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  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jordan. Sandra and Ken M
  2. Thanks for the info Jordan. I have posted the schedule on the club Facebook page.
  3. Condolences from Ken and I on your dad's passing Don. But our congrats on your pending retirement, it's the best job we've ever had. We highly recommend it. Take care and have a good winter and good luck with the car. See you next year!
  4. did your email change from Ken & Sandra MacBain <>?

    1. Mustang-sandy



    2. wscc_1254


      And you got my message that I have the timing equipment?

  5. Only a couple of days left to register!
  6. Hi all! Registration is a little slow so far for our October event. There's just over a week left until registration closes, so please make your way over to DLB and register. It looks like we'll have some decent weather so you can leave your winter tires at home. Also, if you plan to join in the potluck Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night please make your intentions known on the thread under Social Events on the forums. Also, don't forget, it's time to show your appreciation to all those wonderful volunteers who make racing possible. So, bring some schwag for the workers. Thanks and see you at the track!
  7. Just a heads up drivers, I will not be at the track until Saturday morning to take care of registrations. I will try and be there by 7:30.
  8. Less than 5 hours until registration closes everyone! (12:01 Wednesday, Sept 7)
  9. Hi all, I know lots of you will be busy over the September long weekend, but don't forget to register for the Sept. 10/11th event. Deadline is 12:01 am on Wednesday, Sept. 7th. See you at the races!
  10. It was a great weekend at GMP! A ton of work went into pulling this event off. There were far too many people who put a lot of time and effort into this to name, but I would like to give a big thank you to Cara, Bryce and Shane Stewart for all of their work, you guys rock! Thank you Cheryl L. for your help with registration. Thank you also to all the racers who registered online and early and who finished up their paperwork with me on Thursday and Friday, sure made my Saturday morning go a lot easier. Thanks also the the Time Attackers for bringing their paperwork with them to the track, filled out and pre-paid. Thanks also guys and gals for putting on a fantastic show for us to watch. Thank you Darin Wach for all your help getting the dinner registration set up and both Darin and Sarah for their help setting up the the hall and getting the food set out. Thank you to all who stayed after the banquet to help clean up the hall and put away tables and chairs. Thank you to Darby from Hog Wheels Custom Catering for the pulled pork, cooked fresh, on-site, it was fantastic! Thank you to Curtis and Cliff Goodman for recommending Darby and your help getting the pork ready to serve. Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to work in the hot sun to make this event run smoothly, you all did a great job. Last but not least, thanks to my hubby Ken for taking on the pork dinner organization and keeping me sane (I know, some will say, he failed with that one), over the last month. I couldn't have gotten through it without you. Thanks all, it was a great event.
  11. Hi Tim, Yes, you can register and pay at the track for Friday lapping.
  12. Just a reminder that registration will close for this event on Wednesday August 3rd.
  13. Sandy, my daughter Paris just decided that she is going to come with me to the vintage weekend. I tried to buy one more ticket for her for the dinner on Saturday, but says that registration is closed. Is it to late now to add her? Let me know please. 

    Thanks Bruce in Saskatoon. 


  14. Please note, online registration is mandatory for this event, no walk-up's will be accepted.
  15. A bit more detail on the dinner; it will be a pork dinner, with a couple of different salads and desert. Pop and water will be supplied but no alcohol will be served. The dinner is from 7:00pm until 11:00pm. There may also be a band, we'll let ya know...