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  1. I know the 2020 season has been unprecedented with the on the fly schedule changes so we were not able to lock down the minimum at the beginning of the year, so maybe that's why its still showing 8 from 2019. (14 point events ÷ 2 +1 = 8) Sorry for raising a stink guys. Thanks Matt for all the hard work this year on points and timing.
  2. Technically we ran 11 points events, this season (#3 had no timed runs). That would make the season qualification 11÷2 =6 rounded up. On even number event years we would add +1 to the 1/2 counted events. My understanding is we kept the annually championship 1 extra event over half of total events ran to prevent someone from taking multiple classes wins in the same year. 8 for the season of 11 appears excessively high bar for the casual racer to participate in a season championship. Maybe for next year we can review this? I'd need to find the supplemental regulations, thought this was
  3. We are also still missing some classes, STH, SSC, and new 2020 classes like XS-A, XS-B and EV.
  4. Loving your Camaro Ryan, looks like a blast to drive.
  5. You looked right at home in the Miata, nice run. Looking to get into a RWD now?
  6. Was the highlight of the course for me, love getting away with that! ....Helps when we only make ~100hp.
  7. My best from Sunday: The key for me was setting up to stay on the gas through the bus stop chicane from 0:45 to 0:50.
  8. Thanks Tim, if it wasn't for this Covid stuff I'd be throwing keys around for others to enjoy it too. Thanks I appreciate that! After not driving it for a few years it's apparent how low powered and unrefined it is compared to modern (FWD) cars but nothing modern compares to the responsiveness of inputs and eagerness to rotate.
  9. To clarify the cat would be required in ST class however it is allowed in Street Prepared so with a catless downpipe the car would be in ESP.
  10. Hey Bradly! Saw you out there this weekend! Hope you had a good time! Based on your current ECU mod you are in STH, (All Legacy GT 05-08 in ST trim are in STH not STX, which is an advantage!) The coilovers are also legal for STH, I believe the uppipe is legal however the downpipe is not without the cat. You could replace the downpipe in ST but it must still have a cat and be within 6 inches of the original cat location. Hope that helps.
  11. Was so happy to be back for a 2020 season, few months ago wasn't even sure we could have one! Also happy to be back in the Neon, haven't driven her in anger since 2015, appreciated all the positive comments! 2020 also makes it 10 years since I first started autocrossing. Shout out to the rookie class of 2010, Chris T and Paul S who are still at it! (if I missed anyone else, jump in too!) Saturday: Sunday:
  12. Hi Rob, The strut tower bar rules are a little confusing. It depends on what the car had stock. Did the car come with a strut tower brace from the factory? if yes, did it connect the struts together or did it also connect to the firewall? If you the car came with strut tower bar from the factory with a 3 attachment points it would be legal for STU. If the car came with a 2 point bar or did not come with any strut tower bar I could recommend signing up in CAM-C class as it is not legal to a triangulated strut bar in STU.
  13. @evolv If you look at the first page of the event there's a bolded paragraph that addresses this, it takes up to 48h. If you want expedite the process follow the email provided. As a general note to everyone make sure you read ALL the supplemental regulations and covid rules before you attend. This is NOT a normal event. No food on site anymore and no spectators to name a few. Let's keep this safe and responsible so we can continue to have events all summer.
  14. Awesome news!!! Thank you Tim and all others that made this possible!
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