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  1. Welcome! You don't need to wait until next, we have 4 events remaining for the 2019 season. If your race car isn't ready any stock car will do as long as it's not taller than it is wide (truck, SUV etc) and is in good enough shape to pass the tech inspection you could race this year! No local Prepared class guys to my knowledge, but here's a good resource on EP: https://www.scca.com/articles/2004054-shop-manual-chapter-13-e-prepared-limited-prep If you have any specific classing questions, feel free to post theme here:
  2. Huge shout-out to Ben for building such a Frankenstein of a Civic and setting his best ever finish in it. Years of development to get to this point, congrats! Also a big thank you for letting me co-drive it in anger today! Ben's 55.309: Since I literally don't have a clean run to share, I've compiled several spins and close calls in a blooper reel. Funnest worst runs ever!
  3. I'll add the cone hits remarks with 2 vidoes of cones getting clobbered. Huge thanks to Grant for letting me learn first hand the answer is always Miata. Grant's best scratch run: 57.7+1 (Warning very wobbly video, don't mount your Go-Pro on the trunk lid folks) My best scratch time, 55.5 +3.
  4. X2 on buying one used in 10ish years if they hold up. Here's hoping they depreciate like the C5 did. I want to see a z51 or z06 C8 vs GT3 comparison done.
  5. I liked the double event format but would prefer if we able to finish earlier. Makes for a long day, but well worth it. Based on the number of DNF runs, I would say the course visuals could be improved for future Gimli events. Sometimes with so much open area, it's easy to get lost in the woods. (It's a great problem to have) My best From Event 6: Rob's Best from Event 7: My Best from Event 7:
  6. Curious where did you guys run events there back un the day? West side near HBC, south by the old Sears?
  7. I've attended a few events with PCA and the Corvette club there years ago but I'm not sure the WSCC ever ran on the site. That being said it's not worth it in my opinion due to the size of the lot, 480 x 175 ft {We use 1250+ x 200 ft at Gimli for comparison). From what I recall the runs were under 30 seconds and speed was limited to 1rst gear on virtually all cars. The site also poses some dangers, with the tight space it hard to keep cars away from the right angle curbs which can cause some serious damage. The River Ex grounds isn't what is used to be, Last time we ran their in 14 or 15? we had a nasty bump on the narrowest part of the track which cause a lot of cars to bottom out and even a few retired from the event to avoid damage. The site wasn't in usable condition for us to use. They also replaced the man hole covers with plywood boxes, which makes for nasty obstacles to avoid. The site was also very cost prohibitive if I remember correctly. I agree a venue inside the city would be ideal, but it could be a lot worst. I hear of guys in the states driving 2 3 hours for LOCAL events, or we could end up like the poor guys in Saskatoon and have no venue to use. Here's hoping HBC closes down and leaves some mall parking space open. St Vital might be nice.
  8. Can't complain about the hot dog cart this weekend, thumbs up here. I didn't drive the line I intended either Corey, but it sure was fun trying too! My 4th run: Joe's 3rd run. Not his best but it's the most entertaining, some serious fun going on.
  9. Thanks! You can accelerate your progress with our level 1 school coming up on Saturday June 8th! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-autoslalom-level-1-school-st-andrews-airport-winnipeg-sports-car-club-140570
  10. My best official run from yesterday's event. I ran slightly faster on run 3 but I knocked over the first cone on course, can't remember the last time I did that, darn!
  11. Hi Matt, You are correct, your car is classed in STH based on the latest 2019 rules. Unfortunately we missed adding STH as an option in MotorsportReg. I would suggest signing up with STS for now, hopefully we are able to manually assign you STH in person at the event. Hopefully we will have this fixed by the next event, thanks for asking!
  12. First page has been updated with new links and info. 2019 PAX factors: https://www.autox4u.com/blog/2019-pax-rtp-index/ A reminder there's been some classing changes for 2019. BS, CS and DS appears to have the taken the most changes over last year. Notable changes S2000 (non CR) is now in C Street Focus RS is now in D Street! ( @Weebly all aboard the pax gravy train) As always, any questions or clarifications please ask!
  13. The progression from least to most modified for a 350z would be C-Street, STU, BSP, SSM. The 350Z would run in SSM due to the carbon fiber hood. As only Street Modified allows for hood replacement or modifications. Quick rule: SSM = 2 seat cars SM = 4 or more seats car (from the factory)
  14. Chris Magne, Membership #5976 Renewing #47 Thank you for taking on this task @Weebly, much appreciated!
  15. Since you created this thread, are you volunteering to maintain the permanent number list this year? I see no mention in your original post of rules regarding existing holds and procedures for this upcoming season.
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