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  1. Holy crap! Thank you for the input from all of you for hardware. I really appreciate it.
  2. Since it may be a while before I get behind the wheel on the track I have been looking at wheel/pedal combo. Did some googling and the Logi G920 looks good to me, anyone have any input on why it doesn't work well? Is there any point in getting the stick shift add-on?
  3. No problem. How soon do you need? I am currently on lock down for another 3 days.
  4. Got some Pyrotect sitting right beside me if you want. 2 cents OBO. Have extra frame/floor mounts if needed too.
  5. Mine will also be pull down, does that not work?
  6. We should have some if Gary doesn't.
  7. Need to get rid of the last stack of RTI tires. Most are siped, all are indoor climate control stored. I believe all are 13" and many have Honda Rims 4x100 on them. Make me an offer
  8. Good job Chris, we had a great time. The kitchen did screw up my dietary restriction and lost my extra gluten order but I'll live.
  9. Hello @Kevin , you and I need to swap jobs. Thank you.
  10. I do like reading these articles and once I got it in the mail. I left it in our coffee table in our customer lounge for months and it was always in people's hands.
  11. Sharples Motorsports will have a donation for the silent auction. Not sure what it is yet.
  12. I didn't find "meatatarian" on the RSVP nor "extra Gluten", is that an option? Also extra bacon too please.
  13. PM sent to you Robert. Thanks.
  14. It's more the opposite the way I was explained; it is if you know it is NOT safety-able then the onus is on you. E.g. a caged race car with no lights and a Temp Cert.
  15. One other part just jumped in my brain from a long time ago since we're on the topic of trailer insurance; I did check with my agent and they called in to MPI to verify that the dolly trailers that only lift the front axle will only insure the trailer and the car/vehicle itself needs to be insured with plate or permit if it's touching the ground. I'm also told that if it's on a permit then it is supposed to be safety-able. Someone in our club an MPI rep that can give us the goods on this?
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