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  1. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    I'm mostly available during weekday evenings these days if anyone wants to line something up.
  2. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    It would be nice to know who is racing form the club. If anyone was racing on the group Xbox race yesterday, please let us know.
  3. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    Sorry I didn't think it was on today. How long do you usually wait for people when server becomes live? Did anyone else end up joining today?
  4. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    Sorry about the confusion. I still only have the Xbox console running. I think there was some confusion when I referred to project cars as "pc" lol.
  5. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    Sunday afternoon is fine for me any time.
  6. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    I'll try to get Project Cars 2 set up. I know Laguna, so that would be fun. When is your pc race?
  7. PeteL

    Racing Games

    Assetto Corsa, X-Box, Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 version. Good wheel and pedals so far. Thinking of getting F1 2016 as it was recommended by another club member.
  8. PeteL

    Xbox One Racing

    I would be interested in joining the next race if there is one. I'll spread the word to other xbox gamers.
  9. Nvidia GeForce gt 320. Version 342.01 I'm hoping to use a 4K monitor. Probably not gonna work right.
  10. Ok thanks for trying. I just dug up an old PC and I’ll try to get it up and running with my wheel. Would this system work for AC? Running Windows 10 Home. version 1703 Intel R core TM i7 CPU. 860 @2.80 GHz RAM 8.00 GB 64 bit operating system
  11. I just looked for it on the server and it wasn’t there. Sunday 7:30 PM.
  12. I currently run the console version of asetto and not sure if would go as far as set up for the PC version. The idea of running at Gimli is appealing but I like the fact that there are so many amazing other tracks to explore that I would otherwise never race in real life. Maybe pick a different track every two weeks (gives a chance for people to learn the track). Also, would my console steering wheel be compatible with a PC? If this league gets going, it could be a great way to deal with a postponed season and this dreaded isolation. Thanks for trying to get this off the ground.
  13. I guess it's time to discuss the massive elephant in the room. I would assume by all of the cancelations of events world wide that the season will be postponed at the minimum. I would assume this applies to the HPDE also. Can someone please confirm. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
  14. Glad you're on your way to a full recovery. If you need assistance getting around to various appointments and physio, don't hesitate to reach out. We're one big family here.
  15. We're do you start? Folks, this event is the highlight of my year! I absolutely cannot believe all of the effort so many people put into this event and it gives me chills when I see it all come together successfully every year. Thanks to Matt's team for putting on such a tightly run operation. Al for organizing the tire banding session to make us all feel more comfortable on the track. The volunteers for marshaling and setting up the track facility. Greg' s team for the amazing meat lovers dinner. The wine and beer sponsors were a very nice touch. Dyrk's team for stepping up as the main sponsor for the 21 st time. All of the club sponsors. Helmut' s team for helping out with organizing the event. The officials who have to find a balance between friendship and being the voice of reason. Spencer and Ian for the entertainment and acurrate commentating. Damon for lending the PA system. Timing and scoring personnel. Thanks to all of the drivers and families who made a special trip out to our world famous track. We love having new faces to bond with. And a personal thanks to Damon Hill who converted my car from carbs to fuel injection and lent me his injectors for the last two races as a Hail Mary attempt to solve our last gremlin in the system. It was a success!
  16. 1975 Lynx B Caracal. Ex championship car from Gimli track. Originally from the US. Many spare parts and info to get started. May need transmission work. A bargain at $4500.00 call 204-291-4056
  17. Please let me know on this thread what silent auction prize you will be donating and what name/company you would like it under. All proceeds raised will go towards Dino's wheelchair van so please be generous. cheers
  18. Please let me know here how many in your party and whether you will be paying at the door or online. or if you are a worker using their free ticket option. You can also chose to donate 40$ towards Dino's wheelchair van if you can't make it. Please try your best to bring a prize for the auction as this year's earnings will go directly to Dino's van. Pete
  19. Ok. I'm geared up to go. Hopefully we get a few more interested parties in the next day. So let's meet at the usual Canadinns at plessis and regent at 11:30 on Saturday the 16th and leave at noon. We'll head out on Dugald to Elma And from there into the whiteshell. Should be a scenic drive. We'll stop for ice cream in brereton and back in the city for 4:30 or 5 latest See you there
  20. I always have a blast driving with a great group of people and cool cars through the whiteshell. I recently drove to lake of the woods via #44 and its pretty bad from 307 East. So probably stay away from Ingolf and Westhawk. Hwy 307 also offers us a few scenic spots and ice cream. I could probably do something for the 16th if there are enough people interested. Any more takers?
  21. Ya but it took 27 rocket engines ( 18 jumbo jets) to send one car to nowhere, so he probably enjoys the smell of Napom in the morning just as much as we do.
  22. Please save Oct. 27 as our banquet date. By popular demand, it will be held at the Clarion again. thank you
  23. Now that Space X has successfully launched a sports car into space, we can sit back and know that sports cars will be around for the next million years. Should our membership director try to sign up Elon Musk as our newest member?
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