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  2. March 2 @ 7 PM 1. Corey Interest has been way down. Are we done for the season? I'd rather keep going for a while, but I don't think Speedworld is interested in 3-person leagues. At worst, I'm still game to meet up on Thursday nights to just do three races.
  3. See CSP Miatas with 275 Hoosiers, 130(?) HP, and ludicrous lap times. It's pretty rare that more tire isn't better at autocross. Chris and Beau, I'm real interested in seeing the AP1/2 battle! I think that the AP1's higher top speed in 2nd is a big advantage locally on our higher speed courses. My to-do list for my car this year: - Engine tear-down as there were a few over-revs due to missed shifts - Get newer used tires - Continuing to fix/improve little things - Modify shock mounts so shock adjustments are more consistent - Try a higher front spring rate to tame the rear end down a little more - Try a higher 2nd gear to cut down on the shifting needed - Make new foam seat that fits me better - Find/install an oil-water heat exchanger to help the oil warm up faster (need to idle a LONG time to get the oil to proper temp) I'm hoping to get #1 done before the first event. The rest is just a bonus after that!
  4. Ferodo DS2500s were very loud on the street when braking very lightly. I barely brake on the street though, so YMMV. PBR/Axxis ULX/Ultimate were awesome for street and autocross. Lots of dust though. I ran Hawk DTC4 for track in my STI. Anything else faded real bad by the end of a lap, and that was with 3" cooling ducts to the front brakes. Though they feel good after the first stop, DO NOT use them for autocross! I burned through about 1/3rd of the pad in 6 runs! Just too cold for them to work properly. I think you'll be disappointed by one pad for everything. It was cheaper to just get two sets of pads and swap before a track day.
  5. Nice job Beau! I've hauled a washer and dryer on my S2000 trailer before. Totally awesome!
  6. That was an awesome weekend. We put Roger in Art's convertible Camaro on snow tires for a course test drive. Then in the orange monster for the actual event. So funny!
  7. I'll check in again around 5:30, but I assume this isn't happening this week. :/
  8. Bumping this up to get past all the picture posts.
  9. I haven't used this yet, but it looks promising: You should be able to quickly compare any two videos with fine steps to sync them easily. If it works like promised, this will be quite useful for visual learners.
  10. I'd say yes. We're a friendly bunch. More people = more fun.