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  1. Jim, is it a Yugo? Ferrari? Can't really tell.
  2. That was a fun event! The format was unique: 4 runs in the morning, then the course was changed slightly to allow you to run it backwards, then you got 4 more in the afternoon. Then a new course Sunday morning and again backwards in the afternoon. It was like running 4 separate events in 2 days. The AM and PM sessions for each day were added together, like SCCA Nationals. The best part? SWEEPERS! So much space between gates to chose your line, good or bad. Thanks for Tim for trying to help me find my helmet with seconds to spare, and for lending me his sweet tow vehicle! The grip balance of that lot made everyone's car quite a bit more pushy than at St. Andrews. Being in a Mod car has it's advantages though - I made a swaybar change between my 1st and 2nd runs and killed that quick. Here's a compilation video. Unfortunately I missed the Sunday AM runs due to my error. So the first clip is Saturday AM, second is Saturday PM, and third is Sunday PM. Those runs got me FTD in all four sessions (I was in one of few formula cars there) and 7th in PAX on Saturday and 11th in PAX on Sunday. I've never done that well in PAX with this car, so I'm pretty happy with that! Bad news: A tire rack pulled out of the wall of my trailer and fell on my car on the way home. Arrgghh! Amazingly, no mechanical damage! Just an ugly hole in the tail fiberglass. It sucks, but it could have been WAY worse.
  3. The chute was creative! I liked it. It might have been a little too narrow to be within the rules, but not much.
  4. Here's my fastest run, FTD and my best finish in PAX since I got the car. New Hoosiers are good!
  5. I'm with Tim, the course walked tough. Consistently uneven spacing made it very tough to visualize. However, I really liked the racing line and a few of the risk/reward sections once you got it right! My 4th run: I cracked off a 49.7 on my last fun run! (Dancing the car at 0:41)
  6. If you search for 'Roger Johnson course design manual', it comes up on the first link.
  7. Brian is good to go! Just some blistering with no cord showing.
  8. Helix, the 'novice taxi' thing I mentioned was a free program where veteran drivers that are willing to take people for rides put a 'taxi' magnet on their cars. Then novices are welcome to hop in any taxi that they see. Frankly, we do this unofficially now, but most people aren't bold enough to just ask anyone. When I had a car with 2 seats, I tried to make a point to have someone in my passenger seat for my first 2 runs. A key part is getting rookies to walk on their own before the official walk. I've seen people come on the guided walk as their one and only course walk - that's not going to end well. A ride-along is too fast to really help people navigate.
  9. The tires might still be ok. I'll try to hop over to your side of the building on Thursday to check them out. Email or call to remind me. A little chunking may not be a deal-breaker. Besides, they're already getting replaced so as long as they're safe, you likely won't do much more damage to the tires.
  10. I did shift to 3rd twice. Once as I went by the pits and once on the way to the finish line. Hard to hear over the rattles and wind noise!
  11. Nice shots by Nik! Lots of smiling faces.
  12. I think I got a letter. I'll have to search for it. I recall that there are no 'cards' any more. Just printed letters.
  13. If you make your camera shake enough, it's hard to tell how far off-line you are.
  14. That was a very fun and technical course! I never got the flow, but here's my quickest:
  15. Nish and Kosta - I'm done. I can't fathom someone 'destroying' any car over a 2" wide x 1/2" deep crack.