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  1. Thanks for organizing the MX5 race tonight Spencer, that was a lot of fun. I haven't had as much fun racing wheel to wheel in probably 5 or 6 years. Keep it up!
  2. Thanks Spencer for setting this up! Your time and enthusiasm have been very much appreciated. As a side note you’ll need to use the following login information to access the server: https://ac.teamuselessracing.ca/ Account - wscc Password - wscc
  3. Thanks Spencer for setting this up, it was a great experience despite the technical difficulties. I hope the next event runs smoothly.
  4. Thank you Spencer for setting up this combo, it was awesome and a lot of fun!
  5. Thank you Spencer and Dylan for organizing the race. It was a lot of fun to have this tight pack going around Road Atlanta. On to next week's race.
  6. Ian, the race is still on, there’s information on this forum about the new server. For some reason the Discord channel and the server we had been using got unplugged this week. And so most of the people that had been joining the past races got together on a new Discord and a new server. We’re racing tonight as originally planned.
  7. That looks pretty good! Thanks for the work you put in Gamez!
  8. How many of the people who intended to run the Honda race this week-end also have accounts on iRacing? If there's still technical issues with the server and Discord on Saturday I can host a session on iRacing. iRacing has a built in radio system and so we wouldn't need Discord for the race.
  9. I have been having issues connecting to the AC server since yesterday. I've been getting this error from CM stating the game crashed? Also somehow my Discord is unlinked from the WSCC stream and I am not sure how to link it back. So I'm locked out. Can anybody suggest how I can fix my CM and link Discord back to the WSCC stream?
  10. Thank you Peter for setting up the event, and to all the participants of the 2 races tonight. It is very much appreciated to be able to race wheel to wheel from the comfort of my house.
  11. Was this sold to somebody who’ll be joining the AC PC races?
  12. Links to the last race week-end sessions below. Peter did a great job setting up another computer that cycled through drivers and camera, to provide a real life looking live broadcast. Peter also setup a robot commentator with an Australian accent. This turned out great for this first attempt at an organized broadcast, though there's some frame freeze due to Internet issues. The grid for race 2 becomes particularly entertaining when Spencer (GamezGarage) ends up sitting on top of Peter (Grail). - 30 minute practice: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/602760386?t=1h13m17s - 15 minute qualifying: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/602760386?t=1h44m44s - Race 1 - 10 laps: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/602760386?t=2h02m30s - Race 2 - 10 laps (reverse grid): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/602760386?t=2h30m45s
  13. Thank you Peter for setting up the races and the stream. The system you’ve come up with is awesome. I can’t wait to get on a race on the Gimli track you converted.
  14. Troll Face is a real driver from the club. He’s faster than any of us. We were lucky this time to be able to beat him in both races. The next race is in 2 weeks though, and everybody is going to try and prepare to get closer to his lap times. Below I’m adding the second race if you missed it. Fast forward to the 17min mark for the start of the race.
  15. Peter and I were able to lap at Gimli on the dedicated server later in the afternoon. Right now the server is dedicated to running Gimli Motorsport Park and 4th generation Honda Civic race cars. You will need to install on your computer the exact same files located on the server. You may also need to configure the range and force feedback of your steering device for best experience. Below is a video I captured earlier with the combination GMP and Civics that is running on the server.
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