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  1. Please save Saturday Octobre 28th for our annual banquet. It should be an epic evening! Remember to try to gather up some prizes for the silent auction during the next few months.
  2. On this anniversary occasion, the club is organizing a gathering on Saturday July 15th at Skinners Restaurant near the locks in Lockport. We are hopping to meet at noon at the River Rd. location and after spending some time eating and mingling, we will take a scenic drive to Selkirk and back. Please bring family members and friends in any vehicle and enjoy some good times and conversations...rain or shine. Hope to see you there. Pete
  3. 2017 Spring Drive

    Unfortunately I'm not able to plan a drive this spring but I'm planning a meet and greet at Skinners in Lockport on Saturday July 15th to celebrate the club's 65th anniversary. Some of the founding members of the club would like to meet some of the current members and have suggested getting together. The location is at Skinners restaurant on River Rd at noon. We can assemble in the parking lot and after getting something to eat, we can go for a drive in the area or convoy back to the city via the scenic River Rd.
  4. Congrats to Frank. Such a deserving honor for him. I wish I could be there but have a commitment that afternoon.
  5. Local racer Daniel Burkett is racing at 12 hrs of Sebring live on imsatv.imsa.com today. He's in car # 20 in PC class ( prototype Challenge)
  6. Update: Jordan

    Hey buddy. We hope all goes well at the hospital. Speedy recovery.
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone. We have such awesome people in our club. Good times!
  8. Ya it was an awesome drive. Thanks to all who came. The traffic was non existent. The road to Ingolf was freshly resurfaced and the highlight of the day. I think we passed 3 or 4 cars on the drive back on 44. And the tamarack pine trees were in full fall colors.
  9. My cel number is 204-291-4056 if anyone needs to get ahold of me.
  10. Yes we are still on for Saturday. A few other cars are coming on top of the list here. We will meet at the usual location at Canad Inns at Regent and Plessis. We'll meet at noon and leave around 12:30. Heading West on Dugald and towards the whiteshell. There will be a few washroom stops and refreshments/gas. Should be back in the city by 5:00 latest. See you there rain or shine.
  11. It's time to get your tickets for this year's banquet. The evening will take place at the Holiday Inn at 2520 Portage Ave. Saturday Oct. 22 at 6 pm. Dinner at 7 pm. Please register and pay on DLB Racing website. Tickets are still only $40.00 per person. Free indoor parking. We are also looking for interesting prizes for the silent auction. It would be nice to have a few more for the women. Please list your attendance and possibly a prize on this thread so I can prepare for the event. Cheers
  12. I've been looking at doing something for a fall drive but so far due to serval factors including a late season for both race and auto slalom, it looks like the next best date for me would be Oct 15. Not sure if anyone wants to go that late or if there will be any leaves left. If someone else has the time to organize something else earlier, by all means go for it.
  13. 2016 Spring Drive?

    Turns out I'm busy the weekend of the 28th. I'd be happy to pass the torch to Jim if he wants to pursue the Minaki drive. I will work on the drive in in Morden for a later date.