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  1. Bump, this car is still for sale!
  2. chkdsk

    HPDE Pictures

    Excellent work Steve, thank you!
  3. chkdsk

    Broken bleeder screw

    I would add to use lots of heat (torch) when you're going to turn it out with the flat screwdriver.
  4. I went through the Sep Regs top to bottom. Thank you. I did learn a couple of things that were interesting and I found out I need a car number on the Pit Scooter. I'll use Clint's number in case someone calls it in.
  5. Ugh... Now I have to read the whole thing? Aw man.... How about you do up a video of it? That would be much easier than reading. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Guys. I was able to get in touch with your help.
  7. Generally YOY changes are highlighted in BOLD, is the only change for this year the Entrance Fee? Thanks for this.
  8. Steve used to do photos for us and I'm trying to hook up with him again for HPDE. Does anyone know his contact info? If so, please PM me. Thanks.
  9. Hello guys and girls, Can I get your attention so we can have a post season Ice Race gathering with the point of having a chat on what worked and what didn't and also our main goal of more azzes in seats for Ice Racing. Can we do Mar 18th (Sunday) at a location on the West end of Wpg around noon? Prob the same lounge we used a few years ago. I want a majority of the group at this meeting like the Mike D's, Damon S, Lee M's, Al M's, Mat L, Steve L, CLD Group, Jim A, Greg/Wayne, #80 crew, jarrreeeddd, Tim Gee, Morris D Can you guys RSVP to this thread and let me know if you can commit to this meeting? ** Also if you know of a fellow Ice Racer that doesn't watch the forums, please forward this on to them. Thanks.
  10. Good job Mat! Congrats on the win! Where are you going to use it?
  11. What a season boys and girls! Lots of lows and lots of highs. The raffle tickets that were sold for a Race Car Wrap are sent off to SAR and Chris is going to do the draw and post a video around noon. Here are the names we have in the draw: Jim A 3 tickets Greg E 3 tickets Bill L 3 tickets (sold as Jordan S, Clint S and Bill L) Steve L 3 tickets Mat L 3 tickets Glen N 3 tickets Damon S 3 tickets Draw will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at SAR in Steinbach and we’ll have results in the afternoon and shall post video right here. Big thanks to SAR for stepping up for Title Sponsor.
  12. You are a machine Peter.
  13. We are scrambling right now just for the PT Rules and undoing the Club Class stuff. Can we table any more last minute rule changes until the 2019 season please? Thanks. ** Not sure why it has a blank Dsurzyshyn quote in my post. I can't get rid of it just like the rubber to ice guys can't get rid of Damon.