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  1. Yes the rulebook states all Honda Accords are in H-Street
  2. I had a look on page 157 of the 2018 rule-book and noticed the same. This comes up often in SCCA fastracks updates. Not EVERY car is classed in street. there's always clarifications and model splitting going on. With your situation it's safe to assume the they intent is to include the Golf 2.5 in HS with the "Jetta 2.5". The "Golf GTI & Jetta (16v non turbo)" line realistically should just drop the 16v verbiage to include 20v. I doubt there's many Golf 2.5L's running so his has never been brought up. I assume this 2.5L is N/A? Looks like the turbo Golf of this generation would be under GS not HS. Also is the Golf with a 2.5L available in the States too or is that a Canada only model?
  3. I'm guessing you have a 2005 Mini Cooper S? (Yr and model may vary the class). If so, changing springs will keep you in STX. Spring are legal in all ST, SP, SM, P, M and CAM classes. The only class you CANNOT install aftermarket springs in is "Street" class.
  4. Speaking of Rimac, excellent example to highlighting why this a concern for ASN. Richard Hammond from Top Gear/Grand Tour crashed one last season and it caught fire. IIRC it took several DAYS to put out the fire since it kept re-igniting from the cells inside the battery packs.
  5. Chris Magne 5976 Keeping 47 Please & Thanks
  6. Bump, original post updated with 2018 links and season changes. Post any questions here.
  7. Not sure what model car this is referencing but STX does allow strut tower bars, note you can only add a tower bar with 2 attachment point. A 3 point is only allowed if you are replacing a factory oem 3 point bar, see 14.2.G in the SCCA solo rulebook for more info if this applies to you. Wheels in STX are up to 8.0 inches for AWD cars and 9.0 inches for 2wd cars (14.4 for more info). Hope that helps!
  8. https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4101&itemnm=192
  9. Chris - 1 Thanks for setting up Beau!
  10. Who did you go with Jim? Furnace died today, I'm looking at quotes to replace mine.
  11. Magner

    2017 SCCA Nationals

    Meanwhile in Dmod: That was outrageous, after watching that and seeing the Pink Panther, I think I want an MG without a windshield.
  12. Magner

    2017 SCCA Nationals

    Corey hangs on to finish in the throphies, coming in 7th in an extremely tight group, well done Corey! Sounds like Corey had to stop on the last run for downed cone, and got a rerun. I'm sure theres an interesting story.
  13. Magner

    2017 SCCA Nationals

    I don't have Joe's level of analysis but I would you say that looked like an exhilarating run. Car looks pretty neutral and responsive, go get'em! Protip for eveyone who wants to watch or follow along, download the SCCA Nationals app, it will notify you of heat changes (great to follow at work) https://www.scca.com/articles/2007610-download-tire-rack-national-solo-app-today
  14. Magner

    2017 SCCA Nationals

    Just finished following Corey's heat, 2 to 7th are seperared by under 0.25 sec Corey is literally in the thick of it. Good luck tomorrow!!! Ryan Clark in the Cayman is in the lead for BS, (Calgary local)