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  1. @Igor Still have one for rent?
  2. Not a bad idea, more time for fun (and beers) on Friday night in Calgary. Moose Jaw is also another 45min from Regina, Days Inn, Super 8 around $100/night. Doesn't look too bad.
  3. Looks like the Calgary Sports Car Club has confirmed the WCMA regional events dates are Saturday June 17 and Sunday June 18: That's the weekend, just before Canadian Nationals In Vancouver. I have tentative plans in works to attend this event. Looks like drive in Friday, run Saturday & Sunday and drive back on Monday might be the ticket. Anyone else considering?
  4. SOLD
  5. Selling a set of 4 used BFG Rvials. in 245/40/17. Tires have have approximately 5-6/32 left. (Note Rivals are 7/32 when new). All tires are 2013 dated. Note these are the original Rivals not the new, softer Rival S model. These do last longer, I would have no concerns using these on abrasive surfaces such as the GMP. Tires have been bagged, indoors (above freezer) and away from ozone emitting equipment. $400 to any WSCC member.
  6. No changes from last year, still 200tw minimum to be considered "Street tires".
  7. Here's the Calgary Sports Car Club 2017 schedule: Note: The regional dates are showing June 17th & 18th at their "good" venue, the Budget lot.
  8. @tatawaki
  9. The BFG Rival S, is not part of BFG's regular product line. They are made in a small batches by the BFG motorsports division, I don't think they have the capacity to make enough to supply everyone who stocks there regular items. Only places I know that sell the Rival S are motorsports supportive places like Tirerack and Phil's Tire Service. Only RS-4 review or feedback I have found so far worth sharing or repeating: Note David Whitener, the guy who did the test, won in STS last weekend at the SCCA National Tour event on the BFG's if that's any indication.. Yeah Costco online availability is not updated regularly. Website still shows sizes out of stock as a available. Best bet is to call ahead. Options are: a. Drive whatever leftovers you have until Costco has something in stock. By the indication I got, they "SHOULD" have some new stock by the end of May, note that's still 2 months away. b.Buy somewhere else, PMC tire, tirerack etc but for more $$$. c. Find a codrive until then. (I'll like have a spot open in the S... on Champiro's)
  10. Came across a great podcast for some newer members or anyone interested in wanting to get more involved with autocross. Great story on focusing on seat time, learning from other drivers and practicing with some sim racing over the winter. Check out the interview with Nicholas Chu, 2016 Solo Rookie of the Year: He's only been autocrossing since 2013 (3 years!!) and came in 2nd in STR last year in his first SCCA Nationals, not bad! He's a also from the Vancouver area and runs with a sister club, VCMC (they are hosting Canadian nationals this year too!). Take not Corey, he plans to run a C-Mod for 2017, so you have some Western Canadian C-Mod competition out there!
  11. Regarding the RE71R,I talked to Costco Monday 245/40/17 1 pair left, no 225/45/17 or 215/45/17's left in stock in Canada. They mentioned they offer the Bridgestone sale ($70 off any set) twice a year, usually now and September. They are expecting a replenishment of 'stones in a few weeks, but the issue with tires is the supply management chains behind them are archaic at best. Costco (or other retailers like usually don't know what sizes and how many are provided until they open the Sea Can container when it lands on our shores. They could run into situations where they get a few sets of 225/45/17 but x10 more in another size. Because of this the retailers can't guarantee availability or take down orders for stock they A,don't know now many will arrive or B if they will arrive in at all in certain sizes. Summer tires are usually manufactured over the winter to build up supply for the upcoming season, so this would be the worst time of year when everyone is looking for tires but the retailers don't have their 2017 stock yet. I think September might be the better time to buy RE71r on sale, if you know what your plans are for the following year.
  12. Chris Magne, Number 47 reporting in for another season. Thank you Sir!
  13. The short answer is no you cannot re-shell/update your base model Impreza wagon with STI parts to run it in street class. This would be however be legal for Street modified, or maybe Street Prepared depending how you do it. Remember if a modification is not listed in the rulebook it's not allowed.
  14. Considering it's only February, this is an encouraging sign of the support and interest for HPDE in MB. Could we support a 2nd school later in the season also?
  15. Yes a narrower wheel and tire package might shave a sliver of time in straight line acceleration, on a big road course with long straights this might also be important (GRM magazine's article last year on the 245 vs 225 tire test touched on this at COTA) but in this autocross sport it's all about lateral grip. Your light Carolla on big sticky shoes has that heavy German Panzer beat in any transitional element, you want to maximize that advantage not reduce it. Think of it this way, you have a corner you can currently take at 60km and it leads to a straight with a top speed of about 90km before the next turn where you need to brake to 60km again. What I'm saying is don't worry about that 60-90 acceleration time. Focus on increasing the grip so rather than leaving the corner at 60km you can now leave or enter the new corner at 70km. Momentum car FTW! I wish we had the same bolt pattern, I would gladly borrow you 205/50/15 Rival S's on 15x7 wheels to compare back to back... I can almost guarantee you would not be able to match the time set on the 225 15x9 setup. Joe had 15x7's with 205 Dunlops back in the day... maybe he can chime in.