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  1. It’s that time of year again where we get to show off our cooking skills and share a great big meal together. Remember, no store bought food. Let everyone know here in the forum what you’re bringing so we don’t get doubles.
  2. Come on now. No buying food for this year’s potluck, unless you’re afraid of us all tasting your cooking.
  3. And a big thanks to Shelly and the kids too!
  4. The time has come to sign up for the second annual End of the Road Race Season Potluck Extravaganza! We look forward to seeing you all there. Shelly and Spencer will be bringing turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy.
  5. If you'd like to join in on the Thanksgiving potluck, sign up on the Social Events & Activities page of the forums.
  6. There will be a Thanksgiving potluck dinner after the races on Sat Oct 8 at the concession building. There will already be turkey and stuffing with mashed potatoes and gravy so far and anyone who would like to join, please sign up here on this thread with the food you'd like to bring along. Don't forget desserts!
  7. There is one more race weekend left on Oct 4/5. The best way to answer a lot of your questions is to come on out to the track and hang out in the pits. Everyone is very friendly and willing to tell you everything they can. Better yet, get your feet wet at the track by marshalling a corner. Watch the action real close. Free camping too. (Although Oct may be a bit chilly...but we have accomodations for trailers as well) I didn't know a single person at the track when I started going , now I'm racing and made a lot of solid friends.
  8. Looking at the results by class, somehow car 200, a 1989 Honda Civic is in SM. And where can we find the current points list.
  9. Awesome! Don't worry if anyone drops any.... Beaudy likes them too!
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