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  1. I started working on a points vs weight formula, but got side tracked. I'll try and put it together and post here. I don't want to undo what Don has built, it's just an idea, a way to not re-write the nasa rules, and keep it simple. I was attempting to set a realistic minimum weight that worked out to 2174. I think everyone could get there, even Mat.
  2. Cheap to free eg civic parts

    Hi Chris, I could use bumper covers and rear tail lights for ice race if available. Steve
  3. I have a thought on how to make this easy, and still keep costs down, without creating a spec class where we pick at bits which favor certain models, and exclude everything none Honda. NASA rules classing, allows 19 modification points before you get bumped up one class. What if we created a Club Class that simply reduced the point allotment to perhaps 10. The base class for my car is PTE, so I would get 10 modification points. Some of you have a base class of PTF, but run in PTE, this currently allows 39 modification points, 0-19 for PTF, then 20-39 for PTE. Reducing this to 10 per class would allow you a total of 20 points. This would force you to use your points allowance in a manner that you feel to be the most effective. You could not spend large $$ on modifications because you don’t have the points to spend. You could buy a cam and intake if you want, but then you can’t buy suspension bits, so pick one but not both. Want 245 R-Comps? Sure, but good luck with your OEM shocks and springs because you no longer have any points left. Take 400lbs out of your car, ok you’re done. Etc. I haven’t completely thought this through yet, but perhaps we can discuss. With the NASA class rules, you could build a car that you like, make it competitive and have someone to race with. My hope was that the class would grow with a variety of new cars, where Hondas could race with non-Honda.
  4. Here’s my thoughts below. I feel where we are heading with CCC, is Gimli Spec Honda. Improved Touring rules favored 88-91 Honda Civics. The minimum weights made no sense (88-91 Civic = 2286#, 88-91 CRX 2630#, 96-00 Civic 2430#). What I found as I removed weight from my car, it became much more enjoyable to drive. It accelerated better, stopped better, cornered better, there was less brake and tire wear. I’m at 2180#, and don’t want to put weight back into my car. Everything on my EK Civic is bigger and heavier than the EF, including the 1.75” cage tubing. I’ve spent virtually nothing on lightweight parts. My only weight reduction expense was $60 of lexan for the rear hatch, a motorcycle battery, and whole bunch of my time dissecting. NASA rules say add +7 points just for showin up with a CRX (bring a Miata = +14), so the penalty is there, it’s just different. Spec Honda Maybe it works, maybe not, might depend on the car HP and track configuration, 225 tire and wheel is heavier x4. Ask AL, he claims to be faster on 195-14, than 205-15. I don’t think it’s a secret between the GMP family, scales are at the track every weekend, we can weight ourselves on Friday or after racing, Don can bring his beer. It is a hassle for workers – yes.
  5. Anyone want to build a spec Boxster for road race. Looks pretty sweet. 2000 PORSCHE BOXSTER - Irreparable https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4089&itemnm=327
  6. 1966 FORD MUSTANG - Irreparable https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4089&itemnm=36
  7. Steve and Kim. Kim is gluten free. Thanks Pete.
  8. POT LUCK!

    We'll also bring Perogies. More is better, right Mat?
  9. If Mat's going, I'm going! Signed up.
  10. Rock Auto 5% discount code

    Yes, but the RA codes seem to always work. The hard part is remembering to use it, as there's no "coupon" box to remind you at checkout.
  11. Road Race Registrar

    Thanks Sandra for this, and all you do. Well done! Trouble with race drivers and goldfish, is they only remember for 3 seconds.
  12. Race Schedule

  13. Rock Auto 5% discount code

    After Jim's code expires, just google "rockauto discount code", or visit retailmenot.com for the latest.
  14. I think we should be aware that we could be scaled at anytime. The scales were at the track all last season.
  15. You can upload your spreadsheet to WCMA through Motorsportreg.com. It's the car classification, and number request page. Or, email to the address Mat posted.