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  1. Yes. Each driver will run in a different student run group. Three or four people could drive the same car.
  2. Could I switch to 74 please?
  3. Curtis Janzen 5603 Keeping 60
  4. I just stayed home yesterday. Problem solved.
  5. Curtis

    Event #17, Sep 30

    That video was mentioned during the windup today. Would watch again.
  6. Yes. I believe that it hasn't been officially classed yet but it's in DS for now.
  7. Curtis

    Sept 17 co-drive

    I'd offer again but I remember what happened last time. I kid. Another face we don't see often anymore has already asked to co-drive on Sunday. +1 for Steve.
  8. Looks like you fit into both classes. Maximum tire width is the only difference. 265 in STX and 285 in STU. STX pax is obviously softer.
  9. I would offer my non-s2k seat but it's already taken.
  10. 1984-2000 Honda Civic is listed in STS. If all your mods are ST* legal that's your class.
  11. Curtis

    Event #4 at Gimli

    The surface far exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to go back.
  12. Curtis

    2017 Autoslalom Results

    How did you find event two? I searched briefly last night and couldn't find it.
  13. Curtis

    2017 Autoslalom Results

    It looks like the results for events two and three have yet to be posted. @Paceman Where do you see the results for event two?
  14. Curtis

    Summer 2017 - Calgary Trip

    You in or out, peanut gallery?