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  1. I'm selling a set of mags off my 2005 mustang GT. Used for winters. Not bad shape. Must sell. Includes tire pressure sensors. $100 takes the set of 4 away. Reply to rihanson@mts.net
  2. Mark the work you have done is incredible. It should be a rocket!!!! Royce
  3. That's great. Thanks for the help. Haven't been out for a few years but I am going to try for a Sept event. Royce
  4. They are DOT 240 wear rating. They are Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110xl's. And it is the 3.5l AWD. I don't see my car listed in STX?
  5. Hey there all, Just would like to confirm if I have picked the correct classification for my car. 2010 Ford Fusion Sport, stock suspension, oversize performance tires, CAI, tune, cat back exhaust. Looks to me like GSR. Is this correct? Royce
  6. Hey all! Are there going to be any more events at RRX?
  7. Hey folks,Will there be any ice events this season?Royce
  8. Hey all,Make sure you call Keystone before you go. Quicklane is moving into the main shop and I am not sure what is happening with the alignment machine. And I am very sure that Sam is the guy that does the trick alignments.Royce
  9. Mark, You and the car are winners already. What you have built is indescribable. I will bet that every member of the club will have a bit of a pumped chest every time that car goes by. Ya did good!!!!!Royce
  10. Hey there,Just renewed my membership; forgot all about it. I will stay with #57.ThanksRoyce
  11. Hey Steve,Cant find my cars in the rules. 2010 Mazda MX-5 stock streets, 2010 Volvo C30 2.4ltr non turbo stock streets. Please let me know where the fall.ThanksRoyce
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