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  1. Autocross age?

    I take the above as anyone with a graduated license can drive/race provided they meet the requirements of that license. But you must be 18 to RIDE with anyone other than your parent/guardian. So 15.5 (or whenever it is you can get your learner's permit) to drive, 18 to ride along. Seems wrong, but that's how I read it.
  2. Event #11 2017

    Here's my 4th and best run: The big slides on my first run that a few were talking about just don't show up on the in-car video so I didn't upload it. Just a little counter steering and me looking a little sideways.
  3. All steel utility trailer

    Edit: link worked on second click.
  4. Event #10

    Any other videos out there? Or comments about the event?
  5. Event #10

    All my opinion, of course... Tightly defined path: Cones on the outside of corners, and stuff to 'squeeze' through. An example is a slalom with the cones offset the easy way. It now becomes a wiggle that greatly rewards the narrow cars (like mine), punishes the wide cars, and leads to lots of spins/dramatic moments as the inputs needed are quick back and forth from the driver. Chutes are fine as long as they're as wide, or better yet, wider than the minimum gate spacing. Cone spacing needs to be dense enough that you can see it's not a sea of cones from 50-100' away. The chute at 0.09 and 0.29 in the above video was neat as you made an S turn through it. If it was just two cones with pointers it would have been visually different, harder to see, and a little boring. Your original design in that area was neat but too confusing at speed with two possible choices. We changed it to reduce DNFs. I like the basic line of most courses, just add some visual variety so it's not the same shape (single cone with a pointer) over and over with erratic spacing and offsets. I find myself doubting if the next two cones are the tight ones or if it's four cones from now. If it's the cone after/before the wall/chute/triangle/whatever, it's easier to remember. You'll never make everyone happy with course design. If everyone is complaining equally, but about different things, then you've done a good job! Thanks so much for your effort!
  6. Event #10

    Very visually challenging course! We ended up changing a couple sections at 9:30 AM to assist with the visuals. I'd like to see less single cones with pointers that constrict the racing line to a tightly-defined path. Someone on a podcast described a good course as one where if you went wide on a corner/corner exit, you didn't hit anything. But, the next corner was now harder. All in all, another fun day at the track! Too bloody hot though. Here's my 4th and best run:
  7. Street class shocks for miata?

    Oh yeah, the plug wires... When they start going bad the car stumbles at lower RPM. I remember mine going bad real quick so I had to keep the car above 4k for the drive home. Boy racer commuter! Overall, the least expensive car I've ever owned. Smiles/buck ratio is large.
  8. Street class shocks for miata?

    Koni Sports (yellows) are the easy button. Shop around for a deal as pricing can vary. I ran them from Stock and eventually put Ground Control coilovers sleeves on them with 2.5" race springs. Bonus tip: Ignore any advice from Miata.net unless it's in the Race section. Shocks make a HUGE difference in a stock Miata. Also get new Mazda bumpstops while you're in there as they've improved them over the years. The updated Mazda bumpstops are Street-class legal. They're more progressive than the original hard rubber ones, so they make the car easier to drive.
  9. 2017 SCCA Nationals

    Clearly I haven't been for a while. I recall sometime around 2012 the 'penalty' fee was larger than the entry fee. That cured my desire to go. But that's all gone!
  10. This is the big one. Someone described it as the Burning Man of autocross. Last year there were 1304 competitors! It's hard to grasp how big this event is until you see it. The smooth concrete lot is an old parking lot for B-52 bombers. It's so big that you'll want a bike to get around! After a few changes and a bit of luck, I may be able to go down for this event. Anyone else interested? Details here: https://www.scca.com/events/1987148-2017-tire-rack-scca-solo-nationals I'll run on the Tuesday/Wednesday, September 5/6. So I'd travel on Sunday, do test&tune Monday, then back home on Thursday. I believe Mark is there too, but he runs Thursday/Friday. SCCA has changed their pricing - there used to be a large penalty fee if you hadn't done any National Tours that year, but it's gone now. Entry fee is $175.
  11. Wow! Trolling the trollers. LOL!
  12. 2017 Season-Changes

    Jim, is it a Yugo? Ferrari? Can't really tell.
  13. Summer 2017 - Calgary Trip

    That was a fun event! The format was unique: 4 runs in the morning, then the course was changed slightly to allow you to run it backwards, then you got 4 more in the afternoon. Then a new course Sunday morning and again backwards in the afternoon. It was like running 4 separate events in 2 days. The AM and PM sessions for each day were added together, like SCCA Nationals. The best part? SWEEPERS! So much space between gates to chose your line, good or bad. Thanks for Tim for trying to help me find my helmet with seconds to spare, and for lending me his sweet tow vehicle! The grip balance of that lot made everyone's car quite a bit more pushy than at St. Andrews. Being in a Mod car has it's advantages though - I made a swaybar change between my 1st and 2nd runs and killed that quick. Here's a compilation video. Unfortunately I missed the Sunday AM runs due to my error. So the first clip is Saturday AM, second is Saturday PM, and third is Sunday PM. Those runs got me FTD in all four sessions (I was in one of few formula cars there) and 7th in PAX on Saturday and 11th in PAX on Sunday. I've never done that well in PAX with this car, so I'm pretty happy with that! Bad news: A tire rack pulled out of the wall of my trailer and fell on my car on the way home. Arrgghh! Amazingly, no mechanical damage! Just an ugly hole in the tail fiberglass. It sucks, but it could have been WAY worse.
  14. Event #6

    The chute was creative! I liked it. It might have been a little too narrow to be within the rules, but not much.
  15. Event #7

    Here's my fastest run, FTD and my best finish in PAX since I got the car. New Hoosiers are good!