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  1. Pretty sure STX is correct for your car, other similar cars fit into STX such as the SRT4 and Cobalt SS.
  2. Since only S2000 owners have responded in this thread so far why not add one more.. Bump for Jeff, ever wonder if your car can run at the top of PAX or Raw times? This is a great opportunity to find out.
  3. Absolutely need to work on throttle modulation, my Calgary videos made that very clear, I consciously worked on it last event, but there's more room to improve. Come teach me at the level 2 school this week. Car is slightly loose at St Andrews, but was near perfect on the grippy surface in Calgary, I suspect any changes done locally will need to be dialed back for Lincoln (where our local cars are extremely tight if setup for St Andrews). Since you made me think about it I would say the car is neutral on turn-in, it can get neutral/slight oversteer mid corner but it's mostly oversteering on corner exit on throttle (duh, it's a 400hp car on 265 wide street tires). I suspect a wider rear tire or slightly stiffer front bar or less rear rebound, or more toe in the rear would help balance that sightly at St Andrews but I'd rather be forced to learn to drive with it. The biggest correction on my 4th run was from the painted X going south, it had just stopped raining before my run and made it slick, I didn't make a mental note to hold back just a tad before the run, and the correction pushed me off line until the pivot. The other correction never felt like whoa moments, just keeping it online. One of the fun parts of running with Tim is comparing how differently we approach things on course. Definitely have a few things to learn from each other.
  4. Thanks for posting Tim, Overall pretty fun but I have to admit this course was overly favoring cars with power, the start was a wide open drag strip, the pair of north walls were straights and the finish was flat from the last pivot to the finish, all of which required more horsepower than skill. That's not a great recipe for parity or fun for all in my opinion. Would prefer to see tight starts that don't require a drag launch or finishes that force throttle lifts or braking between the pivot and the finish. How I didn't hit that last pointer before the south pivot is a miracle on my 4th run. I did however manage to throw away my faster 3rd run by running over the last 2 cones on the wall exiting the south pivot, dumb dumb move. Alternate views: My 3th: Tim's 4th:
  5. When you have 75-100 drivers show up for a local event you are bound to attract a few guys who like to wear gold chains.
  6. Anyone willing to do a second trip to Calgary this year in August? Decent cash prizes and it's at their awesome Calgary airport site!
  7. Looking forward to your reveal Jim. Neon has still not fired with the new motor, I was able to determine with some diagnostic help from a good friend, my wiring and/or crank signal is correct but the Megasquirt box is not playing along... it will need further investigation so a 2017 season in the Neon is not likely. Plan on driving with Tim for most of the remainder of 2017 so that's one heck of a plan B! Cheers to Tim for the codrive!
  8. Wow what a great event! Can we all agree to cut Saskatchewan out of Canada and stitch the AB and MB borders together? Really wish it wasn't so far, I'd be back for more.The site was fantastic, the entire 400x900 feet lot was usable with additional space behind for paddock AND grid. Since we are in Calgary the site is not 100% flat, the back was much lower and with the right site also slightly lower, this gave us really interesting camber/banking situations, going uphill or turning with the banking gave more grip and vise versa. Really fun to include that in the approach to a run. The lot Grip was much higher than St Andrews since it was CLEAN, unbroken concrete, this was also a pain since everyone's car from Winnipeg tended to understeer a lot more than at St Andrews (Although the Vette was awesome if not better at this site) The Calgary site could easily hold an SCCA national tour event with 200+ drivers if needed. From comparison sake the lot in Winnipeg we have been lusting after for years is only about 500x1000 total and doesn't have additional space for grid or paddock. The recommended Hampton Inn across from the site was a great choice based on the view alone! Saturday, Street and Mod classes (Curtis, Shaun, Tim and me) got a chance to work first and have a look at the course. Rob, Corey and Tom in the GTR killed it out on course and gave us a good idea of what was needed to do well. I came out of the gate hard and leveled off on my later runs but Tim just got better and better and pulled ahead from me on both session Saturday. We didn't have enough the catch Ryan in The Cayman or Cam in the other identical Z06 (2 of their best drivers). The morning course felt really tight with a few decreasing radius turns but still a tone of fun, (a bad sweeper is better than no sweepers IMO). We were all pretty happy to see everyone from Winnipeg made it into either the top 11 Raw or top 10 Pax, Well done everyone! Tim has the better in car video, I will let him post those. Here are my runs with the outside camera. Saturday AM (things get dicey at the end) Saturday afternoon, second set driving the course backwards. Sunday: Since our Street group ran first Sunday, I wanted to make sure I had the course down and really focused on my course walks (huge thanks to Rob for dissecting it with me). Felt like I drove well in the AM, although I had more time in it. After my runs I made the mistake of checking scoring and found myself 3rd overall in RAW time, behind Ryan and under 0.2 behind Cam in the other Z06. Since I've never finished anywhere near the top 3 in larger event like this or come close to guys of that caliber my nerves got the better of me and I had a pretty bad afternoon session, drove off line and bellow the limit, I was just barely able to hold off Tim overall for the day score so that made it sting less lol.That being said I think we need to run 2 day combined events to mimic the pressure of national events locally. Sunday AM: Sunday PM: Here's the Sunday AM course for reference (reversed for afternoon): Sorry to hear about your rack Corey, guessing it almost made it, looked fine in Brandon.
  9. Actually you're not far off both! Kinda looks like a Yugo but some people treat it like it's a Ferrari.
  10. Driving to Medicine Hat tonight, full recap to follow with some videos later this week. Lots of fun had by all, good site, good courses, good competition, good hosts.
  11. Reijo confirmed the event format: 16 timed runs in 2 days, not bad!. For comparison Spring Nationals is 18 runs over 4 days (12, Pro-Solo, 6 Champ Tour). Would be neat if we could double up events like this at home.
  12. We are a go! WSCC to represent at the Calgary WCMA regional event: Tim and I in A-Street with the Vette Curtis in D-Street with the FRS Rob in STR with the S2000 Shawn in ASP with the S4 (S=Subaru Slayer) Corey in the C-Mod Banana Now sure if they have live event timing but we will post back with updates.
  13. From what I've read the VR-1 is not as fast as the top tires, for example a 225/45/15 Rival S on a 9" rim is quicker than the 245/40/15 VR-1 on a 10" wheels (as per last year's GRM test) but they more than make up for the performance drop in feel. Read multiple accounts these are extremely "fun" at limit with a very progressive breakaway. Hoon tire for sure. Hopefully they survive Gimli for you.
  14. Congrats @Beau on the Street win but we all know it's only because the supernatural Red AP1 S2000 curse is still haunting the club's timing equipment. Tim and I decided not to ride along on each others runs (since we won't be able to for the regional events). Interesting since we had similar times (Tim ahead under 0.2) but we drove the course differently as per these video examples below. (would have make good side by side video if I knew how to edit). Interesting to see our driving style and line varied like these: My 4th: Tim's 4th: Thanks Tim this was an awesome weekend!!! The car is fantastic, New tires are fantastic, (Tire notes in the Tires Bought in Canada thread).