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  1. OOOoooOOOOoooo... Look at us, getting all high tech! Thanks for setting this up Jay. Some notes for the conference call; You'll need to figure out the console so that you can mute all callers then we'll need to either ask questions via the chat or have a way to put up our hand and you un-mute certain people. There will much too much background noise if you leave it wide open.
  2. That is one sweet Toyotahome. Looks friggen minty. Not sure if you've used it yet, I bet you will have much more fun than you thought you would. That is a cool unit and much better then sleeping on the ground, especially when it is raining. Don't change the interior at all, it will come back in style in about 20 years. I love it.
  3. chkdsk

    Racing Games

    Holy crap! Thank you for the input from all of you for hardware. I really appreciate it.
  4. chkdsk

    Racing Games

    Since it may be a while before I get behind the wheel on the track I have been looking at wheel/pedal combo. Did some googling and the Logi G920 looks good to me, anyone have any input on why it doesn't work well? Is there any point in getting the stick shift add-on?
  5. No problem. How soon do you need? I am currently on lock down for another 3 days.
  6. Got some Pyrotect sitting right beside me if you want. 2 cents OBO. Have extra frame/floor mounts if needed too.
  7. Mine will also be pull down, does that not work?
  8. We should have some if Gary doesn't.
  9. Need to get rid of the last stack of RTI tires. Most are siped, all are indoor climate control stored. I believe all are 13" and many have Honda Rims 4x100 on them. Make me an offer
  10. Thank you Jared for the big confirmation. Next step; who has gone through the rules to note the changes from YOY?
  11. Thank you for this. Does anyone have an idea of what the major changes are that we need to discuss? It would be nice if it was just minor minimum weight calculations and tire specs although past history has shown there are always other items that we miss. Would be nice for a Coles Notes on the changes from last year.
  12. Excellent info, thank you. Can we assume this is now WCMA or do we wait for the rubber stamp? I like the idea of the Dyno sheets and I started posting those last year.
  13. I was just updating our team's reserved car numbers for 2020 via MSR and I had a flashback. Last year we had the new WCMA rules come out, some of us noticed and some of us were too busy to pay attention, then we took a look, then a month or so later there was a rundown by some guys translating for us laymen (which i appreciated) then some discussion and then and then and then... And then we're on race weekend #2 and some cars were not legal weight and some racers were frustrated. During the big Pow-Wow we had at the track, I brought it up we should have dealt with this ahead of time rather than almost mid season. And right now, we are ahead of time. My point: 1) When do the changes come out and are official? Not supp regs, the racing regs. 2) Who is a smart guy in our group and can go through the changes and dumb it down for us IT computer people? The post on the forums for a general discussion? Last year Steve was my goto plus Darin helped me and also Coach's input and Don's discussion. 3) Can we have a group call and go through the changes prior to the race season so that everyone is on the same page? That will save the speculation in the pits about who understands and who doesn't on race weekend #1. AND we all show up as legal as possible. 4) I would like to add to #1 Race Weekend that a full tech happen and not safety, I mean weight and also go through the racer's spreadsheet and physically confirm penalty points. E.g. did you declare your coil-overs, did you declare your Cold Air Intake. You can do safety too, my point is on the racing rules. Thanks.
  14. January 12th Schedule: Beausejour CPTC Venue Sunday Schedule: 09:30 Worker's meeting 09:45 Driver's meeting 10:00 Practice, Track is Hot Studded practice 15 mins Rubber practice 15 mins Studded practice 15 mins Rubber practice 15 mins 11:00 LUNCH 12:00pm NOON Racing: (12 mins Rubber, 10 mins Studded) Studded Race 1 Rubber Race 1 Studded Race 2 Rubber Race 2 Studded Race 3 Rubber Race 3 Ballet of the Plow Studded Race 4 Rubber Race 4 Studded Race 5 Rubber Race 5 Studded Race 6 Rubber Race 6 PARADE LAP. This was from last year and I believe it was well received, please discuss in Driver's meeting if this is warranted: All cars line up, immediately after last rubber race. We wave to spectators as thank you and let them know racing has ended. 16:00 Finish (approx) Track is closed. We thank volunteers. Have fun everyone!
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