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  1. Very sad to hear. Grew up watcher her on that TNT/Spike TV channel when she hosted a half hour 4x4 car show.
  2. X2 on buying one used in 10ish years if they hold up. Here's hoping they depreciate like the C5 did. I want to see a z51 or z06 C8 vs GT3 comparison done.
  3. Excellent, thank for you sharing. Last I had checked they only had the SUR4 (non-G) variant. I updated by post above with the price. @justkickin Cheap 265&275 18" options for you!
  4. A little good news and bad news, The good news, I don't think it's entirely your fault the tires melt away as they do, the almighty Mr. Smooth could drive your car and still have considerable wear. The bad news is your Focus might be partially responsible. You are running a 3450lbs car on square 235 wide tires. That's a significant load if you consider the car's front weight basis AND power being fed primarily to the front wheels AND it's running in a stock class with no significant way to add negative camber AND considering the front strut design you are actually getting POSITIVE dynamic camber on the outside wheel in a corner AND it's powerful enough you are need introduce some serious heat and force when braking. It's really not your fault the tires melt away. Perhaps a cheap way to save money on tires would be to add much more camber in the front (would help with the understeer too) with a camber kit and continue to rotate tires like I know you are already are. However a camber kit would not be legal for your Street classing and I'm not sure what is available for your car. I used to run a $20 camber bolts kit to dial in over -2degrees, hopefully there's a similar solution for you. Also be weary of some >300TW Tires in harsh track environments, the extra void area in the tread face can lead to serious chunking/tearing of the outside tread blocks and wear out even faster than expected. Tread wear ratings don't contemplate performance driving.
  5. My quick list of 200TW Tires and notes (Classed as "Extreme Performance Tires") Competitive Autocross Tires The 3 top options below are well regarded as the competitive options today. These consistently rank higher in terms of overall lap/run times than the other options available. But generally don't last quite as long as the the other options in this list. Keep in mind wear is all relative and is depend on a number of factors. On a well balanced car driven on a non abrasive surface you can see up to 150+ autox runs on these. On a poorly setup car driven on a rough surface you could expect under 1/3 of that. All prices quoted from tirerack.com in US dollars for a 245/40/17 unless otherwise posted. Bridgestone - RE71R ($180 USD) ($199 CND from Costo.ca) Rewards precise smooth inputs. Can be knife edge if overdriven/high slip angles and hard to recover. Tires feel very greasy when hot but can perform in "colder" weather. (>0c) Can develop accelerated wear on the center rib if overdriven (too much slip angle and pressures are too high) Excellent compound for rain use (at full tread depth) but in deep water a >300TW with greater void area will outperform. Very stiff sidewalls allows for overtiring on narrow wheels (excellent for classes that limit wheel width). With our Canadian dollar and lack of shipping costs, these are by far the clear winner if you can get your sizes through Costco. Note, Costco did raise their 71R prices this year but still cheaper than the alternative. BF Goodrich Rival S 1.5 ($209) Known to have a more vague steering feel than the RE71R, but easy to drive. Can tolerate slightly more heat than the RE71R but might take slightly more tire to come "on" than the RE71R on cold days. Good wet* performance. (wet = no puddles) In heavy rain or pudding the thread pattern is poor at evacuating water from the tread blocks. Limited sizes offered, limited stock available. (These are made in small batches in the BFG's motorsports plant, expect to wait awhile if stock is out in your sizes) "S" refers to the updated compound released in 2015(?) "1.5" denotes a revised belt package to enhance the tire feedback and get away from the vague feeling the orginal rival had, however the compound is the same as the "S" tires. Tire is offered almost exclusively through Tire Rack, beware Hoosier like pricing. Nexen SUR4G ($174) ($148 FROM PMC TIRE) Not as direct as the RE71R in terms of feel. Did not brake as well as the RE71R, but these tires will allow for a lot of slip angle. Easy to drive at the limit = less mistakes = faster. Slightly behind the pace from the Rivals and RE71 but not enough to discredit. (National Championship already won on this tire) Disappointing wear characteristics in my experience, but were fast all the way down the tread blocks, all the runs These also have a softer sidewall, caution if you want to overtire the wheel, will wear the edges and/or require higher pressures. Alternative 200TW Tires These tires can't match the top 3 tires in terms of outright grip. Steady state grip is good but most noticeably they can't multi-task like the top 3. Hankook RS4: ($176) Reputation as long lasting tire in the 200TW group. Very popular with the Chump/Lemons/Crap Can racing series. Dunlop ZIII Star Spec: ($170) Prices don't justify the performance. Feel and response is allegedly very similar to the RE71R. Kumho Ecsta V720: ($150) Cheap alternative however many online horror stories of delamination failures when used in autox or track day environments. Also known to be exceedingly LOUD on the road. Falken Azenis 615K+: ($150 in a 245/45) Make sure get the K+ not just the K. the + denotes the newest compound. Good reviews so far in terms of wear and tire feel. However Quantifiably slower than the top 3 tires. (Compare 2018 C-Street Solo Spec class results for proof. the FRS spec class runs the Falken with mods and can't match the times posted by the same C-Street FRS cars). Yokohama Neova ADO8R: ($261!!!) Overpriced, not know to be in contention as fast tire, would not recommending buying new at the current price point. Toyo Porxes R1R: ($186) Outdated technology, not recommend. Very low tolerance for heat, requires shaving to extract max performance. On a heavy car you migh experience chunking of the tread blocks. If you are amendment on trying this tire be extremely careful, depending on the tire size they tires are constructed with different compounds, the good ones (195/50/15 and 235/40/17 IIRC) have a single tacky compound all the way down to the tread blocks, however most other sizes have a dual compound, after the first half of the tread is used the remaining compound is described as all season like performance. Nitto NT05: ($163 US from Summit Racing). Released over 10 years ago, outdated technology, was never a contender when released in terms of outright speed. Sizing and marketing makes me thing this is geared towards muscle cars/big cars. Maxxis Vicra VR-1: ($127 for 225/17 from the Maxxis website) Reputation as being very easy to drive and FUN at the limit. Accounts of wearing well, but lacked overall pace on the top tires. Cool sizes available like 245/40/15
  6. Currently no competitive extreme performance summer tires (200TW) come in a 17" wider than 255 width. If you need a 265 or 275 for looks, there's a few options available but they will not not be a direct competitor with the lastest 200TW tires. That being said, if ultimate grip is the goal, always pick a compound over a size.
  7. The answer is ALWAYS Miata. Third generation, NC1 06-08 would would be a logical choice based on the budget and needs. These are usually overlooked but after driving one early this year I would disagree. Great blend of modern features, sporty feel and value. Felt much lighter and toss-able than my S2000. Rear limited split diff and possibly a 6spd would the only options to look out for.
  8. https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4101&itemnm=192
  9. Who did you go with Jim? Furnace died today, I'm looking at quotes to replace mine.
  10. @Igor Still have one for rent?
  11. Snell "SA" or "M" ? If you plan to do any "road racing" it must be SA.
  12. The trick is to avoid the banana peels and go for the mushrooms or stars for a speed boost JK. In prior years the gap between drivers really tightens up mid way through the season, some have done more laps at speedworld than others. If this was your first time there, you will for sure improve in no time.
  13. The emailed results are pretty neat, love the breakdown of all laps. Good to see everyone last night, I hope can make it out for a few more this year.
  14. I would advise you guys to get there much earlier than 6:50, by the time you arrive get in line to pay, get ready it will be past 7. Any groups or rush ahead in line at counter will also add some major delays.
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