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  1. Not mine, looks awesome for the right buyer. For sale by Danny Kao in the US - $32,000 US Firm:
  2. How much trouble could 105 HP cause? :angel:
  3. Open wheeled cars ok for lapping? I might be able to make this one!
  4. 3 runs per day is standard for Nationals.
  5. For interest's sake, here are the two fastest runs in class, unfortunately both had a cone so they're unofficial.
  6. Here's my day 2. Frustrated to be 2 seconds off the leaders, but I see many mistakes in this video that all add up: That was a really fun but challenging course. A number of decreasing radius sweepers into precision sections.
  7. I'll be that guy - public roads are not good places to practice rally driving. There are just too many things out of your control. I met a car on a gravel road just as I got more sideways than planned on a gravel switchback just south of Riding Mountain Park in my younger days. It scared both me and the other driver but luckily no collision. Now, a little spirited driving is fine as long as you use healthy safety margins. The WSCC holds a few ice lapping days in the winter. It's a much safer environment and gets you lots of practice with car sliding.
  8. I struggled to look ahead enough today and couldn't keep up with the fast guys. Bummer, but I held on to 7th and picked up a trophy.
  9. Here's my in-car from the West course: (uploading now) I'm trying an external microphone on the air cleaner. I think it's much better than the usual buzzing body panels from the internal GoPro mic. The whistling/whooshing noise is the throttle butterflies at part throttle, which is kind of interesting to hear how often I pull out of the throttle part-way to tighten my line.
  10. My first run was a DNF as I had a brain fart about which turn was where. Full throttle into a decreasing radius? Sure, why not? LOL! Look ahead folks. I have to add that if you have even a mild interest in autocross, Nationals is on your bucket list even if you don't know it. I'm currently watching a Corvette and 911 battle in SSR, cool DSP BMWs and RX8s, and thundering pony cars in STP. Add in great announcing so you know who's moving to what spot and it's a great show. Everyone is friendly and helpful like a local event. Oh yeah, you get to drive stupidly fun courses too!
  11. Wow, what a fun course! Shaky hands after every run, getting the courage to trust the grip of the car in the fast sweepers. The course has a few spots that intentionally break the normal rule of taking the shortest line. You can, but it kills you on the next few corners. I never got out of my second gear, whereas I'm using all 4 gears locally. Wild! I'm sitting 5th after day 1: http://sololive.scca.com/CM.php There is some rain in the forecast, but I'm hoping that we don't get anything like the rain the rest of the Winnipeggers did. This should be an exciting battle tomorrow morning with so many people so close together!
  12. I came down early just to watch day 1. Rain! There were 3" deep rivers on course early in the morning. Bow wakes were knocking over cones - and they do count. Tim and Chris got hooped by it. Mark and Bridget's early runs were a struggle but it dried enough for them to place nicely on day 1. Mark has a serious chance at his first national title! Go Mark! Cam-T and CP cars are awesome to watch! I think I got cancer just smelling the exhaust/rubber. SM cars are almost as awesome, but my enthusiasm was tempered by watching Hyman's GTR scatter a driveshaft and some other parts right in front of me. The dry carbon trunk did feel and look exceedingly nice as I helped push it off course with ominous knocking noises underneath. :/ In sad news, a Corvette spun through the East course finish and managed to hit a couple cars in grid. I didn't see it, but heard that it was pretty bad for the cars but no or minor injuries. This kind of thing doesn't normally happen at AutoX, let alone Nationals.
  13. I think it's too late to change the min # of events. The fair thing is to not change anything.
  14. Live results: http://sololive.scca.com Tim and Chris run in AS first thing today and Wednesday morning. Mark and Bridget run 5th heat today/Wednesday in EM. I'm 1st heat Thu/Fri.
  15. I didn't go. I do think it's an unfair advantage in that you roughly know where the course goes, but it'll never be identical. The forecast is for rain, rain, and rain. Flash-flooding alert yesterday. I wish I was in a Street class car now!