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  1. What's your racing goal? Assuming STR S2000 at autocross: If you want to place higher locally (and at other bigger events), you need 255/40R17 Bridgestone RE71R tires. The BFG Rival S in the same size is a good second choice, but it doesn't do as well on the cool days we often get. The RE71R likes tidy driving, the Rival prefers higher slip angles. Wider tires aren't allowed in STR, and a 275 Azenis or 888R still aren't as fast as a 255 RE71R. Sad but harsh truth. Compound beats width, proven by lots of people that have tried. 255s fit an S2000 with the correct offset wheel with no changes, though rolling the front fender lips is strongly recommended to avoid catching and pulling the fender while countersteering in an oversteer moment. If just having fun, get the tires you find in the best condition/price or the ones you like the best. All cars look better with wider tires, within reason.
  2. Amen to that! I got very comfortable with a sliding car and slide recovery by getting it wrong a few hundred times on the ice.
  3. You'll also hear to disconnect swaybars - do this with great caution! Usually the front bar is much stiffer than the rear bar, so disconnecting both will mean the rear gets a bit softer and the front gets dramatically softer. So, more oversteer! Probably not what you're trying to do. I left tire pressures the same and didn't die. I haven't experimented enough to know what's optimal. What's interesting to me is the spread in experienced drivers' opinions - some say to go higher and some say to go lower. It might not matter in practice, so do what makes you feel better and placebo yourself to better laps! Definitely soften shocks, especially compression/bump if you have fancy shocks! And slow down your inputs. Of course, make quick corrections when you're sliding, but intentional direction changes should be with a light touch. The biggest change for me in the rain/cold is that threshold where you lose grip. On warm dry surfaces it's fairly easy to countersteer and regain grip quickly, but it takes more finesse in the cold/wet. When you get the tires gripping again it's quite a harsh/snappy/sudden return to grip that can send you off in the other direction. Smooth inputs, quick reactions when needed. Leave yourself a larger margin of error. You can't win a track day, but you can lose one. Skip to 2:35 in this video for me getting it wrong a bunch of times in the rain at Gimli: The slide in the old turn 8 still puckers me up a bit.
  4. I've seen two events cancelled in my 18 years. One had large snowbanks on the course that would have needed a big plow to clear, the other was hurricane winds, sleet, and about 8 people entered. I think we're good for this weekend. I took a Gimli school at zero C and mixed snow/rain. It wasn't fast, but it sure was fun!
  5. Corey

    Gord Leach Lotus Super 7

    I first saw this car with a Hayabusa motor with nitrous at Super Slalom in Saskatoon. Looked absolutely crazy fun!
  6. What are the suggested changes to what's currently in the constitution?
  7. Haha, bad memories from ice racing Mr. Waldron's Fiesta with no side glass in -30 weather... I mean, it was awesome other than almost freezing to my hands off.
  8. I'm still enrolled but tentative pending the weather forecast. Not sure I can fit in my car (and steer) with a parka.
  9. How much trouble could 105 HP cause? :angel:
  10. Open wheeled cars ok for lapping? I might be able to make this one!
  11. 3 runs per day is standard for Nationals.
  12. For interest's sake, here are the two fastest runs in class, unfortunately both had a cone so they're unofficial.
  13. Here's my day 2. Frustrated to be 2 seconds off the leaders, but I see many mistakes in this video that all add up: That was a really fun but challenging course. A number of decreasing radius sweepers into precision sections.
  14. I'll be that guy - public roads are not good places to practice rally driving. There are just too many things out of your control. I met a car on a gravel road just as I got more sideways than planned on a gravel switchback just south of Riding Mountain Park in my younger days. It scared both me and the other driver but luckily no collision. Now, a little spirited driving is fine as long as you use healthy safety margins. The WSCC holds a few ice lapping days in the winter. It's a much safer environment and gets you lots of practice with car sliding.