. If the car does not run, tow it on the trailer. They have 30 entries already and would really like to have a representative from the Ice Racing group. I copied the letter and will attempt to add it below. H. Winter Parade.rtfd.zip
  9. hamish

    Water Ski key

    The gate key was given to me by the Water Ski people today. H.
  10. Would the person holding the Water Ski gate key please get in touch with me. An inspection of the site is planned for Friday January 27 by Tim and the key would be appreciated. H.
  11. hamish

    2017 Ice Race Schedule - Final

    Thank you. I have passed this on to St. John Ambulance. Have you made any arrangement with a hotel or motel for people wishing to stay in Portage la Prairie? My Springfield Flying Club contact has said there has been no word internally about any worker lunch(s) at the airport. H.
  12. Scott may have sent me in but I will enter here for two please. H.
  13. Good day. I received the radios yesterday with a warning. After looking through the bins I have been unable to find the special tower antenna for the radios. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. H.
  14. I, and others, are planning to go to the Sals at the Crossroads, Regent and Lag, at 0730 for breakfast. Anyone is welcome. H.