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  1. Ah yes, now I remember that one. Nice to watch again! Thanks!
  2. I'd like to see & hear the video that was playing in the background at the banquet, looked interesting! The one with Pete L. and his Boxster. Is it available online?
  3. Sad news for an inspiring woman: https://jalopnik.com/fastest-woman-on-four-wheels-jessi-combs-killed-in-jet-1837654356
  4. Many GL5 oils use compounds that attack yellow metals, like the brass synchros in transmissions. I'd change that out sooner than later.
  5. I loved the auto trans in the C7 Z06 for the two laps at an autocross school. I couldn't shift that fast, and it felt like it was wired into my brain stem. It was always in the right gear. Granted, it only used 2, 3, 4 once I got off the line, but it downshifted under braking and kept that tire-shredding power available at any moment I wanted. Stunning. Other cars were going between 90 and 110 kph through the finish on that course. The C7 was ~140 kph. Woah.
  6. Sorry about your evening. Playlist of Corvette academy videos:
  7. I love it! Not so hot on the square-round steering wheel, or the thought of tire prices... Some people are really hating it. I hope this thing is a huge seller. Like, practically flooding the market. Then, I'll get a nice used one for used GM prices in 5-10 years. Most of them will get idled around with the occasional blast of power. That kind of performance scares most people.
  8. I leave all my old Civic shells in @cboettch's front yard.
  9. I loved DTC-60s at Gimli on my STI. They wore cartoonishly-fast in street and autocross driving. Felt great, but my gold wheels were black in one autocross and 1/3rd of the pad was gone. They NEED heat.
  10. If only there were some kind of lever that you could use adjust throttle opening in real time while you're driving... Maybe some kind of linkage and a pedal just to the right of the brake... I HATE the 'Sports Throttle' feature in some BMWs. Yay, 80% throttle opening at 30% pedal movement. Only want 30% throttle to keep tires from spinning while exiting a corner? Sorry, you can't do that. Now, if the throttle can become a device to request a given torque level in a car with a big laggy turbo? Sign me up! No more mashing it early and then lifting off as boost builds!
  11. For Subarus: I preferred driving a 2002 WRX over a 2006 STI in snow or on the ice race track. I think it was something about the electronic center diff having a lag, but the WRX felt natural and the STI felt like I was arguing with a Japanese engineer in every corner. Fully locking the STI diff made it more predictable, but that had compromises too. I miss my WRX every time it snows. I never miss either when I'm getting gas and/or when my Mazda starts every time without rod knock.
  12. That's a LOT of speed for under $8k! Wow! If you haven't already, list it on Apexspeed.com. You'll have to buy a membership, I think, but a much bigger pool of buyers.
  13. Joker lap? Nice! I might be able to make a Monday league. It's been a while since I've done a league night. Anyone else? EDIT: I can't read. I can't make Tuesday or Thursday. :/
  14. The kart looks uncomfortably wide on the bobsled track. Looks wild though! Mark, the 250 looks suitably insane too! Why the wet/intermediate tires?
  15. There are Miata roll bars available that let you keep the soft top. I assume they're also available for the NC. I had a Hard Dog model in my NA. Get the SCCA-approved ones, not the chrome 'sporty' hoop ones. Option 2: get a lower seat. I had a fibreglass race seat in my NA, sat right on the floor. I was really low. A 5'6" friend couldn't see over the dash. Getting in and out of a race seat is a bit much for some people for a daily driver, and fitting wide(r) race seats in Miatas requires careful planning/purchasing. Option 3: 350Zs are really nice. I've been impressed how well Chris D's has treated him over many years of service.
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