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  1. Road Race Registrar

    Thank you Scott for allowing me to do the job and for letting me streamline registration. Hopefully it worked as well for others as it did for you and I. And thanks for being an easy guy to work for.
  2. Road Race Registrar

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Dino. I'm glad one of us thought I could do the job because to be honest I wasn't too sure about it myself! But I'm happy it worked out and I enjoyed my time doing the job. I have no doubt that you and Bob will still continue giving me a hard time every chance you get and I wouldn't want it any other way, mostly.
  3. Road Race Registrar

    Haha, thanks Jordan, but no thanks. I can do paperwork really well, but I haven't had enough practice to graduate into a race car. Too many late registrations!
  4. Road Race Registrar

    Hi all, Just thought I should let everyone know that as of this past weekend's road race event I have retired from my position as Road Race Registrar. Thanks everyone for a great four years. Thank you so much to Cheryl L for taking over the job, I have no doubt that you will do a fantastic job. See you all at the track! Sandra M
  5. Hi all, Time to get over to MSR and get your registration in for Road Race Event #3! Registration closes this Tuesday, July 18th at midnight, so register before that to avoid any late fees. Or at the very least let Scott McDonald know you are coming to race. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, It's time to get your registrations in on MSR for event #2 at GMP. Registration will close at one minute after midnight on Wednesday June 21, 2017. If you aren't registering online please let Scott MacDonald know that you are coming to race and whether you will require a rental transponder. By doing so, you won't be charged the late registration fee. Thnak you and see you at the track!
  7. 2017 Race Registration Forms

    Get your Road Race Entry Form above and bring it filled out to the track if you were unable to sign up on MSR. Please note that this is a two page document and you need to bring both pages.
  8. Time Attack Registration Forms

    Get your Time Attack Entry forms at the top of this thread if you did not register on MSR. Please note that this is a two page document and both pages are required for registration.
  9. Time Attack is now FULL!

    Hi all, If you didn't manage to register online for this Saturday's TA event, all spots are filled. If we have any no shows on the morning of the event then we can fill those spots on a first come first serve basis, but no promises that this will happen. If you do choose to come out please come with your entry form printed and filled out. Thank you.
  10. 2017 Road Race Supplemental Regulations

    Thank you for the correction. I don't know who people would've been talking to if they'd called the number that was there but it sure wouldn't have been me!
  11. Registration Time!

    Time to get registered at Motorsport Reg for our first Time Attack event of the season!
  12. Just a reminder that the deadline for race registration for our May event is coming up quickly, so get over to Motorsport Reg and get signed up!
  13. Update: Jordan

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jordan. Sandra and Ken M
  14. 2017 Ice Race Schedule - Final

    Thanks for the info Jordan. I have posted the schedule on the club Facebook page.
  15. racing stuff, and sad and happy news

    Condolences from Ken and I on your dad's passing Don. But our congrats on your pending retirement, it's the best job we've ever had. We highly recommend it. Take care and have a good winter and good luck with the car. See you next year!