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  1. 2018 Supp Regs

    Hello everyone, I know you are waiting for the Supp Regs for 2018 and I have them almost done although waiting for one last part. I can't post them yet although here is the reader's digest: - Added Xa AWD Class to RTI. We have one competitor that is building an AWD car and is going to test it during the first Saturday at Maz in Rubber and if the car can complete lap(s) without wicked under-steer in to the bank every lap then we're going to fire it up and invite more AWD's as that is probably going to be the fastest growing aspect of our sport. - $160 entrance fee instead of $140. We need a title sponsor - Hans required for Studded Racers One part that I am waiting for is the mod to a-pillar roll cage brace that was posted at end of season. Working with the specs. It will be a few days to firm up the mods for a-pillar although if you have any specific questions please PM me. Thanks.
  2. Black Rockets for Sale from JDS

    The two brand new tires are sold.
  3. We need a new title sponsor

    I need to give this a bump. Our valued title sponsor allows us to race our cars more affordably via cheaper entrance fees otherwise rates go up. Need each of the racers to take a look around and see what they can come up with. Thanks
  4. Black Rockets for Sale from JDS

    Looks like I have 12 Black Rockets total in various stages and two are brand new, two others have one race on them (not one race weekend), three others slightly used and others that would be excellent rear tires. Some caveats; - Mat L, Colin Mc and Lee Mc for right of first refusal. If all three want in then we’ll do a split of the good down to the bad to make it fair - Another part to consider is that I don’t need the old used ones without the new ones so if you want two new ones then you’re taking some old ones - Most are on light mag rims 4x100 which can be included to keep it simple. PM/text/email me if interested. Thanks.
  5. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Hello boys and girls, I have some bad new about BlackRockets. I already heard this rumour 4 months ago from the Ontario boys and now it is confirmed. From Dyrk: <<<< The Black Rocket tire supplier state that they have no WT12 studs in stock. The manufacturer of these studs will not be able to supply any studs this year. >>>> What does this mean? No studded tires this season. On the good side is that only three drivers had a tire order in so it is not affecting the entire field, the bad news is no tires. I did put an order in for myself last year and I bought extras and of course did not use them much. I will dig up what I have and touch base with the three to see if they need them.
  6. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Thanks Boys. I will let Dyrk know right now and you will be cc'd.
  7. Hello everyone, we want to thank Winnipeg Truck Exhaust and Jim Antosko for the Title Sponsorship for 2017 and we wish him well in future adventures. That lucrative spot has now opened up for 2018 Season starting early January. What does the Title Sponsor get and why is it awesome? - Decals on Top Windshield - Top Billing on Poster - Free ticket to Awards Banquet - Forums.wscc.mb.ca advertising - Gracious recognition from the Ice Race Director throughout the year and also at awards banquet with everyone applauding you and throwing roses. Completely true. If you are interested, please send me a PM even if you are just testing the waters. We do need to firm this up by mid December so deadline will be soon. Let me know. Thanks.
  8. Hello guys and girls. Dyrk is looking at doing a BR order does anyone need some? I'm told that Mat let him know of some, anyone else? I need to give him an idea of qty's. Can you PM asap me if you need some Studded Tires? I'll need to give a deadline on this by Wednesday afternoon so I can get back to Dyrk. Thanks.
  9. Hello guys, I shouldn't really post on this as I did not race last year although I plan on racing next year. My 2 cents and just my personal opinion as I have the honour of standing on the sidelines watching you guys and here is my input: It was boring and damn boring... And thank you for that so I didn't feel left out. You guys have 1.7 laps then things are spaced and sorted and that is it and I walk away from the barricades because nothing happens (rarely). The only real good door to door OR lap after lap racing that I saw was EOD on the first Saturday with Al and Don. Do you remember last year when we were a train bumper-to-bumper going around the course with 5 cars because nobody had anything for the one in front? I couldn't see daylight under Steve in front of me for 6 laps. How about 4 then 3 wide in corner one 3 laps in a row during the last day with crap tires? Nothing like that this year. Yes I know I am a forced-spectator, like I said this is just my personal opinion.
  10. You hear that outside? You need to listen closely. That is the sound of lakes and ponds making ice. That means it is time for all of us to start thinking ice racing and time to make a list of what you need to get your rig in order Tentative Schedule; Jan 6 -7 Mazenod Saturday Qual, Sunday Race Day Jan 20 – 21 Water Ski Pond or Mazenod Saturday TNT, Sunday Race Day Feb 3 - 4 Water Ski Pond or Mazenod Saturday TNT, Sunday Race Day Feb 17 - 18 Portage la Prairie Double Header? Mar 3 - 4 Gimli Ice Fest – Lakeview Res Possible Double Header? Put it on your calendar kids (tentative), it will be a good year. Thanks
  11. Hello Pete - Jim A's ticket for the banquet should be charged to Ice Racing and not to Jim. Just one of the special privileges of being the 2017 Ice Racing Title Sponsor - thank you Jim.
  12. Hello Pete L, For tickets for my group; - 2 tickets for Steven Bradley (The Dirt Report) and his +1 under 'workers' - 4 tickets for Portage Group Jordan S Clint S Bill L Tracey L For a donation for silent auction we are bringing a Google Home device https://store.google.com/product/google_home including programmable power outlet. Thanks.
  13. POT LUCK!

    Can you guys (and girls) believe the amount of food that was there? And the variety? I haven't had that much good food in a very long time, everyone came out with their a-game. Thanks to Spencer for heading this up, good work.
  14. Car is sold! Thank you.