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  1. For sale, 6x Falken Azenis RT615k 195/60R14, all used on a FV at Gimli. 2x great $60 each, 2x good $50 each, 2x well used $40 each. Or $290 for all. Call/text 204 509 7100
  2. I've been finding some rust in the fuel filter and carb bowl of a classic vehicle, in the shape of very fine dust. I've flushed and removed the fuel tank, a lot of rust dust came out (orange gas). The outside of the tank is solid and there's no trace of leak or rust. If i had to guess a shop already serviced this tank as it's been painted all around and all the rubber hoses connecting to it are new. I'm wondering what the options are to handle this. Ignore the issue, keep changing filters and rebuilding the carb? What's the worst that can happen? DIY treatment? I've read about different techniques with sand, nuts and bolts to try and get the rust out, then treat the tank with some sort of coating. What are the expected results and life extension on the tank for this considering the effort? I can't see myself shaking this tank for an hour. Have a shop work on the tank? I feel the cost would probably be equivalent to buying a new tank (if i remember well a new tank for my truck was $250). And is the fix permanent? I'd appreciate your experience with this kind of issue. Thanks, JS
  3. At the end of a racing season, one thing a racer may get asked is "so what will you be doing next?". For the big majority of amateur racers, the answer will sadly (or luckily) be "do the same next year". In most cases there is nothing more grandiose planned or affordable. As mentioned at the annual banquet, Formula Vee has been seeing a worldwide revival lately, with newer cars coming up and large fields forming in many countries. In Canada and the US particularly there is community that built around the "Challenge Cup Series": https://www.facebook.com/groups/155486181454972/ http://challengecupseries.com/ The group started organising a championship that took place both in Canada and the US. The goal was to bring down the cost of competitive racing by banning expensive engine parts and using a street legal spec tire (in fact the rules match the current FV rules we use with WCMA). Lately the group has enabled amateur racers (including Canadians) to cross race FV in other continents. The first event took place in South Africa were Canadian Rob Murray raced at Killarney and Zwartkops (http://challengecupseries.com/south-african-formula-vee-50th-anniversary/). This past week-end another group including Canadian David Taylor raced in Brazil at Interlagos with the FVee Brazil group (https://www.facebook.com/FormulaVeeBrasil/?fref=nf) Here's a neat article if you read Portugese: http://f1mania.lance.com.br/outros/brasil-vence-1a-formula-vee-intercontinental-cup-em-interlagos/ They had live national TV covering the event. Next stop for the Challenge Cup Intercontinental races will be England, and there has been rumours of races scheduled in both Australia and New Zealand. The 2017 season will bring the group to some of the most interesting tracks in North America including Mosport, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Watkins Glen International. We are lucky in Manitoba to have one of the, if not the cheapest and fair opportunity in North America of open wheels road racing with the WCMA FV class. The WCMA rules allow MB cars to compete equally with any other cars that are entering Challenge Cup Events. If you are interested in the opportunities the Challenge Cups brings to Canadian amateur racers, please get in touch with the WSCC FV group.
  4. Hi Peter: The wheel controller is a G27 modified with a quick release attachment. The actual steering wheel is a Momo D cut 10, which I also use on the Formula Vee. The dashboard is a custom 480x272 TFT with shift and warning LEDs that I designed to be identical to the PCU-8 from McLaren: http://www.mclaren.com/appliedtechnologies/products/item/display-unit-pcu-8d/ I've developed a plugin so the display gathers telemetry from rFactor (it works with iRacing too). JS
  5. It's difficult to show any sort of quality details in a picture considering the rather harsh limitation on this forum for attachment size. We're currently adding texture to the track which adds to the realistic feel when driving. Proof of the realistic feel: T1 and its approach feel equally dangerous in the simulator when driving an open wheel, with the proximity of the tower, wood fence, RVs and other containers.
  6. The track is getting to look very realistic with all corner stations in, and most buildings modeled. We even have a service road and grand stands. Check out the side by side comparison of turn 4 between real and simulated. It is amazing. We've been having nights of lapping in Lotus 23s and I've spent more time lapping than actually taking good screenshots. The pictures below are a quick overview and don't show how much details the track currently includes. PM if you'd like to get help setting up a computer to join the lapping sessions. It's the cheapest and most realistic way to road race in the winter. And there's no questions as to who who has the strongest engine or better tires, we're all equal and the server will kick you out if you're trying to cheat. JS
  7. Here's an update on the development of the Gimli track mod for rFactor. The track surface is complete, though there is still a few spots that should probably be smoothed out. The guy that's designing the model has been very thorough, check out the position of the cracks, patches and bumps, the work he is doing is amazing. We now have proper rumble strips in T1/T5/T8/9 and bricks in T4/T5. The latest revisions have been focused on adding scenery. There's a tower, guardrail (though it will be relocated as it's currently too far from the start/finish line), concession buildings and corner stations. It feels real. We've tested all sorts of cars on this model, from Formula Vees to modern F1s. We have been adding and removing bumps and cracks to try and reproduce the grip losses we see at the real track. For this we are overlaying logged data from the real track with data we gathered from the simulator. I am attaching a screenshot of it. We're getting there, though we are currently lacking overall grip. Which is probably partly due to the tire model for the FV car we are using, and the actual grip of the track. Here's a quick video I made tonight of a lap of the latest model. I'm not used to the Formula Atlantic as I otherwise spend most of the time with the low power Formula Vee model. I thought a Formula Atlantic video would be a bit more interesting than the 3rd-4th-3rd-4th-3rd gear action of a Formula Vee at Gimli We had our first common free practice a few days ago, and it went very well. The server we are using is very fast and there was no glitch or network delays. We're still on track to start a league in the new year. JS
  8. The AI are configurable in many ways, and they can be both very fast and very consistent. Here though the issue is that the ideal line we've defined for the AI to follow gets too close to the edges of the track and includes changes of direction that are too abrupt. And so the AI end up swerving a lot (you see that in T1/T3/T5) on entry, and come off the track in T5/T8. You do need to give them a bit of room for now. I was getting bored testing the track by myself, and asked the designer to quickly drop an ideal line so I could include AI. It will be fixed for the final release of the track. We mostly intend on racing against each other though, without AI. JS
  9. Hi: We are currently developing a track model for Gimli for rFactor, and the track itself is about 50% done. We think it will be ready by Christmas time. Currently we have good track details from the start/finish line up to T4. The rest of the track is still to be modelled (bumps, cracks and curbs, scenery including tower and corner stations). I have to say the feel of the track is very realistic, and the guy (Bob Iriks) that has been in charge of the modeling of the bumps, cracks and curbs has been doing an excellent job. This is certainly not a laser generated model but it is accurate when you drive on it. Currently there is no scenery around the track, but it will come later on (drag tower, corner stations etc) Tonight I tested the latest release of the track with the 1976 Formula Atlantic mod for rFactor, and I'm posting a video of what the current track looks like below. I'm also attaching pics of the 1976 FA mod. Whomever did that mod added a picture in rFactor that was actually taken on the Gimli start/finish line (with Villeneuve and Brack(?)). Very suiting for this mod. Once the track will be ready (again around Christmas time) we are thinking of starting an online racing league and welcome whoever would like to join. And so this post is mostly a heads up for you to get organised should you want to join. rFactor can be tricky to setup, so plan ahead. You will need to get: - rFactor 1: costs $24.99 to buy here http://rfactor.net/web/rf1/buyonline2/ - Here are the system requirements for your computer. I run mine on a middle line laptop on 3 screens and average 200FPS (i.e. I don't have a gaming video card). So you don't need anything really fast to have a decent game experience Runs Best With:– Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor– Windows 7, 8, 10– 2GB RAM (4GB on Steam)– Geforce 7900 GT or Radeon X1900 GT– 256 MB video RAM– DirectX 9.0c– 2.0 GB of hard drive space for installation– Internet connection required for system activation, enabled network adapter required for gameplay - A steering wheel (though you can probably race on a keyboard - and some people have been faster on keyboards). I bought a G27 last year on Kijiji for $120. I have a Logitech Momo I can sell if somebody is interested - You don't need more than one screen, but if you do you will have to somehow get your computer to recognise them all, and have rFactor split the screen buffer onto them - Contact Brian Iriks / myself to get more information on the mods you need to install to get the Gimli track and whichever series we decide go with In any case PM for more details if you are interested. JS
  10. Hi: I'm looking to make 4 bends on 1.25" round tubing. Does anybody have a tube bender I could use? It would be a matter of maybe 30min or less, once I know the actual CLR and bending offset of the die. Thanks, JS
  11. 16 gauge aluminium is what is used on many formula cars, some use thicker material on low to the ground cars but the intent is that the floor is going to get in contact to the ground often and will get thinner over time (like a skid plate). Regardless of the thickness, on these cars typically the pans are both bonded with epoxy and riveted every inch or so to the bottom members. And so there is not much floppiness left in the pan. Bonding and riveting adds a lot of rigidity to the frames and is part of the rigidity analysis of some chassis. If you are using the belly pan to just improve aero and prevent stones from getting inside the car then it might just be fine with a few rivets. If you intend on using the belly pan to keep your feet in the car in case of an accident, and improve the rigidity of the frame, then it might need to be bonded and riveted.
  12. Funny, a few moments ago Jim and I were just discussing this exact video and how it relates to Jim's comment regarding dash cams in so many Russian cars.
  13. Well apparently there's a scam in Russia, people will crash you and try and claim compensations. I think people put cameras on their dash to protect themselves against this.
  14. Driving in Russiahttp://youtu.be/AXz4P6EpX3s
  15. Fast street cars at Eau Rouge: JUhu13qp8Oc Faster cars at the same corner: seget3zOj_8 The two side by side:http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DJUhu13qp8Oc%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded&start1=&video2=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Dseget3zOj_8%26feature%3Dplayer_embedded&start2=&authorName=Not+Sure#comment-128796100&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitterThe conclusion is street cars suck.Would be neat for the forum if BBcodes for youtube could be updated/enabled
  16. Skip the beginning and from 9:15 they show an Atlantic race in Gimli in the 70s.http://vimeo.com/13903876Features Villeneuve and the car wash.
  17. I am just about to order a fuel cell from the US, and I am looking to save on both shipping and custom fees...Could someone explain how the Menkes deal works? What are the fees etc...Thanks!
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