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  1. Hey everyone, thanks so much for coming out! It looked like everyone had fun and learned lots even though it was hot. I was pretty dehydrated by the end of the day, but it's all worth it. A big thank you to Shawn for the behind the scenes work setting everything up, and to Mark at Speedworld for giving the students some free passes.
  2. One spot is big enough for two cars. So just pick a spot as close as you can to grid. There's a separate trailer parking area so you're not tripping over your trailer. Last year the map was interactive so you could see where people in your class/region/whatever were. You can park near your hero - or team blenderblaster! If you're leaving the trailer in your paddock spot, you and your codriver can try to get the two spots that span the two rows. (i.e. yours plus the house across the back lane) Then you can drive through and have easy loading/unloading. That's real nice when it's time to leave and there are 1400+ people on the lot.
  3. If you are thinking about going, sign up NOW! There are already 1271 entrants, out of 1350 available spots: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-tire-rack-scca-solo-nationals-lincoln-airpark-national-828885 Cancellation fees before August 13 are only $20, so if you think you're going, sign up now before the spots are gone. Entrants list is here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.status/uidEvent/CF331522-B0C3-254D-4A0E8088E2E888C5#class1-4A2329FE-D031-DC80-FE79C3F92B5CD59B For those that are debating, this is the largest amateur motorsports event in the world. The scale is staggering, the courses are fun, the competition is intense, and the people are great. It's a bucket-list item if you love autocross.
  4. Another option is Aviation Gas from various places at St. Andrews Airport. AV 100 LL is cheap compared to race gas, is 100 octane, keeps practically forever, but is leaded so it'll clog cats. From my reading, about 1/2 or more of the Formula Ford folks use it, and many of the top engine builders use it for dyno work. It's not legal for use in road cars and the young folks pumping it sometimes can't discern the difference between a road car and a race car, so I just say my gas can is for an ultralight plane to avoid confusion. I use Harv's Air Service, 601 Club Rd #100, Saint Andrews, MB.
  5. Corey

    Event #8/#9

    Mark, your video looks so peaceful, especially in comparison to how crazy it looks from the outside. Smooth driving!
  6. Corey

    Event #8/#9

    Here's a wet run from event #9: Then Curtis called me a fool and suggested I try the old rain tires that came with my car. Yup, they were 9 seconds a lap faster! Who knew - rain tires work well in the rain. Shocking, I know.
  7. Corey

    Event #8/#9

    Here's my best from event 8:
  8. Corey

    GT-R brake pads

    A crazy thought: Brake harder. Some compounds like* higher pedal pressures and more heat. I've run a fair number of different pads. I recall Ferodo DS2500 pads on my STI would make very annoying squeals when braking lightly. They were fine when braking harder, but I don't like driving like that in traffic. Same for Hawk HP+. The guy I sold the Ferodos to loved them. :shrug: * Yes, I'm anthropomorphizing brake pads.
  9. Corey

    GT-R brake pads

    Maybe grease the rotors? <-- I kid, I kid! Hawk HPS are pretty well loved by the internet. I didn't like them on my Subaru, but his usage sounds different from mine. HP+ are the opposite of what he wants!
  10. Corey

    Where to get brakes changed?

    Agreed on this being a good DIY project. The prices I hear of coworkers paying for 'brake jobs' are astounding. Call a friend to come over and help. Four tips come to mind: 1. Use jack stands, don't trust a jack alone. Dying is terribly inconvenient. 2. Don't let the caliper hang from the brake hose. Tie it up with a coat hanger, wire, zip ties, etc. Don't pull/kink/twist the brake hoses. 3. Learn how the park brake works, there are a bunch of different ways to retract the rear pistons to get the pads in. Some need tools, some don't. 4. Tighten the bolts once it's all together, and then check them once again.
  11. Corey

    Seeking Tire Advice

    Those Bridgestones have some STIFF sidewalls. I once had a dangerously-low tire pressure that I could barely feel in the S2000. I got a free drywall screw in the process too! Tim, I'd bump the pressures up in the front at the next event to see if an extra 3-5 psi doesn't negatively affect anything.
  12. Corey

    Seeking Tire Advice

    Note that the wear is on the INTERIOR of the tire, not the tread. Weird. I looked through an old 'diagnosing truck tire issues' booklet we had at work - they only mention they have for something like this is low inflation pressure where the tire folds and rubs on itself.
  13. Plus 16 karts. Agreed though, it's awesome. Most people that go don't expect to trophy. There are crazy evening parties, big wheel pro solos, etc. I'm boring and skip the evening stuff.
  14. Nationals has hit their cap of 1350 entrants in just over 4 days. Wow. You can still be put on the waiting list. 1350 idiots that drive to the middle of nowhere for ~6 minutes of track time and many hours of track walking. I think everyone on the waiting list got in last year.
  15. Posting for our friends in Calgary: The first WCMA regional is on June 23/24 ... a little over a week away! Are any of you interested? Spread the word? Stephen Hui, recently moved from Seattle, is doing the course design so it should be good. Cheers, Reijo Silvennoinen
  16. Corey

    Favorite Hangout?

    It's a rare day when I go to the website. But when I do, it's easier to find schedule info or whatever than parsing through forums.
  17. Corey

    Strange looking part

    Saying that kind of thing anywhere but around a BMW will get you some funny looks. I thought Jeremy was joking the first time he said 'guibo'.
  18. Corey

    Club Hoodies

    Neat! I'll check sizing and order one.
  19. Not mine. Nice car! In better shape than mine and more common - meaning parts are easier to find if you ever need them: Swift DB-1 Formula Ford package, REDUCED PRICE: $14,500 US or nearest offer. http://www.apexspeed.com/forums/showthread.php?82054-Swift-DB-1-Package&amp;p=562214#post562214 Would need a fixed first gear layshaft if you wanted to autocross. I think that's around $1000.
  20. Corey

    Spring Nat's 2018

    Yeah, I couldn't go. :/ Good luck Mark and Briget!
  21. Corey

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    For extra carcinogens! Yeah, don't be washing your hands in any of this stuff. Treat it like gasoline. I trust Shawn to read up on it before diving in. There are rules (proposed?) for max octane for anything under Mod class. I think the max is 95 octane. But this is just testing.
  22. Corey

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Note that octane boosters are listed in 'points'. 1 point is 0.1 change in octane for the small volume listed. You need a LOT. Toluene is popular as it's easy to get and it works.
  23. Corey

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    The 100LL available at airports will plug a catalytic converter. Probably not instantly, but I wouldn't put it anything with a cat that I owned.
  24. The morning/afternoon event is on the skid pad. (The old runway between the road course and the kart track) Then, once road racing is over, we have a second event on the road course. Two autocrosses in one day!