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  1. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, including limiting the number of people in the building to 25, putting up plexiglass barriers between staff and customers, disinfecting hard surfaces like steering wheels between races and even letting groups have the building to themselves with no other customers present. I don't want to be overly dramatic here but small businesses like Speedworld will disappear if they aren't supported.
  2. Thanks Claudio, that's what I was looking for
  3. When I started autocross in 1994 or so, there was a points based classing system. Does anybody have a copy of it kicking around?
  4. If enough people can commit to one day or the other, we will put a time slot aside for the WSCC. Mondays are also a possibility now that our open league is over. I need more of you to chime in, though. Anybody else? What days work for you?
  5. Anybody interested in having a kart league every week? We have made a lot of changes to the karts including new frames that no longer have understeer and the track has been acid etched in places to increase grip and we have increased the power over the last couple of months and the karts now lap around a second quicker. Plus we have a test driver who comes in every Monday and Wednesday and drives all the karts and gets them to the same lap time (not the 3/10 second variance we used to allow). And we have a results screen on the track side so you can see what your lap times and position are while out on the track. And not only that, leagues now have a Joker lap. During the feature race (the one for position) each driver must take the Joker lap once and they can take it on any lap, but they must take it once. The Joker lap adds approximately 1.3 seconds to a lap and there is a lot of strategy that goes into when to take the Joker lap. Attached is a video of a recent Staff race with the Joker lap, if you want to see how it works. Every Tuesday or Thursday is available, post below what day(s) work for you. Cost would be $35 each event, there would be drop events (so you don't need to show up every week to win), we will track the points and there will be prizes. We are working on getting a pretty cool prize, I'll tell you when I can confirm it.
  6. I ordered a new wiring harness for my car from Swap Specialties and it was made incorrectly and they seem to have no desire to correct it. I called them on July 24 and they told me it would take 3 weeks, so I would have in time for Nationals. The next day I sent a picture of my engine compartment with all the vital bits circled and labeled, and called to make sure they got the picture. After 4 weeks I called every week to get the status and was always told the same thing: It will be shipped this Friday. On August 27th they charged my credit card but they didn't actually ship it until October 8th. The wiring harness arrived with MAF connector 24" too short and missing clutch wires altogether. I contacted Andy (the guy who builds them) on December 5th and he assured me that a pigtail would be shipped on December 7th. Well, I still have not received the pigtail and when I call, I am given the same old "it will ship Friday" line. Even without the MAF hooked up, it should still start, but it does not. They delayed so long in getting it to me that it's too late to charge back the credit card. If you look at their Yelp! reviews, it looks like this is their modus operandi. I hope this warning helps other people avoid this company.
  7. yes, these options have been considered. For now we locked the man door from the inside as well and have the big door backed close to the house and covered it with ice so it's near impossible to pull open. Once the snow is gone, we're going to put a car style alarm in it that will also text us if it's moved or opened.
  8. I don't live in a high crime area (Pembina and McGillivry) but I still protect my car hauler by locking its wheels together, chaining the trailer to a rather large oak tree and parking a non-driving GMC Suburban in front of it. So, it's not getting stolen but a few days ago somebody used bolt cutters on the Master lock and stole a bunch of wrenches out of the tool box inside the trailer. I replaced the lock with a trailer style Master lock (the kind with almost no exposed shackle to bite on to) and last night, that one was cut and more tools were stolen. Now, I have installed locks on the inside of the door and backed the trailer against the house so the only way in will be to move the Suburban, then the trailer OR cutting a hole in the side of the trailer. I will be installing cameras soon and a fence across my driveway come spring but this is all so maddening. I can't get into my own trailer now. I am going to install a car style alarm on the trailer, one that will text me if the trailer is opened or moved. I know it's someone in the neighborhood and I really hope I figure out who. The city of Winnipeg, in its infinite wisdom, has outlawed anything that is seen as a boobytrap and in the perverted justice system of today, I would get in more trouble for the boobytrap than the criminal who sets it off. Anyways, it seems every day there is another post on Facebook about somebody's trailer being stolen so if you have a trailer, you can't be too safe with it. Take measures to protect your stuff, even if it's parked in your driveway.
  9. I'm 5'10" and could comfortably race with the top up and a helmet on. Jeff Janzen also ran the car at autocross with the top up and he's taller than me. The tops of the Boxster was improved in 2003 so I would try to find one of those instead of the pre-2003 top. The Cayman has slightly better handling
  10. Rain tires are a softer compound and quite a bit stickier than slicks
  11. You have to consider a Boxster. The prices are good, they are very reliable, cheap to operate (at least our 2004 model was) and can pound around Gimli road course all day without roasting the brakes or clutch. Plus they have a ton of storage in both trunks, sound fantastic, easy to drive and the Porsche Club of America has an active group in Winnipeg that does cool cruises and Porsche-only track days. Don't believe the hype? Ask anybody on this forum that drove our car or had a chance to try one at autocross or the road course.
  12. My Nationals Experience, all in one video (more or less)
  13. At the last TNT, the car felt better than it has ever felt before (new springs and diff) but after my 2nd run it was overheating. It made no sense because the week before I had it on the dyno and it never overheated. I got it back home and checked the usual things and it should not have overheated. I did a leakdown test and it passed with flying colors, and did a pressure test on the cooling system and that checked out, too. I finally pulled off the front cover and discovered that the chain that runs the water pump had snapped-problem solved. Here is video from the Test N Tune And this week I ported the head
  14. So the last event was a bit of a disaster for me. On the Friday before I was on the dyno to try to get more boost at low rpm because I had been making zero boost below 4000 rpm. During testing, my 69,000 mile fuel pump (the one that is supposed to pump 2500 psi) failed, which would explain why the engine kept running lean. I put another fuel pump on Saturday and came to the Sunday event. During my first run the car felt good at first but quickly started to break up at high rpm and was way down on power. On my 2nd run, it felt like it was running on 3 cylinders and on my 4th run it felt like it was on 2 cylinders and I had to shift to 1st gear where I should have been able to leave it in 2nd. I got it back to Speedworld and performed a compression test and discovered that 2 of the cylinders have only 30 psi compression. I stuck a borescope down there and the video clip of that is included here:
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