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  1. Nice read that doesn't get too deep into physics: https://beyondseattime.us15.list-manage.com/track/click?u=16dabff8d4e129704dee5886c&id=b9b4c2d8e8&e=d8b2c525e5
  2. Spring Nat's 2018

    I'll probably go. A house could be nice. Might attend Pro Solo, but don't want to switch accomodations part-way through.
  3. I haven't listened yet, but saw this pop up on my feed this morning: https://play.google.com/music/m/Dl7xwovjzscf422n5rulkct5pme?t=055_Danny_Kok_Ice_Driving_Making_a_Racing_Comeback_-_Speed_Secrets_Podcast
  4. Brake Fluid

    Useful for Subaru owners - I recall my clutch being stupidly stiff after a long drive in -30C. Also for any cars with a clutch-delay valve.
  5. If they can do a peanut-free kids meal, I'll bump mine up to 3 people. If not, just 1.
  6. Promoting autocross

    So, we're meeting at Beau's? Probably better as my shop is a little cool right now.
  7. Promoting autocross

    I'm busy Saturday the 14th, but available Sunday the 15th.
  8. Event #18, Oct 1

    Dumb this down for mechanical folks: I think the way to do this is to set your multimeter to resistance checking, then put one end on the negative terminal of the battery and one end on a major chassis/engine bolt. That should be a very low resistance. Then, if high, compare that to various other points until you can figure out which connection has high resistance. Like battery post to clamp, clamp to chassis, etc. Did I get that right?
  9. Event #18, Oct 1

    Thanks! It was nice to know I can still be competitive in PAX. I don't think I'll ever get there in the formula car at St. Andrews. :/ Re: G levels: No way, that's R-compound tires on concrete levels of grip. Body roll artficially adds G-force, plus phone accelerometers aren't exactly calibrated instruments. Still useful to compare one run to another, but I ignore the numbers and just look at the graphs. Which reminds me; I need to figure out a way to install a datalogger in my car before next season. Space is at a premium.
  10. Monday kart league

    Another race tonight! FYI: From my experience so far, this is a clean league. Well, except for me being overly-optimistic and spinning Harim - sorry! I've been frustrated with excessive pushing/bumping in other leagues. I can play that game as needed, but clean racing is more fun to me.
  11. Promoting autocross

    If you guys are willing to leave the safety of the perimeter (North of Birds Hill Park), my shop is available too. Just bring a lawn chair. Need to drive about 1.5km on gravel. No pets, smells like Hoosiers.
  12. Event #18, Oct 1

    Thanks for the ride Tim! I was surprised how much an adjustment it was back to a car with doors and all those creature comforts. Oh, and street tires. I prefer street tires on the St. Andrews surface. On concrete at Lincoln? Give me sweet sweet Hoosiers and 1.7G of cornering! Luckily, Josh wasn't around to get a video of you 'tightening my belt'.