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  1. Got an email saying there will only be the 7am registration on Saturday although this schedule says there is Friday night registration at 8pm. We're good for Friday night early registration?
  2. Oh wow... Speechless about all of this. Good work to everyone.
  3. Good work guys. Really appreciate it.
  4. I will see what I can find for tires around my shop. How can I pre-build these stacks? What is the recommended height and fastening method to tie them down? We should probably use metal banding tape?
  5. Get well soon Don from everyone in our Pit. The staff at HSC are top notch and unfortunatly I know that. Let me know when you get sick of the food and I'll bring you Whopper Cheese combo... Or two.
  6. PM sent to you Robert. Thanks.
  7. Not sure if you guys care about how to calc average HP for your magic spreadsheet although you should. This is how we did it from the Cam Pull from above:
  8. Yes, Hot Dogs too. And Farmer sausage. She's such a pig... and no manors either.
  9. Completely agree. If you beat me with twin cars then I'll be the first to buy you a cold one. Several years ago when I thought I was Formula Un and there was no way my car could go any faster, Marcoux jumps in it during a Saturday night worker laps and does 5 or 6 laps and beats my best time by over 1.5 seconds. That was in an unfamiliar car and with him using a booster seat. That was the first time I had to say the words out loud "Huh, guess it's not the car" which was a good/brutal moment for me as it forced me to go back and dig down and pull some more speed out out of my brain. One part I forgot in my list above is that the last pull had lightened flywheel although not the first one as that was illegal in IT3. Having the Dyno sheet is one thing although the big issue to me is that the cars still need to be their spec weight from the Dyno sheet. In our fleet #44 is the only one that is bang on weight with HP and there are two competitor cars that can constantly pull him in a green flag drop drag race which means a) they either have more HP than reported OR b) their cars are under their weight. Everyone has to be at their weight as we had to add a pile to #44 for his 117HP. My car is fat and is going on the Keto diet before next race as she's been doing too much bread. And cake. And maybe too many barley pops.
  10. We had a great chat last race weekend about what to do and the topic of some of the dyno pulls came up. We were talking about sharing info and I apologize for not being able to post sooner as real life keeps getting in the way of this racing stuff. Here’s some info I have: Factory D16 when it was in IT3. Rules were strict and not much was allowed. We did several pulls with different IT3 cars trying to see if there was something we could find as the #2 would always pull us on a green flag drop drag race; - Cold air intake - Header - Chip - 4.9’ (I think it was 4.9’s, could have been 4.7’s) - Factory pistons, factory everything - No cam - I think that’s it. This next one is the exact same engine with only one difference; Cam (Colt Tri flow) Some notes from me: - I have never been under 111HP with a D16 even with a factory header in Clint’s CRX last year. This is how we have always done the spec weight for our cars and one year we had to add 135 lbs to a car to meet spec. - Take a look at how the Power drops off on a D16 non-cam car, the math shows that you should shift at 6750 to keep the top of the curve in your shift to even out what you lose. No point in losing more HP revving it higher just to wait to shift. - The 2nd Dyno shot is Clint’s car as it sits right now with a Colt cam and he is bang-on spec weight for that HP as we had to add a pile of weight previously. Whoever is running Cam’s need to get their weight dialed in as my car is cam’d and I’m 80 lbs heavy even with Cam so if you’re under spec weight and you’re passing me then I’ll be pissy - I can see the frustration of other racers trying to get their weight down to spec if they're basing it on 105HP as that is damn light car although I've never seen that low of HP on a Dyno with a D16. Maybe an Non-SI? Or a 1500? We could look at doing an experiment as I have exactly what our cam cars are at the one vendor and I could book at the other vendor to see if it is the same or if there is a delta? Thanks to the guys that were part of the chat last race Sunday, it was constructive and good info was shared.
  11. I can't believe how fast Armatas and his team painted the exterior of the bathroom. Outstanding. If that was me it would have taken all summer.
  12. It's more the opposite the way I was explained; it is if you know it is NOT safety-able then the onus is on you. E.g. a caged race car with no lights and a Temp Cert.
  13. One other part just jumped in my brain from a long time ago since we're on the topic of trailer insurance; I did check with my agent and they called in to MPI to verify that the dolly trailers that only lift the front axle will only insure the trailer and the car/vehicle itself needs to be insured with plate or permit if it's touching the ground. I'm also told that if it's on a permit then it is supposed to be safety-able. Someone in our club an MPI rep that can give us the goods on this?
  14. Or the opposite it true that you may have it too high and paying extra for insurance for that value. I wrote off my enclosed race trailer and the insured value was much higher than what they finally gave me after the appeal/appraisal so I was paying extra for insurance. I did ask them if they could refund the difference in my insurance premiums and they declined saying it is up to the owner to let them know what the actual cash value is.
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