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  1. Permanent numbers

    Fiberglass doors on the Vette. :/
  2. No worries, my statement could be taken in a way that was completely wrong. Better to clarify!
  3. Right, thanks for the correction Mat! I meant that the lapping session ran for a certain time, but can't English today. English is weird, but it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
  4. Hot laps are time-based sessions on the Friday of race weekends. If there are few cars and your car can take the heat, you can do a LOT of laps. I recall Deacon doing 100+ laps some years ago. He'd come in from one session and get right back in line for the next.
  5. Corey Dyck 1455 Keeping 93
  6. Join SCCA

    Make sure you specify Badlands region. Not only are they closest to us, they have some of the cheapest club fees in the SCCA. When I last called they REALLY wanted to put me in the Chicago region, because "it's close to Canada." Took more effort than it should have to talk her down from that idea.
  7. Yeah, being easy on the throttle just changes the frequency of the banging. Maybe the dense snow today amplified the effect. :shrug: Either way, they're staying in my trunk! I doubt you could get them on steel wheels. :/ Even then, the strap might get cut as they slip on the tire pretty heavily. It was neat seeing the volume of snow being flung forward when rocking backwards. I dug some pretty serious trenches by the time I was out. You really need to get in the wheel well to install them though, plan for a dirty jacket.
  8. I bought these last year and finally got to (ok, had to!) use them this morning. https://www.tracgrabber.com This is not a paid review. Result? Not bad. They don't add 100% more traction, but in the medium-density snow they got my FWD car moving again. They probably added 30% more traction. Enough for me to get out of trouble on flat ground with lots of rocking back and forth. As a negative; they sound and feel HORRIBLE. The first time I tried moving I got two loud bangs that had me out to check what was going on. Every time they hit the ground/snow they put an almighty shudder through the car. You really need to turn off your mechanical empathy when using these. They're nice to have in your trunk to help.
  9. Spring Nat's 2018

    I'm in for the house! No ProSolo for Canada house? Granted, I'm not sure if I'm doing the Pro yet.
  10. Nice read that doesn't get too deep into physics: https://beyondseattime.us15.list-manage.com/track/click?u=16dabff8d4e129704dee5886c&id=b9b4c2d8e8&e=d8b2c525e5
  11. Spring Nat's 2018

    I'll probably go. A house could be nice. Might attend Pro Solo, but don't want to switch accomodations part-way through.
  12. I haven't listened yet, but saw this pop up on my feed this morning: https://play.google.com/music/m/Dl7xwovjzscf422n5rulkct5pme?t=055_Danny_Kok_Ice_Driving_Making_a_Racing_Comeback_-_Speed_Secrets_Podcast
  13. Brake Fluid

    Useful for Subaru owners - I recall my clutch being stupidly stiff after a long drive in -30C. Also for any cars with a clutch-delay valve.