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  1. Looking for a place to work on my car. Preferably insulated, if not at least 220v so I can run a construction heater. Looking for short term, minimum 1 week but more is better. Will be done by the 2nd week of April. Any leads? Related, does anyone know if self storage places allow use of a 10x20 as a garage/workspace? I'd call but they're all closed today.
  2. I have only ever seen damage shown in Pictures 2, 3, and 4 from tires that were driven on flat (the sidewall gets flexed excessively and the inner liner breaks down) in the 12 years I've worked in the industry. How that happens if you swear it's never been low on pressure I can't explain. Interesting that it's twice now on the LF. You have multiple sets of wheels, same wheel both times? Has the valve stem been replaced between the issues? Just spitballin'. Google tells me the C5Z doesn't have TPMS so I'm assuming the tire pressures are checked manually. I'm assuming damage is on both sidewalls of the LF tire, not just one?
  3. Ben Van der Zaag - #5953 Renewing #3 please
  4. Congrats Corey! That's very exciting. It's been 5 years since I was at Lincoln, I really want to go back now after watching your videos. Good luck to Team Pink Panther!
  5. ^Are you the one in the Genesis? I think it might have been blown before you started, I noted from your very first run that the right front wheel was bouncing really bad.
  6. I'm glad I made it out, it was a fun day! I really missed racing. I really need to get a properly sorted car out so I can fully enjoy my day. Here's a 15 second summary of what my day was like: I liked the big half circle of cones with the crest in the middle, that took me a few tries to not totally screw up. Have we had a camera equipment discussion thread in the last couple years? I'd be interested in hearing what people have and what they think of it.
  7. I believe you'd be in BSP due to the non-factory flywheel.
  8. Ben Vander Zaag, Member #5953 Claiming #3 Please.
  9. I'll be back racing this season, I've mentally committed to it. Not going to try and make every event like I used to, but not going to be absent like last year. Undecided what car I'll be using.
  10. I'd like to see some 3rd party reviews on the Hakkas with data. They have such control over distribution that they've created this apple-like following IMO. Their marketing department is top notch.
  11. Always check out the latest updates on this build. Very inspiring. Are you continuing work on the car over winter (heated shop)?
  12. Run Away

    Spare Tire

    I would definitively take a walk through bucks for a couple spares, hopefully you could buy two and make one that fits. At least maybe the correct size tire, a spare wheel that clears larger brakes might be a bit more difficult to find.
  13. Why does Crown want to take the head off? if it runs fine with a tooth off you're probably okay. Do a compression test like Joe said, if they're all even I'd leave the head on. The compression numbers may be way off due to the incorrect cam timing, don't worry about that as long as they're all fairly even. I did a safety on a trade-in CRV at work last week with the same cam code and noted a lack of power. I looked up the book time for the timing chain and was shocked it was only 3.5 hrs or something, so I would definitely think replacing the chain/tensioner/guides is something you could handle on a weekend in the driveway.
  14. There's a guy selling a set of 15x9s on the 204 Honda Marketplace facebook group. Not sure if this will work, but here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/152508071513685/permalink/885011504930001/ I think they might be Derrick/Josiah's old wheels and tires. I'm looking for a set of 15x8s myself.
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