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  1. This is a sweeeet venue. Good work on this Steve. Makes a guy want to scheme to show up and race without the wife knowing. Oh, will you look at who is looking over my shoulder, "Hi Pat, how are you?", "No, not me honey, I was talking about Bill"
  2. Let's go racing!!!!!!! Hey kids, time to wear off the turkey and stuffing Saturday Schedule Dual exercises: a) Ice Race School and b) Ice Race lapping/Test n Tune 8:30am - Arrive and check in / Waiver 9:00am - Drivers meeting at Red Trailer 9:30-10:50 - Exercises start at (Figure 8 & Slalom) 10:15 - Coffee and Class at Red trailer 11:00am - Lunch @ Airport at Exam 12:00-1:30pm - Exercises at (Scandinavian Flick) 1:30pm - Coffee and Class Red Trailer 2:00-4:00pm - Track time (Scandinavian Flick Advanced) 4:05pm - Drivers Meeting at Red Trailer * Students have absolute priority. (No waiting) Sunday Schedule: 9:30 - worker meeting 9:45 - driver meeting Red Trailer (make sure you are here) 10:00 Practice and Track is Hot Studded practice 15 mins Rubber practice 15 mins Studded practice 15 mins Rubber practice 15 mins 11:00 LUNCH 12:00pm NOON (12 mins Rubber, 8 to 10 mins Studded) Studded Race 1 Rubber Race 1 Studded Race 2 Rubber Race 2 Studded Race 3 Rubber Race 3 Studded Race 4 Rubber Race 4 Studded Race 5 Rubber Race 5 Studded Race 6 Rubber Race 6 4:00pm finish around here, could go longer if there is an issue.
  3. Final Supp Regs after minor changes from WCMA: WSCC_Ice_Race_Supp_Regs_2019_Final_Draft.docx
  4. chkdsk

    2019 Classing Changes

    I had no clue on this. I guess I have a bunch of reading to do.
  5. Hello Guys and Gals, if you recall that last year they were out of BR’s by the time we were ready to order them in mid October so we’re sparking up this discussion sooner than later. I need to know: 1) How many BlackRockets you need 2) What size do you need them E.g. 13”, 14” or 15” I need your commitment by end of next week (Friday the 21st) although payment won’t be needed with the commitment. I’ll send the qty’s back to Dyrk who will do the order up for us and get pricing. Minden is jumping in with us so that should help out on the shipping from oversees. Send me an email to ice {at} wscc.mb.ca with your commitment and please share this with fellow racers that may not frequent the forums. ** Thank you to Dyrk and Jodi at Classic Motor Werks for helping us out with the BR’s.
  6. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    I emailed you yesterday Wayne.
  7. Venues are still being finalized but here's the proposed dates. Pencil them in: Jan 5th Water ski Park: Race School and Test n Tune Jan 6th Water ski Park Race Day 1 Jan 19th/20th Beausejour, MB Canadian Power Toboggan Championship venue Feb 2nd/3rd Portage la Prairie Feb 16th Winnipeg Beach Wonderful Winter Weekend (* note, it is a Saturday) Mar 2nd/3rd Gimli Have you drove by a pond lately? We're making ice!!!
  8. chkdsk

    2019 Ice Race Dates

    NEW NEWS: We are very excited to confirm the venue for 2nd Race Weekend to be Beausejour at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships venue. We have been talking about an oval for many years and now is our chance. This is the first year that I can remember that we will have 5 different race venues throughout our race season!
  9. Krank sparked up an old thread. My 7 year old Grandson called me via his mother's cell phone today and said his dad had to go to the hospital today for an emergency. I enquired on what it was about and he replied "He had to get his Butt checked out, it had a crack in it" Then he laughed for 4 mins while it took me 30 seconds to catch on to what the joke was. Not too bad for a 7 year old
  10. chkdsk

    2019 Ice Race Dates

    ***** Confirmed today with Winnipeg Beach as our 4th Venue and we're proud to have them. They have a MASSIVE ice fishing tourney on Sunday so we can't race both days. I am very grateful to the team and staff at Winnipeg Beach to make this happen.
  11. To Ice Racers future and present, I had the opportunity to see the meat and potatoes of this course last week and I am very impressed with the content including all new and old. Very well done by the Winter HPDE team that made the effort to make this happen. So much has changed over the years and even though this would have been my 11th year of Ice Racing, I still learned quite a bit and some of it I was embarrassed about. Lots has changed over the years, make sure you plan to attend.
  12. 88 to 91 Honda Civic Parts Bin from #95 This bin includes every part from an 88-91 Honda Civic DX Ice racer beside the car itself. It even has the Race Seat. I don’t mind keep this for spares for our car although I can let it go with a decent price. Bin approx. 4’x 4’ x 40” tall and it is full.
  13. You need to buy this Wayne. Much easier if we have redundancy for parts at the track. You can be the South-End Part Supplier track-side. I'll move to the south side.
  14. For Sale: a pile of Rubber to Ice Tires in 13” and 14” I have approx. 18 RTI tires for sale in either 13” or 14” and some are already siped used or new and some are brand new. I got to clean up my shop so let me know if you’re interested. I haven’t grabbed the pallet yet as its still 16’ in the air on the rack and I won’t bother unless there is interest. From the floor I can see some brand new Yoko’s and some General’s, not sure on the others. I’m thinking $50each first come first serve. If you’re interested then PM me and I’ll drag them down and take a closer look.
  15. I’m clearing out Andre’s #95 Ice Racing parts, can’t keep it forever. 1989 to 1991 Honda Civic DX doors and 1500cc engine with Tranny for sale. Two rough RTI Civic doors, 1500cc TB with tranny. Send me your offer asap, I need to clean up some space in the shop. Pull up your truck with some cash and we'll forklift this on and you're gone. Thanks.
  16. These are now spoken for: 13” Hakapalita Siped/New Qty 2 14” Himalayas New Qty 2 14” Himalayas Siped Qty 2 Still avail: 13” Himalayas Siped/Used Qty 1 13” Yoko Ice Gua Siped/Used Qty 7 13” Yoko New Qty 3
  17. I did an inventory tonight of RTI Tires and here it is. Some will come with crappy Honda rims. 13” Himalayas Siped/Used Qty 1 13” Yoko Ice Gua Siped/Used Qty 7 13” Yoko New Qty 3 13” Hakapalita Siped/New Qty 2 14” Himalayas New Qty 2 14” Himalayas Siped Qty 2
  18. Do you have a 92 to 95 Honda Civic? And need some non-cosmetic parts? I’m selling off the Parts bin from my Son’s 92-95 Honda Civic without engine or tranny. I have a bin full of parts and if you’re interested then PM me and I’ll grab it and get some photos and try to do a quick inventory although there is a lot of parts.
  19. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Thanks everyone. This is now submitted in for pricing and availability.
  20. chkdsk

    Event #5 T&S

    High Five to the T&S guys, we appreciate all you do. Thank you.
  21. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Thank you Mat L for cluing me in to the Big K. I have touched base with Glen N and got his order. Thanks.
  22. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Not sure on pricing yet although it will be similar to last year. Once we have the list of guys that want tires, I sent that off to Dyrk and he goes to the supplier for pricing and shipping quote. It does vary a bit depending on qty's plus dollar exchange. I'll know better once I get Qty's ready for Dyrk. Thanks.
  23. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Sorry, I'm not sure who BigKahuna is. Fire me an email to Ice (at) wscc.mb.ca and I'll add to the list. Danke.
  24. You guys are awesome, all of you. Sorry I can't make it for Thursday.