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  1. Hey Guys,I noticed theres a TSD rally scheduled for May 12th, but can't seem to find any info. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. ashhabib

    2012 Permanent Number List

    I'll be renewing in the next week or two. Thanks Art!
  3. ashhabib

    2012 Permanent Number List

    I'll stick with 86.
  4. ashhabib

    Project E-Mod MGB-GT

    That's wicked! Will you guys be in it again tomorrow? I'd love to get some pics
  5. ashhabib

    Joke of the day...

    Thats how I live my life. One day at a time.
  6. ashhabib

    Joke of the day...

    I bought that book last month!
  7. ashhabib

    Joke of the day...

    Furry thing drifting to Simple Plan......awesome, lol
  8. ashhabib

    Classing help (old)

    Aha! Gotchya! According to the rules its G Stock.;) Thank you for the links though Steve, thats what I was looking for!
  9. ashhabib

    Classing help (old)

    Hey Steve I'm considering a car change right now...to a 2007 Cobalt SS, Non Supercharged. What class? F Stock? Where is the online documents that show classing rules, I figure you must know since you practically have all of them memorized, lol
  10. ashhabib

    Classing help (old)

    Cool, my tires are 195s currently and 6.5" Rims. What other types of cars run in STS? I don't expect to be competitive this year, but I'm wondering if there would even be a faint hope if I happen to do well
  11. ashhabib

    Classing help (old)

    I also need help with Classing My Car, I thought I'd keep it in one thread.2000 Ford Focus ZX3Mods:Lowering SpringsCross Drilled Front RotorsSS Brake LinesShort Ram Style IntakeEBC Ceramic Brake Pads (Greenstuff)Would these move me out of H-Stock? If so, into what category as google doesn't seem to be my friend on this one
  12. Happy b-day jeff! My 21st is on Monday!!:eek: