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  1. My favorite Nationals so far, out of 11 visits. Why? Because the car was working so well that I didn't have to spend all my time testing and tuning and could take in the fun stuff like Tacos & Talent and the party at the Canadian Embassy (tent, but it's sovereign Canadian territory) where free craft beer flowed like water. I have always had good results in the rain so I may be one of the few people who was looking forward to it. My hunch was right, I beat Jeff K by 5 seconds on a very rainy Day 1 and he made a good comeback on a dry day 2 but I still managed 3rd. I would have done better but I played it too conservative on Day 1 and didn't execute properly on Day 2. There were a lot of stories from this years Nationals (crashes, possible cheating, racing after dark, near misses, deep water) and I'm glad I was there for it. The Pink Panther is going to come back even stronger next year. Here's a video from Nationals 2018 Nationals https://youtu.be/zd8ic1v1YQg
  2. Yeh, there are a ton of comments about that online. My feeling is that if I showed up for an event and told me the course was a clone of Nationals, I would run it because they can't possibly replicate the Nationals course. However, after thinking about it, I think it gives a definite advantage because you're much less likely to get lost on the real course, allowing you to attack on run #1
  3. We drive 3rd heat and work 6th heat The first time they have had 6 heats in a day-it's gonna be a long day. The courses look amazeballs, I hope they drive like they look. I also hope that I will be forced to go to the banquet to accept a trophy
  4. https://jalopnik.com/this-mgb-gts-jaguar-v12-engine-blew-so-the-owner-comple-1827924433
  5. conebasher

    Event #8/#9

    Thanks, but watching my foot cam makes me realize that I need to work on my footwork. I think I'm a little too gas-brake-gas. Maybe I'll try some left foot braking? I need to step up my driving game to compete with Kiesel. Did anybody spot the debris under my feet slamming back and forth?
  6. conebasher

    Event #8/#9

  7. conebasher

    2018 Permanent Number List

    Can I get #69? Somebody has claimed it for tomorrow
  8. conebasher

    2018 Permanent Number List

    Mark Sawatsky WSCC 1598 and I'll keep #69
  9. conebasher

    2018 Permanent Number List

    I have #69 reserved with the WSCC but am #99 at Nationals. I'll just run #99 here unless the real owner shows up, then I'll break out the painters tape
  10. conebasher

    2018 Permanent Number List

    Can we switch to #99? I see that somebody has it but they haven't been to any events this year.
  11. conebasher

    Spring Nat's 2018

  12. conebasher

    when is the first autocross event?

    Good plan to call it Autoslalom, I really hate the follow up question when I say I autocross "Is that on dirt?" UGH!!
  13. conebasher

    Spring Nat's 2018

    We are definitely going, and I plan to do better than the 3rd place I got last year.
  14. conebasher

    Project E-Mod MGB-GT

    My Nationals Experience, all in one video (more or less)
  15. conebasher

    Project E-Mod MGB-GT

    At the last TNT, the car felt better than it has ever felt before (new springs and diff) but after my 2nd run it was overheating. It made no sense because the week before I had it on the dyno and it never overheated. I got it back home and checked the usual things and it should not have overheated. I did a leakdown test and it passed with flying colors, and did a pressure test on the cooling system and that checked out, too. I finally pulled off the front cover and discovered that the chain that runs the water pump had snapped-problem solved. Here is video from the Test N Tune And this week I ported the head