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  1. If anyone wants help I’ll be at St. Andrews by 5:00.
  2. Story is the owner is retiring and couldn’t find anyone to take over the business so he’s selling everything.
  3. I don't know the whole story but I can find out more on Tuesday.
  4. Thanks. But it looks like the time you added for me also went to Zac. I know he didn't get a fifth run and then match my time exactly.
  5. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/info/videos/media-7926025/art-piloter-sans-se-casser-cou?isAutoPlay=true
  6. A wise man once told me that as a course designer your goal should be zero dnf's. That same man taught me that if you can close your eyes and drive the course in your head between runs, you'll drive better and faster.
  7. @Shawn I'm not looking to blame anyone either. I know how hard course design can be. I've moistened a pillow or two in the past as well. :/ I wish I had asked for and received more direct to the point feedback. Questions were asked, I answered. @justkickin I started accelerating as soon as the starter told me I could go. I'm pretty sure that was before the start light. lol
  8. Weebly, the DNF target should be lower. >20% seems like an excessive amount. Maybe 0-5%, 6-10%, 11-20%, >20%? Cone targets seem high as well. The start was fine and a mix of that style with some faster ones keeps things fair. The 5-4-3-2-1 slalom padded the total cone count. The course flowed well but there wasn't a lot of line selection or change in speed. That helps smaller, lighter cars. *cough, thanks* Most of the dnf's I saw were caused by not looking far enough ahead in the South end. A pinch before the finish line is not ideal.
  9. I think I voted website by accident. Almost always forums. Corey summed it up nicely.
  10. Yes. Each driver will run in a different student run group. Three or four people could drive the same car.
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