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  1. chkdsk

    Event #5 T&S

    High Five to the T&S guys, we appreciate all you do. Thank you.
  2. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Thank you Mat L for cluing me in to the Big K. I have touched base with Glen N and got his order. Thanks.
  3. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Not sure on pricing yet although it will be similar to last year. Once we have the list of guys that want tires, I sent that off to Dyrk and he goes to the supplier for pricing and shipping quote. It does vary a bit depending on qty's plus dollar exchange. I'll know better once I get Qty's ready for Dyrk. Thanks.
  4. chkdsk

    Black Rocket Tire Order

    Sorry, I'm not sure who BigKahuna is. Fire me an email to Ice (at) wscc.mb.ca and I'll add to the list. Danke.
  5. Hello Guys and Gals, if you recall that last year they were out of BR’s by the time we were ready to order them in mid October so we’re sparking up this discussion sooner than later. I need to know: 1) How many BlackRockets you need 2) What size do you need them E.g. 13”, 14” or 15” I need your commitment by end of next week (Friday the 21st) although payment won’t be needed with the commitment. I’ll send the qty’s back to Dyrk who will do the order up for us and get pricing. Minden is jumping in with us so that should help out on the shipping from oversees. Send me an email to ice {at} wscc.mb.ca with your commitment and please share this with fellow racers that may not frequent the forums. ** Thank you to Dyrk and Jodi at Classic Motor Werks for helping us out with the BR’s.
  6. You guys are awesome, all of you. Sorry I can't make it for Thursday.
  7. Not sure who's idea it was to make the rescue trucks park in strategic areas around the track but I'm damn happy you did. During the Aussie Pursuit I broke a hub and tried to make it close to rescue truck but didn't quite make it and stopped in the grass and within seconds a grass fire started and Mat L was on it and put it out. If he wasn't there, a simple broken rim would have cost me an entire race car plus who knows what could have happened with the grass fire. Thank you organisers for this decision, saved my car and possibly a lot more. Volunteers rule!
  8. chkdsk

    HUGE Shoutout!

    Thank you very much Cheryl and to Cheryl's husband. Thanks for the hard work!
  9. Coming from a fellow director, I agree with everything above. Thanks.
  10. Bump, this car is still for sale!
  11. chkdsk

    HPDE Pictures

    Excellent work Steve, thank you!
  12. chkdsk

    Broken bleeder screw

    I would add to use lots of heat (torch) when you're going to turn it out with the flat screwdriver.
  13. I went through the Sep Regs top to bottom. Thank you. I did learn a couple of things that were interesting and I found out I need a car number on the Pit Scooter. I'll use Clint's number in case someone calls it in.
  14. Ugh... Now I have to read the whole thing? Aw man.... How about you do up a video of it? That would be much easier than reading. Thanks.