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  1. Currently no competitive extreme performance summer tires (200TW) come in a 17" wider than 255 width. If you need a 265 or 275 for looks, there's a few options available but they will not not be a direct competitor with the lastest 200TW tires. That being said, if ultimate grip is the goal, always pick a compound over a size.
  2. Magner

    Sports car recommendations

    The answer is ALWAYS Miata. Third generation, NC1 06-08 would would be a logical choice based on the budget and needs. These are usually overlooked but after driving one early this year I would disagree. Great blend of modern features, sporty feel and value. Felt much lighter and toss-able than my S2000. Rear limited split diff and possibly a 6spd would the only options to look out for.
  3. Magner

    Events 12 and 13

    Congrats out there today Tim, looks like you are getting confident with the Vette's setup changes over the last year. A win is a win, pretty epic with under 0.01 from 1rst to 3rd with Curtis and Joe!! My best on Saturday in the drying conditions, it all came down to last runs for the second run group. I can't imagine how dicey it was for run group A in the am with the slippery conditions and extremely fast sections. Rob's 58.142 is jaw dropping to me considering the conditions. My best on Sunday, the GoPro glazed over on me, looks it was shot with a potato. Looking forward to the last event in Gimli!
  4. Magner

    Christmas in September

    Thanks for the kind words Brian! Glad you had fun!
  5. Congrats Corey! Thanks for keeping us up to date all week! Have a safe trip home.
  6. Good news is you now know your rain tires are worth a few seconds in pouring conditions! Tim and Chris are on fresh full tread RE71R's, hopefully that gives them a leg up on the guys running wider Rivals which are not a good rain tire. Good luck all!
  7. Magner

    Autocross event #11

    My best run from Saturday. Course was a compromise with the short gearing, needed 3rd everywhere but the mid section near the trailer. After talking with Rob we just lugged it around in 3rd everywhere. Too busy and too easy to make a mistake dropping to 2nd in anything but the hairpins. Also forgot to downshift to 1st in the south hairpin and only got it done after I turned in which cause the rear to lockup around the 0:20 mark. Always get your shifting done BEFORE turning in folks.
  8. Awesome website, thanks for doing this! Quick question with Event 5 being removed from the standings are we changing the minimum number of events to qualify to a season from 8 to 7 since we only have 13 championship events? With 14 it was: 14/2 + 1 = 8 With 13 is it: 13/2 = 6.5 rounded up to 7? The intent is prevent anyone from qualifying twice in different classes. If we round the 13 events to 7 qualify it could only be done in one class. Lower barrier puts more people in the running too.
  9. Magner

    Autocross event #11

    I remember getting a ride along 8 years ago at my first event in your old S2000 Corey. I still can recall how much it helped. I made sure to offer 2 ride alongs to first timers this past weekend. Hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. That being said, I'm open for taking more ride alongs, come find me at the next event! #payitforward Chris (#47 Silver S2000)
  10. Good to go! Everything you listed is legal for Street Touring (ST). Great package for a competitive start to STX.
  11. Magner

    Seeking Tire Advice

    Darn that sucks, good thing you had a trailer for Gimli. What is the date code mfg date on this tire, does it match the one that blew out or the other front? How does the other front tire look like on the inside edges? Do you have a second tire gauge to test your usual autox gauge? Does it read low? Looking back we killed those Nexen's last year really fast, the middle still had meat which would indicate low pressure too.
  12. Magner


    No French only. (CBC and Radio Canada operate independently for the most part)
  13. Magner


    Nice! Huge thanks to Marc, Eric and Rob for the interviews.
  14. Magner


    Pierre Verriere from Radio Canada (CBC French) was on site, I found his Twitter posts but nothing on the website yet (I expect they would report on this either tonight or tomorrow and post it up on their site: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/manitoba) Darn, I wish I could have made it today and helped out with a french interview if they needed it.
  15. Hi, I just reviewed the current 2018 Rulebook and all addendums since its release. At this time I do no see any classing for the new Kia Stinger. The official class at this time is Super Street (SS) under the "catch-all" however I expect this to be officially classed somewhere else when reviewed. I'll keep an eye out and report back if I see a listing.