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  1. I was a member of the WSCC "ground crew" when the Gimli glider made its landing. I reject Mr. Ofusio's damning comment about the pilot's inability to calculate the right fuel load. On talking with pilot Pearson, he pointed out that they were trained for a three-person cockpit. Air Canada decided to have only 2 people in the cockpit, but failed to give the pilots the information needed to be able to properly calculate their fuel. Another thing ignored, was when pilots were faced with an impossible situation, they used their aeronautical skills to successfully land a 200 ton "rock" without causing any death either on the aircraft or on the ground. This problem has been programmed into simulators, but no other pilot has been able to successfully complete the landing. What's more, the airplane was repaired and put back into service for another 25 years. Now CG-AUN rests in the Arizona desert and is slowly being parted out. I bought a part of the fuselage converted to a baggage tag from a company that specializes in this from retired aircraft. I keep it as momento of that day.
  2. You can reach me at stuter1963@gmail.com 

  3. The 2019 WSCC club memberships are now available on MSR. Apply. For your Club membership first and then go and apply for your 2019 race licenses, also on MSR. Don't forget to sign the annual waiver. If you have all the necessary information it should be very quick. Note, Sue Wilson, WCMA License Registrar will be going away on a vacation trip starting December 17 and will not return until January 3. During this time she will not be able to issue any licenses, so if you intend to go ice racing apply early. Because of the recently ended mail strike Sue will email you a copy of your license so you will have it for the 1st race. Have a great ice race season, Dino Calvert WCMA Dir.-Stewards
  4. I am in regular contact with Frank Mancini (member 4) and George Chapman (member 24). These are both long-time members of the sports car club and still very interested in what's going on. Frank is almost blind, somewhat deaf and definitely not on a computer. His niece could print stuff off for him if necessary. George Chapman used his work email but his secretary printed all emails so he could read them. I do not know how much office time he spends these days as he is getting on in years and retired or semi retired. I am sure there are other lifetime members in the same boat. Maybe we could collect the addresses and have the new Afficianabo editor make sure that copies of the Afficianabo get sent to these people.
  5. Big thanks from me as well. When I had my accident one of my worries was registration. When you stepped up I was quite relieved as I figured you would do a good job. Bob W and I will still give you a hard time on the forums!!!
  6. NATIONAL SOLOSPORT NEWS Spring 2016 Greetings to all Regional SoloSport contacts in the Canadian SoloSport community. This is the Spring/Summer 2016 newsletter from the ASN SoloSport Committee. We hope to keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of Canadian SoloSport, and what the Committee is reviewing and working on. Feel free to contact your Regional representative with any concerns, queries, or inquiries on SoloSport in your Region. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, or know who in your Region should be receiving it instead, please let me know. Regards, Doug Campbell ASN SoloSport Committee Committee Members: Chairman: Terry Epp mailto:terryepp@asncanada.com Dave Hull – ARMS mailto:d.hull@ns.sympatico.ca Richard Lestage – ASQ mailto:rlestage3@yahoo.com Barry Greenaway – CASC-OR mailto: barry.greenaway@gmail.com Doug Campbell – WCMA mailto:talongeo@shaw.ca Henry Threlfall – CACC mailto:hent@telus.net SoloSport News Bits: 2016 ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship Event Awarded Mississauga, Ontario – May 3, 2016 ASN Canada FIA has announced that the ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship will be held in Blainville, QC, July 29-31, 2016, organized by Club Autosport Des Laurentides (CADL) under the direction of François Leduc, president of CADL. “ASN Canada FIA is pleased that the Canadian AutoSlalom Championships are returning to eastern Canada,” said Terry Epp, chairman of ASN Canada FIA's National SoloSport Committee. “With the support of ASN National SoloSport championships’ presenting sponsor, Toyo Tires Canada Ltd., we are looking forward to working with one of the Canada’s top SoloSport clubs.” The event will be held at the PMG Technologies testing track facility which has been the venue for SoloSport and Rally events. With 9 hectares (22 acres) of pavement, the organizers are promising very challenging, 60-80 second courses over the two days of competition. With a paddock that will easily accommodate 125 competition vehicles, a strong entry field including many from Ontario, the Maritimes and the western provinces as well as from the US, is anticipated and they will find it quite a challenge to come out on top in their class. The highlight of the event will be the crowning of the 2016 overall AutoSlalom champion. The event organizing committee is already planning for this edition of the Canadian AutoSlalom Championship.” François Leduc said, “The Club worked so hard to convince PMG Technology to host this unique event, that it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Finally having the CAC on the greatest piece of asphalt in the country is a treat to all of Canada’s autocross addicts. The most beautiful part of this track is the total absence of walls, barriers, posts or any hard surface making it possible for all level of drivers to be on full attack without any risk all weekend long. To make the trip even more worth it, Blainville is situated only 20 minutes from historic downtown Montreal and is at the base of the Laurentians, where activities for the whole family are endless.” Additional Features of this year’s CAC: 1. Test and tune runs on the Friday afternoon; 2. Friday and Saturday nights will feature get togethers at local restaurants; 3. Two full days of competition; 4. All SCCA and ASN Canada FIA affiliated club members are welcome with no special licensing requirements; 5. An Arrive and Drive program will be set up on the event web site and forum for out-of-town competitors; 6. Camping will be available on site (no services) for the weekend; 7. You can easily come out and spend an entire week or more seeing the sights in Montreal and the Laurentians. Canadian AutoSlalom Championship Fast Facts: From 1972 through 1991, Canadian SoloSport competitors enjoyed a National AutoSlalom Day with identically designed courses run on the same day on different venues across the country from which national class champions were determined. In 2000, a group of enthusiastic SoloSport competitors from across Canada created a single national championship event, the Canadian National AutoSlalom Championship, which ran through to 2003. With the formation of the ASN Canada FIA National SoloSport Committee in 2004, the ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship concept became part of the mandate of the ASN National SoloSport Committee and the committee elected to hold an annual Canadian AutoSlalom Championship event alternating between eastern and western Canada. This year will mark the 36th time that the AutoSlalom Championship has been held. In 2004, the National SoloSport Committee (NSC) created a national set of AutoSlalom Regulations and in 2005, added a new feature for Canadian AutoSlalom, a formula for determining an overall national AutoSlalom champion. In 2013, the NSC adopted SCCA class preparation rules and classes in order to unify the AutoSlalom community both north and south of the border so that the sport ran on the same rules in terms of preparation and class. Event organization and safety requirements remain part of the NSC’s mandate. The first championship event held under the ASN Canada FIA banner was in 2004 at Sanair racetrack in Quebec. In 2005, the event was in Red Deer while Toronto was the location of the 2006 event. 2007 saw the Canadian AutoSlalom Championship in the west when the event was held in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia where the event was hosted by the VCMC club. Excellence was evident in every aspect of the championship and 132 entries vied for top results. In 2008 and 2014 the championship was in Slemon Park, Prince Edward Island organized by Moncton Motor Sport Club. The organizing committee designed a 4000 foot course that challenged and delighted the 95 entries that attended the three day event. Since PEI, the championship has also been held in Saskatoon, Saint Eustache and in Barrie. In 2013, the championship returned to Pitt Meadows where more than 120 competitors competed followed by a return to PEI in 2014 and the ‘Slalom at Slemon’ and the ‘down home hospitality’ and keen completion that are found in Atlantic Canada. In 2015, the Calgary Sports Car Club and the Southern Alberta SoloSport Club held the event at the Fort Macleod Airport. 88 Competitors attended the event and, for the first time, over $7000 in cash was presented to various overall and class winners. Fellow Racers After dreaming about it for a long time, the CADL is proud to announce that the 2016 Canadian Autoslalom Championship will be held on the newly paved site at PMG Technologies. This highly anticipated event will take place from July 29th to July 31st. We assembled an all star team of organizers to offer you an excellent championship. Save the date to your calendar because this is a weekend you won’t want to miss. All details and information will be posted on this site. Bonjour cher(ère) pilote, Après y avoir rêvé longtemps, c’est avec fierté que le CADL vous annonce la tenue du Championnat Canadien d’Autoslalom 2016 sur la magnifique asphalte de PMG Technologies. Cet événement très attendu aura lieu du 29 au 31 juillet 2016. Nous avons assemblé une équipe étoile d’organisateurs pour vous offrir un événement de qualité exceptionnelle. Notez bien cette fin de semaine à votre calendrier car vous ne voudrez surtout pas la manquer. Tous les détails et informations seront affichés sur ce site. SITE INFO: http://www.pmgtest.com/index.php/en/facilities/pistes.html The event will be laid out on the Delta portion of the facility. FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION ON THE EVENT AND REGISTRATION VISIT: www.nationalautoslalom.ca Toyo Tires is on board as 2016 presenting sponsor for the event. Toyo is providing $2000 in cash sponsorship to the Organizing Club, Sponsoring the Event. Toyo is enhancing their contingency program for this year’s event: NEW INFORMATION ON TOYO CONTINGENCY PROGRAM! New this year, Toyo will be providing a $50 rebate to their entry fee to ALL competitors running either the R1R in Street Classes, or any of the R Compound Toyo tires. Requirements are: • The tires, both R-comp and street, be bought in 2016 from an authorized Toyo motorsports dealer in Canada ( a link to authorized motorsports dealers can be found on our website, See Team Toyo Link) • 1 rebate per car/team Winners of the Street and R-Compound Classes running Toyo Tires are also eligible to win a set of R1R or R Compound Tires The Proxes R1R is an extreme performance tire that incorporates a high grip compound and an advanced autocross-inspired casing design to provide “street class” autoslalom competitors every advantage while driving hard through the corners and quickly accelerating in the straightaways. Webpage URl. http://www.toyotires.ca/tire/pattern/proxes-r1r NATIONAL SOLOSPORT COMMITTEE MEETINGS: Jan 13, 2016 Conference Call Notes All members present: Terry Epp (chair), Dave Hull (ARMS), Richard L’estage (ASQ), Barry Greenaway (CASC-OR), Doug Campbell (WCMA), Henry Threlfall (CACC) Welcome to Barry Greenaway the newest member of the NSC, as the new representative for CASC-OR. The minutes and the quick notes from the December 9/15 conference call were approved. A new item has been added to the Toyo Tire contingency program - $50.00 off your entry into the Canadian Autoslalom Championship if you are running Toyo R Comp or Toyo R1R tires. Also the allowance for the use of 140 tread wear tires will continue for 2016. The 2016 ASN National SoloSport Rule sets should be completed shortly and available online by mid February. A National SoloSport Notice Board will be incorporated into the ASN web site. This will be for any and all notices related to Canadian SoloSport. A photo page for event photos will also be added at the same time. Further info on how to submit items to be posted will follow shortly. Bulletin 2016-01 200 Tire-Wear Requirement Application: ASN Canada FIA National AutoSlalom Regulations, Appendix E, 13.3A1 Effective Date: February 1. 2016 Bulletin: In Street and Street Touring classes, 13.3A1 of the Class Preparation Rules indicates a 200 tread-wear limit for tires to be eligible for competition effective January 1, 2015. This requirement is delayed to January 1, 2017. Rationale: The NSC, in consideration of the number of competitors who presently have 140 tire-wear tires and a request from our CAC presenting sponsor, Toyo Tires, have delayed the date for implementation for the new requirement as outlined in 13.3.A1 of the class preparation rules. Terry Epp Chair, ASN Canada FIA National SoloSport Committee April 19, 2016 Conference Call Notes Present: Terry Epp (Chair), Dave Hull (ARMS), Richard Lestage (ASQ), Doug Campbell (WCMA), Henry Threlfall (CACC). Regrets: Barry Greenway (CASC-OR) January conference call minutes were approved. Discussions between Toyo Tire and the NSC are continuing with the hope that Toyo Tire will continue to be the presenting sponsor of the CAC event. Resolution is expected shortly. CAC: Terry will represent the NSC at the 2016 CAC Terry and Richard will work to secure a senior steward for the event The 2016 SCCA Autoslalom regulations have been upgraded from “draft” to “official”. The ASN 2016 Time Attack Regulations have been posted on the ASN web site. The NSC is working gather names of overall and class winners from previous SoloSprint and CTAC events to create a living record of past winners. The new ASN web site is up and running. Some minor finishing touches yet to come. Insurance rates for Lapping and annual certificate event coverages have gone up. A new category for High Performance Driving Schools has been added as well. Details on event rates can be found on the ASN web site under insurance on the right of the sheet. http://www.asncanada.com
  7. We will require 2 tickets. Judy and Dino. We will pay at the door.
  8. The 2015 WCMA stewards training School will be presented on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at Canad Inns, Transcona starting at 10 AM. The school will be based on the 2014 Sporting Regulations-Race and the current regional Autoslalom Regulations. It is open to all organizers and competitors or anyone who might be interested in stewarding in the future. If you are interested, contact Dino at judydino@MTS.net for the study guide. The study guide will be mandatory reading prior to attending the school. Dino Calvert WCMA Supervisor of Stewards
  9. Another thing to do is to look for somebody selling an already built race car. You'll usually get something that has been debugged and lots of equipment for a cheap price. Make sure that the car is a "turnkey ready". Spec Miata cars can be bought at a relatively cheap price from racers in the states. Again you get a car that has all the equipment and is well sorted in most cases. Do not decide to build 1000 hp car from scratch for your first race car. Experiences showed if you do this you will spend most of your first season at the side of the race track with a broken car and not getting much racing time. If you decide to build a race car from scratch for your first year build something with a moderate tune the will be reliable. Is more important that you get as much time on the track for your first year because you are on a very steep learning curve and you need something that will run reliably for your first year at least. After that you can build your thousand horsepower killer racer. Either way, hope to see you trackside the summer. Dino.
  10. I need four tickets 2 for Judy and myself and 2 for John Humphreys and Joyce. See everyone there.
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