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  1. imo the pink and blue is looking awesome! it's reminiscent of jaques villeneuves helmets...
  2. looks amazing!!you've probably already thought of this, but one thing to consider is light reflection problems off the aluminum/sheetmetal trim as the sun comes through the sunroof and the front window. hopefully you're not getting a tonne of reflection right in your eyes...can't wait to see the dyno numbers with the new carb setup!! will you be revving it out to 6000+ rpm this time?
  3. hmm. I made a quick little MSPaint Death Race 2000'esque depiction of potential issues with the rear spoiler while trying to push the car..but maybe it was a little racy and in poor taste. no harm was intended- just having a little fun with the wing.
  4. i'm lovin this monster.any plans for the rear spoiler? i"M thinking it would complete the car if you got it powdercoated white...
  5. hmmyou've opted to not take advantage of two free air intake speed holes (the headlights). are you sure you don't want to make a couple (black?) pantyhose filters and stick them on their instead of aluminum plates?just sayin.
  6. as crazy and cool as that technology/product is, i think it should be illegal to own and use one unless you are disabled in some way.the world has enough obesity problems already.. we'll all turn out like the humans in Wall-E!
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