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  1. Benjamin Van der Zaag #5953 Renewing #3 please
  2. I would love to grab one for my GRM $2000 Challenge car if there is any still available.
  3. My 1st and fastest run. Car had beautiful rotation right out of the box, I pushed too hard all the following runs. And my fails Anyone else have grip that seems to come and go in the wet at Gimli? It sort of shudders when sliding and then catches and upsets the car. Excited to try Gimli in the dry, and trying to pick up some pointers from @MRS Joe !
  4. Sorry about the audio, I have a bit of play in the mount and it seems like it decided to focus on that. Stupid knock offs! My fastest clean run And my last run where I managed to tip a cone at station 4. Over-driving a bit....4 wheel slide into the south pivot.
  5. No video because I'm an idiot and got my camera all prepped just to leave it on the couch this morning. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed todays course. It didn't drive like it walked, and the fast pinches over the painted Xs were a blast. Whoever's idea it was to have a car club be featured at an event should also be congratulated, seems like a great way for newcomers to experience the sport within the comfort of your usual friend group.
  6. Sold everything to Derrick @coach. It was a fantastic car for the 10 years I had her, hopefully her parts will benefit many. Farewell, old friend!
  7. Ratchet straps don't rust.....:p I am in Winnipeg, near Bishop Grandin and St Annes road.
  8. Here's the block and heads. Free to anyone that can use them, otherwise I'm going to turn them into scrap money. D15B2 head D16Z6 bottom end. Turns over smoothly, no rust in the bores D16A6 or D15B7 head Heads are complete under the valve cover, one has head bolts in it. These are the leftovers from the engine in the above civic
  9. Civic is quite rusty in the quarters, doors, and front fenders. Floors were solid last I drove it, but it's been sitting for a few years. Pic from this spring: Pictures from 2 years ago It has heated 4th gen Prelude front seats and a Si cluster (odo matches chassis). Hasport billet auto->manual trans mount as this was originally an automatic car. I've removed the optional audio console. I've owned it a bit over 10 years now. I went through the trans with new bearings from Synchrotech, probably less than 20k ago? I'd have to check my receipts and photos. A/C had enough of a charge to engage the compressor last time I tried it. Here's the last time I ran it. It had been sitting about a year untouched at that point. Pretty sure it'll start right up if I tried again. It's a parts car/ice racer candidate. I'd like to get $500 for it.
  10. I have a hoarding problem and have spent this entire weekend sorting my junk. Going to scrap a D16Z6 bottom end and a pair of non-vtec heads if nobody here wants them. One head is from a D15B2, the other I think is a D16A6 head but might be a D15B7 head. Also have a pair of intake manifolds. The bottom end was pulled when the water pump let go, ran but used a lot of oil. It has no oil pan. D15B2 head may have bent valves, I never ran the A6(b7?) head. Also have a 1995 Civic coupe I will likely be scrapping in a little bit if anyone is interested in parts or whole. D16A6 bottom end with D16Z6 head with a P28 computer, Si transmission with an OBX helical LSD.
  11. Throwing this up here to see if there's any interest before I make a serious attempt to sell. I'd like to see it go to a good home if possible and people here fit that description. The car has been parked since April 2018 but gets started every time I take my Prelude out of the garage. It lives on a battery tender. 2004 Sentra SE-R Spec V with 237,8xx kms. -Engine is from a 2003 Altima V6 with unknown mileage. Engine has been in the car since 223k and the timing chain, guides, and tensioner were all replaced with OEM Nissan parts at the time of the swap. The car is running on a 2003 Altima ECU and the swap is not codeless....it will set EVAP codes in the summer as the '04 Sentra has a newer style of evap system than the 03 Altima. It runs without codes all winter as the evap monitors don't run when it's cold out. The solution is either a newer VQ35 ECU/engine harness or backdate the fuel tank and evap system to 01-02 Sentra stuff. I haven't bothered. Engine mounts I fabricated myself and are made from Delrin so there is some vibration. -Transmission is the factory Sentra Spec V gearset inside a casing from a 2004-2006 Maxima, so it's a 6 speed with the factory helical LSD. Clearances were measured and new shims used to set it up correctly. -fully functional A/C, power steering, cruise control, and all gauges work including the tach. This was my daily driver for a couple years. -It made 234whp and 234wtq at the Speedfactor dyno. -The car weights 2923lbs with just over 3/4 tank of fuel indicated. -Power modifications are limited to ebay header (required to fit the chassis), a 2.5" exhaust system, a homemade 3" cold air intake, and bumping the base timing 2deg in the factory computer. The car has an aftermarket aluminum radiator with slim fans and will happily idle in traffic with the A/C cranked without issue. I put in the Altima fuel pump at the time of the swap. -aftermarket heated seats installed by myself. Work great, will burn your butt off. -Compustar 2 way remote start system, although I only have a 1 way remote as the 2 way died. -Pioneer bluetooth/aux mechless head unit, and the factory Rockford Fosgate sound system with a sub. Best audio system of all my cars. -comes with like new 205/55/16 Hankook winter tires on 2007-2012 Sentra alloy wheels as well as the factory Spec-V 17" wheels -trailer hitch and 4 pin wiring. Tows a small trailer great! Issues: -engine burns some oil. I always ran Mobil 1 synthetic 5w30 and kept it topped up, I forget how much but lets say 1L every 2000kms? -ABS light is on. It wasn't on when I stopped driving the car, so I haven't looked into it. I suspect a bad wheel speed sensor. -Paint is beat. It was an Alberta car and the front end has a lot of rock chips. I replaced the windshield and repainted the roof. The rockers were also bubbling under the side skirts and I ended up welding it all new ones in 2016. I used cheap paint and the side skirts have rubbed through that paint causing some surface rust. Need to be sanded down and re-painted, and the skirts need some rubber trim or something to keep from rubbing the paint -Summer tires are bald. They should be 21545/17s -baseball sized shallow dent on the passenger front fender. Someone at work is an ass. Price: $3500 for a WSCC member as it sits. Can be safetied for more. Pictures from last week. Please keep in mind it's been sitting there for a over a year without being washed: Older photos:
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