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  1. Any one brought their vehicle to WAM collision? Winters is booked until October.
  2. If they are good at building houses, honest and do it for a fair price... I won't discriminate!
  3. Curious if anyone here knows some house builders. The small, private kind. I thought JT/Family used to build houses years ago but don't know if they still do...Lemme know if you know of anyone.
  4. Is this what you bought Bill? I've heard it's a fantastic car... Congrats. Look forward to seeing you out again.
  5. I should have a set (4) of springs/shocks at Menkes. If you wouldn't mind picking them up that would be much appreciated!
  6. I'll pitch in for gas too and coffee/donut to sweeten the deal.
  7. Me too! My supercharger belts have arrived.
  8. I've got a couple of Supercharger belts that should be there around the 10th or so.. (Yes I tried to order them locally!!!)Joe, if your out there maybe you could grab them...if I go maybe I can grab your parts if you want.
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