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  1. POT LUCK!

    We'll also bring Perogies. More is better, right Mat?
  2. If Mat's going, I'm going! Signed up.
  3. Rock Auto 5% discount code

    Yes, but the RA codes seem to always work. The hard part is remembering to use it, as there's no "coupon" box to remind you at checkout.
  4. Road Race Registrar

    Thanks Sandra for this, and all you do. Well done! Trouble with race drivers and goldfish, is they only remember for 3 seconds.
  5. Race Schedule

  6. Rock Auto 5% discount code

    After Jim's code expires, just google "rockauto discount code", or visit retailmenot.com for the latest.
  7. I think we should be aware that we could be scaled at anytime. The scales were at the track all last season.
  8. You can upload your spreadsheet to WCMA through Motorsportreg.com. It's the car classification, and number request page. Or, email to the address Mat posted.
  9. Please find attached a copy of the WCMA points standings for the first race events. 1 - WCMA Points - Alberta.pdf 1 - WCMA Points - Manitoba.pdf
  10. I have a question about the tire rules. Are we going to disallow specific tires which meet the minimum 180 treadwear requirement for CCC (line A7)? There are several new for 2017 200TW street tires, new compounds which narrow the gape between R-Comp track tires and street tires, The Falken Azenis RT615K is new for 2017, Toyo, Kumho, Dunlop, BFG, are all releasing new compounds for this year to equal the Bridgestone RE71-R. The least expensive 200 treadwear tire I have found in my size (205/50-15) is the Bridgestone RE71-R, $112.50. In the spirit of keeping costs down in CCC, I want to run these. I'll take the additional PTE points for line A7. I suspect if we start banning specific tires that meet the treadwear requirement decided on, each season we are going to have to add more to list?
  11. 2017 Ice Racing Championship Points

    Thanks Peter. Please add Morris Drysdale as co-driver for car 40. I think he's spent more time in the seat than me this year.
  12. Gimli Rooms at Lakeview

    Stefon was on the list. . Booked, Fri-Sun.
  13. Update: Jordan

    Get well Jordanne, all the best buddy! When I rolled, everyone bought me a beer... I owe ya a beer. Talk soon, Steve