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  1. 2 ground anchor choices:,43319,33282&ap=1,43319,33282&ap=1
  2. The bumps at St. Andrews are pretty rough. I removed the springs and fully compressed the suspension to check clearance on my STI with 255 Dunlops on 17x9s with a 42mm offset. I had to roll the rear fender lip completely flat and the pull the whole fender out about 1/8" to avoid contact. Interestingly, the rim-protector ridge was the thing that interfered the most. I guess it depends on how much rubbing you'll tolerate and if you're willing to ease off a turn over a bump. I knew that I'd likely be sideways and full throttle over bumps at some point (:D) so I ensured clearance in all conditions. It didn't need anything in the front, which was surprising.
  3. I have one too.
  4. Wow, ugly crash from the British F4 series: That broken car came up quick! He lost both lower legs:
  5. I used a Yuasa something-or-other from MB Battery on Logan in my S2000. It was around $80 before tax. If you drive every day, it'd be fine. If you let it sit for 3 days, the car wouldn't start. I recall I did 5 starts and shut downs in a row after getting it as a test - no problem. But it didn't like sitting.
  6. Does anyone have a valve spring compressor I could borrow? I have the head off so the 'big' style works fine. I'm replacing the valve seals on my Formula Ford.
  7. Sure, I'll bring it to autocross. Just remind me a day or two in advance so I don't forget.
  8. It certainly has it's moments. Whomever did the wiring was a strong believer in entropy. Luckily, there's not much of it!
  9. I have one. Yours for the price of a handshake. Coming into Wpg for any reason?
  10. At my current rate of work, I could be done your car just in time for your grandkid's 16th birthday.
  11. A few missed shifts last year, plus a leaky valve seal means the head needed to come off on my car. Pushrods have never sounded so good! No timing to worry about when reassembling.
  12. I'm a maybe. Still trying to plan out my season and was considering something in AB.
  13. 1455, keeping 93 please.
  15. March 2 @ 7 PM 1. Corey Interest has been way down. Are we done for the season? I'd rather keep going for a while, but I don't think Speedworld is interested in 3-person leagues. At worst, I'm still game to meet up on Thursday nights to just do three races.