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  1. All I listen to are podcasts, so this could be an interesting addition
  2. When I lived in Edmonton, there was this place that looked like a former carwash. You could rent a bay and there was a tool rental desk that had everything you might need. Some of the bays had hoists, too. I believe such a business would work in Winnipeg BECAUSE everybody is so damn cheap
  3. Who is has new parts, new car or even a new attitude for the 2017 Season? The Pink Panther has a new tune, new gearbox ratios, new front/rear weight balance and some new aerodynamics so I will be happy with nothing less than 1st in PAX
  4. Made a new cowl out of aluminum, video is attached
  5. Update: My transmission has been sent off to a shop to get the new gears put in and I have hired Kyle from the Kyle Drives YouTube page to help me with the aerodynamics of the car. He is currently modelling the Pink Panther in 3D CAD so he can do a Computational Fluid Dynamics test on it. We Skyped for a while and he has looked over pictures and video of the car and has already given me some suggestions on what to do. Everything he has suggested is easy to do but he is going to do a CFD run before and after the changes to see how big the benefits are. He liked what he saw so far and I'm happy I have not made any big mistakes with the aero. Here is his YouTube page, and he is as friendly as he seems in the videos:
  6. When I purchased my transmission, I thought the 82 mph in 3rd gear would be perfect for Nationals because most people agree that we hit 80 mph on the courses. However, I found out pretty quickly that 1st was a little low so we would start off in 2nd and use 2nd and 3rd only. There is a 30 mph spread between 2nd and 3rd and it would take a moment for the power to come up again. Also, several times on course, the car would either be redline in 2nd or lugging in 3rd. I looked at other available gears available for the Super T10 and found one that will work much better. It has a useful 1st gear that is good for 45 mph and a 23 mph spread to 2nd gear and another 21 mph spread to 3rd gear. This should result in better acceleration and more choices of gears on track. It was way cheaper to buy a new gearset than a new transmission so that's what I did. Attached are pictures from a speed calculator for the old gearset (3.42 first gear) and new (2.64 first gear) plus a picture of the actual gears.
  7. I have my work cut out for me to win PAX, but the Pink Panther will be significantly better in 2017 so maybe I'll snag a podium finish or two
  8. Since I no longer have the giant twin fans on the radiator, I have room for a better diffuser. The old one didn't have the right shape for low speed stuff but the new one should be much better. I will be painting it but for now you can see it in it's unpainted form. Here's the video on how I made it:
  9. Recap: At Nationals, the higher grip levels revealed a problem with lifting the inside rear tire and locking up the rear tires. I determined that this was due to the left rear tire having 90 lbs less weight on it than the right rear. To correct it, I moved the battery, fuel cell, surge tank and overflow tank to the left rear side and also moved the intercooler and radiator. Here is a shot of the scales before I did all that: And now after I have made the moves As you can see, there was significant improvement in rear weight bias, left/right balance and overall weight. I now have 54.3% weight over the back tires and almost 50/50 left/right balance. This should make the car accelerate, turn and stop better.
  10. I am way overdue for an update on the car so here is a video of what has been going on:
  11. I am way overdue for an update on the car so here is a video of what has been going on:
  12. You could always join the MKA and get her a kart that's tailor made for her. The MKA races didn't conflict with the WSCC autocross this year and I did both. She can race karts in autocross in the states. I know where there's a very nice kart with rain tires for $2500
  13. How do you guys want the league gridded for the races?
  14. You brought up karts in autocross so here goes: Years ago we allowed karts in autocross and I ran one at RRX and it was awesome. Then somebody had the idea to actually ask the ASN/FIA about it and they said "No way!". I was on the WSCC Exec and started a Canada wide movement to permit karts and got all regions except Quebec to sign off on it, even going as far as writing up the rules based on SCCA karting regs. Sadly, Paul Cooke, head of ASN/FIA is not voted in by members but is appointed by the FIA, so despite all the support, he said "Pound Sand". I am also on Exec of the Manitoba Karting Association and we permit kids as young as 7 to rip around in the karts and we have one of the tiny J1 karts at Speedworld if you would like to see if your kid fits. We can't run it at Speedworld, however, our insurance does not permit it.
  15. I finally started on the off season modifications and here's a quick video showing what I'm up to: