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  1. I had a smokie dog and it was terrible. The bun was dry and the smokie was either overcooked or just poor quality. The course had some interesting elements and I liked it better than the event #2's course but not as much as event #1's course. Corey and I are going to be the fastest cars out there but even we didn't get up to very high speeds. My top speed was probably only 90 km/h. Check out how close I get to a wall of cones in this video
  2. I had a smokie dog with cheese and their home made bbq sauce and thought it was much tastier than the smokie dogs we've had from Tiki. I'm not into relish or onions so I didn't even realize they didn't have those things. Here's my video from the event. BTW-I watched an Autosport video today and they were talking about the Formula 1 cars having a tough time getting heat in the tires at places like Monaco because rapid back and forth turns don't put energy into tires but long sustained turns like Barcelona do. The course from yesterday had many, many rapid back and forths and I couldn't get any heat in the tires where I had no problem at event #1 where there were some long turns from one side of the runway to the other.
  3. I think that whenever you run a car that you need to constantly mess with to get the most out of them, it seriously hurts your driving abilities. There is only so much input your brain can take of half your brain is filled with thoughts like "it's understeering, should I soften front sway bar or raise rear roll center?" then there is precious little left over for things like "gotta backside this cone so I can set up for the sweeper that follows". Once we get our cars in that magical zone where they just work no matter what the temp or track conditions, we can start working on being great drivers again. My driving has really suffered since I started building my car and today is the first time in years that I could stop thinking about the car and concentrate on driving the course.
  4. Mark Sawatsky-Member #1598-I guess I have to take #69 again
  5. Did Wayne Chin use #99 at all last year? Can I get it this year? My membership is #1598
  6. No, I put in my volunteer time with the WSCC and autocrossing already. A week ago I sent a dm to the person who did it last year and they said they weren't doing it but that somebody should be doing it soon. I just kickstarted the thread
  7. Mark Sawatsky-member #1598 and I want #99 for the car
  8. Oh, the autoslalom is only Friday? I may have school that day, dammit. My car is geared for 215 km/h, which is would certainly reach, but my brakes are tiny so there's lots of lift and coast
  9. I see that the first event is listed as a track day/autoslalom but I can't find any info on the autoslalom portion of the weekend and the person in charge is not responding to my e-mail. Does anybody have info on this event on May 3-5?
  10. If enough people can commit to one day or the other, we will put a time slot aside for the WSCC. Mondays are also a possibility now that our open league is over. I need more of you to chime in, though. Anybody else? What days work for you?
  11. Anybody interested in having a kart league every week? We have made a lot of changes to the karts including new frames that no longer have understeer and the track has been acid etched in places to increase grip and we have increased the power over the last couple of months and the karts now lap around a second quicker. Plus we have a test driver who comes in every Monday and Wednesday and drives all the karts and gets them to the same lap time (not the 3/10 second variance we used to allow). And we have a results screen on the track side so you can see what your lap times and position are while out on the track. And not only that, leagues now have a Joker lap. During the feature race (the one for position) each driver must take the Joker lap once and they can take it on any lap, but they must take it once. The Joker lap adds approximately 1.3 seconds to a lap and there is a lot of strategy that goes into when to take the Joker lap. Attached is a video of a recent Staff race with the Joker lap, if you want to see how it works. Every Tuesday or Thursday is available, post below what day(s) work for you. Cost would be $35 each event, there would be drop events (so you don't need to show up every week to win), we will track the points and there will be prizes. We are working on getting a pretty cool prize, I'll tell you when I can confirm it.
  12. I ordered a new wiring harness for my car from Swap Specialties and it was made incorrectly and they seem to have no desire to correct it. I called them on July 24 and they told me it would take 3 weeks, so I would have in time for Nationals. The next day I sent a picture of my engine compartment with all the vital bits circled and labeled, and called to make sure they got the picture. After 4 weeks I called every week to get the status and was always told the same thing: It will be shipped this Friday. On August 27th they charged my credit card but they didn't actually ship it until October 8th. The wiring harness arrived with MAF connector 24" too short and missing clutch wires altogether. I contacted Andy (the guy who builds them) on December 5th and he assured me that a pigtail would be shipped on December 7th. Well, I still have not received the pigtail and when I call, I am given the same old "it will ship Friday" line. Even without the MAF hooked up, it should still start, but it does not. They delayed so long in getting it to me that it's too late to charge back the credit card. If you look at their Yelp! reviews, it looks like this is their modus operandi. I hope this warning helps other people avoid this company.
  13. yes, these options have been considered. For now we locked the man door from the inside as well and have the big door backed close to the house and covered it with ice so it's near impossible to pull open. Once the snow is gone, we're going to put a car style alarm in it that will also text us if it's moved or opened.
  14. I don't live in a high crime area (Pembina and McGillivry) but I still protect my car hauler by locking its wheels together, chaining the trailer to a rather large oak tree and parking a non-driving GMC Suburban in front of it. So, it's not getting stolen but a few days ago somebody used bolt cutters on the Master lock and stole a bunch of wrenches out of the tool box inside the trailer. I replaced the lock with a trailer style Master lock (the kind with almost no exposed shackle to bite on to) and last night, that one was cut and more tools were stolen. Now, I have installed locks on the inside of the door and backed the trailer against the house so the only way in will be to move the Suburban, then the trailer OR cutting a hole in the side of the trailer. I will be installing cameras soon and a fence across my driveway come spring but this is all so maddening. I can't get into my own trailer now. I am going to install a car style alarm on the trailer, one that will text me if the trailer is opened or moved. I know it's someone in the neighborhood and I really hope I figure out who. The city of Winnipeg, in its infinite wisdom, has outlawed anything that is seen as a boobytrap and in the perverted justice system of today, I would get in more trouble for the boobytrap than the criminal who sets it off. Anyways, it seems every day there is another post on Facebook about somebody's trailer being stolen so if you have a trailer, you can't be too safe with it. Take measures to protect your stuff, even if it's parked in your driveway.
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