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  1. Open wheel has to be the most dangerous of the automotive motorsports, the drivers are so vulnerable. Any of the closed cockpit cars have more crumple zones and cages around the driver. For whatever reason, karting and even motorcycles don't see accidents this severe.
  2. Somebody just needs to do what most new business owners have had to do: Put together a plan, raise money from investors, get through all the damn City of Winnipeg red tape and work your ass off to keep afloat.
  3. I'll look around for it, that was 10 years ago
  4. The fact remains that in autocross, less weight almost always results in reduced lap times and no matter what % a driver is getting out of their car, if that car would have been lighter, they probably would have gone quicker. And another fact is that this sport is won and lost by very small margins of time, and if you chop off enough tenths of a second, you will chop off a whole second of time.
  5. Briget lost at Nationals by .001 seconds over 2 days. I think if we could have removed another couple of pounds, she would have 2 jackets instead of 1
  6. Renewing #69
  7. We sent an oil sample from our karts to the lab that is at Freightliner and they could tell us what specifically was making the metal particles. The metallurgy of various engine parts are different so the specific particles will tell you what is wearing out
  8. Yeh, he made a reservation and it's always cool having celebrities at the track because I love thinking that somebody had to tell them about Speedworld when they asked "What's there to do in this town?"
  9. My Wilwood pads have very little bite when cold and Jeff Kiesel recommended the Carbotech autocross compound pads. I called today and the Carbotech guy said that he knows of 20 National Champions who used their pads but ran a competitors sticker so that other people didn't know what they were running, that is interesting.
  10. All I listen to are podcasts, so this could be an interesting addition
  11. When I lived in Edmonton, there was this place that looked like a former carwash. You could rent a bay and there was a tool rental desk that had everything you might need. Some of the bays had hoists, too. I believe such a business would work in Winnipeg BECAUSE everybody is so damn cheap
  12. Who is has new parts, new car or even a new attitude for the 2017 Season? The Pink Panther has a new tune, new gearbox ratios, new front/rear weight balance and some new aerodynamics so I will be happy with nothing less than 1st in PAX
  13. At the time I thought it was awesome, but wow the car was lacking back then