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  1. Sports car in space

    Ya but it took 27 rocket engines ( 18 jumbo jets) to send one car to nowhere, so he probably enjoys the smell of Napom in the morning just as much as we do.
  2. Please save Oct. 27 as our banquet date. By popular demand, it will be held at the Clarion again. thank you
  3. Now that Space X has successfully launched a sports car into space, we can sit back and know that sports cars will be around for the next million years. Should our membership director try to sign up Elon Musk as our newest member?
  4. I think you mean HPDE...otherwise people might think it's a high driving performance education. I want to sign someone up as an xmas gift. Do they have to sign up themeselves? Or can I just reserve a spot somehow?
  5. Thank you to all who brought prizes and participated in the silent auction. It was one of our more successful auctions.
  6. No..thank YOU! To everyone who came and made it a fun night to remember. My highlight was sitting with Frank Mancini and hearing all his great stories.
  7. Parking at the Clarion is free and the entrance to the parkade is just East of the hotel.
  8. That should be no problem. See you there.
  9. Your gluten free meal has been ordered. Please let your server know.
  10. Your gluten free meal has been ordered. Please let your server know.
  11. Your wheat allergy meal has been ordered. Please let your server know.
  12. Yes they can. See you guys on Saturday.
  13. Thank you to all who participated in the drive. Once again, the weather and scenery were awesome. We had seven beautiful cars that were able to do what they were designed for. Nice for us to have 2 Audi R8s and a Maserati Grand Turismo with us!
  14. I noticed that I gave two meeting times in my original post. We will meet at 11 am and leave no later than 11:30. Please make sure you have a full tank of gas. Should be a blast as always.
  15. That will be no problem. Glad you two can make it!