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  1. Chris Magne, Number 47 reporting in for another season. Thank you Sir!
  2. The short answer is no you cannot re-shell/update your base model Impreza wagon with STI parts to run it in street class. This would be however be legal for Street modified, or maybe Street Prepared depending how you do it. Remember if a modification is not listed in the rulebook it's not allowed.
  3. Considering it's only February, this is an encouraging sign of the support and interest for HPDE in MB. Could we support a 2nd school later in the season also?
  4. Yes a narrower wheel and tire package might shave a sliver of time in straight line acceleration, on a big road course with long straights this might also be important (GRM magazine's article last year on the 245 vs 225 tire test touched on this at COTA) but in this autocross sport it's all about lateral grip. Your light Carolla on big sticky shoes has that heavy German Panzer beat in any transitional element, you want to maximize that advantage not reduce it. Think of it this way, you have a corner you can currently take at 60km and it leads to a straight with a top speed of about 90km before the next turn where you need to brake to 60km again. What I'm saying is don't worry about that 60-90 acceleration time. Focus on increasing the grip so rather than leaving the corner at 60km you can now leave or enter the new corner at 70km. Momentum car FTW! I wish we had the same bolt pattern, I would gladly borrow you 205/50/15 Rival S's on 15x7 wheels to compare back to back... I can almost guarantee you would not be able to match the time set on the 225 15x9 setup. Joe had 15x7's with 205 Dunlops back in the day... maybe he can chime in.
  5. I agree! I'm in for some nerding-out on this. I'd like to compare data, overall weight, the thrust curves between the cars and see if our generally faster local runway courses really do favour the taller 2nd in the AP1 and if so how much. I assume you will be running 225/16 square? I have a set of 245 square ready to go. I'm also game for swapping wheels at a test and tune (not legal in Street) to see what kinda of advantage the AP2's 17" wheel & tire package has on the AP1.
  6. 245/40/15: BFG Launched this size for the Rivals S. Note the tread compound is the same for 2017 however all tires 255 and under have an ungraded belts package, apparently this should improve the steering feel over last year's model. Hankook just launched the RS-4, this is a brand new tire model from the old RS-3. No word yet on how they compare to the RE71's or Rival tires since they haven't landed just yet. they offer a 225/45/15 and a 245/40/15. Maaxis Victra VR-1 also come in a 245/40/15 but they are proven to be slower than last year's 225/45/15 Rival S. Grassroots Motorsport Magazine did a test last year. Pretty sure the Corolla could fit 245/40/15 up front.
  7. Now you can haul garbage to the dump in style! Looking forward to a little AP1 vs AP2 action this year!
  8. Congrats! Hope it's been good so far, so jealous of the hitch/trailer (?)
  9. Just finished the round table episode and Winnipeg got a shout out near the end. Kinch asks each guess about their favorite autocross car. Roger Johnson cited the funnest car he ever auto-crossed was a certain 600 HP car he drove here at a clinic/school. Segment starts around 3:30, Rogers answer around 3:32
  10. Have you "Prepared" any plans for the upcoming season?
  11. SSR isn't included in the Street group so it would be mixed for you. (if the 2017 sup regs remain the same).
  12. ^ Nice pun, On your tire question, I've been meaning to create a "Tire Talk" thread, long story short there's some new stuff available but currently the fastest tire for 95% of people is also the cheapest option from Costco. Bridgestone RE-71R, you just can't beat that prices anywhere in North America. Prices start at ~$129+tax CND per tire, no extras for shipping or duty and they will offer install for $15 if I remember correctly. Although they wear our a little faster than some other options, with our St Andrews surface they should run out of tread before they head cycle out, so the entire 9/32 thread depth is usable fast sticky tread, making them also effective for a run per $ comparison. If you own a Miata, Corolla or Neon on WIDE 15" wheels, BFG Rival S and Hankook RS4 are going to be offering a 245/40/15 size this year. @coach
  13. Thanks for sharing Murray, hope you guys can keep that site for years to come! Count me in as very interested this year, ideally we could get a Winnipeg group together for this, site looks well worth the effort. I'm leaning towards using my S2000 and offering a co-drive but would consider a co-drive. Although, note sure if the logistics of a weekend event in Calgary followed by Canadian Nationals in Vancouver makes sense for for me. Anyone else interested in Calgary trip and/or Vancouver Nationals trip? (As a driver or looking for a co-drive) With the value of the dollar and the "issues" down south, now is a great time to focus on western canadian autocross options over SCCA events.
  14. Currently working on replacing the blown motor with a 2.4L from an SRT-4. The new motor is capable of handling above and beyond what the current turbo setup is capable of producing. New weakest link are the axles and hubs which are a priority since I plan on using wide, heavy wheels with 225 tires up front (245/40/15 once I burn through my current set). Still need to hunt down ground control top hats in order to use the re-valved double adjustable Koni's. Results don't matter this year, goal is to have the car running, driving and autocrossing reliably (in that order). With some luck I'll be able to address some other non-priority low hanging fruit in the SM rules and get the car setup somewhere half decent. Alternate goal is to attend minimum 1 autox school (in the reliable daily driver) and show up at ALL events next year.
  15. Also very interested in a rallycross event similar to the SCCA model. If codrives are permissible, I'll have some to offer Corey.