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  1. You're famous Hamish: https://www.portageonline.com/local/fans-pack-the-bank-to-watch-fire-on-ice-racing2 And look at this: https://www.portageonline.com/local/fire-on-ice-racing-on-crescent-lake Both Mat and Sckeeeve were mentioned.
  2. I got a call at 5pm on Friday on my way back from Winkler from the guy we lined up to help finish the track, pits, security road and access road and he had broken down that day at noon. I was then panicking as lapping was 10am next morning and now it's 5:05pm on a Friday. I got on my phone and made a call to Todd Allard from Southern Ground Landscaping and he was already booked solid with removing all the snow that fell earlier that week and said he'd call around. He called me back a couple of times trying to arrange something then finally said "how thick is that Ice?" and next thing I knew he had two units on the way to do this for us. They didn't get at it until much after dark and it was quite the site to see a 9' wide blower shooting snow 100 yards in to the air. Looked like a geyser. Not sure what I would have done if Todd and crew didn't come through for us in the 11th hour.
  3. chkdsk

    CPTC - Event #2 01/19/19

    I'll say it before Marcoux does. Two hands on the wheel. You can't keep ahead of it with one hand you just can't. Glad everyone was ok and we're happy to have you guys out tearing up the track. It was a beautiful venue?
  4. chkdsk

    2019 Championship Points Standings

    Thank you Schteeeeveze
  5. chkdsk

    2019 Classing Changes

    I can't remember a single year that I have been paying attention to the rules that we haven't had a big shift YOY. We should embrace it and move on.
  6. chkdsk

    2019 Classing Changes

    Do we have a choice? I thought it was all ST the way I read it. I haven't done a deep dive although at first blush, ST looks easier.
  7. chkdsk

    WSCC Inventory

    Excellent idea. Good work Jim. Makes it much easier to budget too if we have the required replacement list.
  8. chkdsk

    2019 Ice Racing Registration Links

    That video sends a message to me. Time to talk to the wife but better get her some wine first. Thank you Mat.
  9. chkdsk

    IMSA - Behind the Pit Wall

    Another reason to keep my Disc Velocity subscription going. I checked the link you posted and I can't see when it will be on Velocity and I could be blind. If you know, can you post it please? Thanks
  10. This is a sweeeet venue. Good work on this Steve. Makes a guy want to scheme to show up and race without the wife knowing. Oh, will you look at who is looking over my shoulder, "Hi Pat, how are you?", "No, not me honey, I was talking about Bill"
  11. Let's go racing!!!!!!! Hey kids, time to wear off the turkey and stuffing Saturday Schedule Dual exercises: a) Ice Race School and b) Ice Race lapping/Test n Tune 8:30am - Arrive and check in / Waiver 9:00am - Drivers meeting at Red Trailer 9:30-10:50 - Exercises start at (Figure 8 & Slalom) 10:15 - Coffee and Class at Red trailer 11:00am - Lunch @ Airport at Exam 12:00-1:30pm - Exercises at (Scandinavian Flick) 1:30pm - Coffee and Class Red Trailer 2:00-4:00pm - Track time (Scandinavian Flick Advanced) 4:05pm - Drivers Meeting at Red Trailer * Students have absolute priority. (No waiting) Sunday Schedule: 9:30 - worker meeting 9:45 - driver meeting Red Trailer (make sure you are here) 10:00 Practice and Track is Hot Studded practice 15 mins Rubber practice 15 mins Studded practice 15 mins Rubber practice 15 mins 11:00 LUNCH 12:00pm NOON (12 mins Rubber, 8 to 10 mins Studded) Studded Race 1 Rubber Race 1 Studded Race 2 Rubber Race 2 Studded Race 3 Rubber Race 3 Studded Race 4 Rubber Race 4 Studded Race 5 Rubber Race 5 Studded Race 6 Rubber Race 6 4:00pm finish around here, could go longer if there is an issue.
  12. Final Supp Regs after minor changes from WCMA: WSCC_Ice_Race_Supp_Regs_2019_Final_Draft.docx
  13. chkdsk

    2019 Classing Changes

    I had no clue on this. I guess I have a bunch of reading to do.
  14. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    I emailed you yesterday Wayne.