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  1. I said the same thing...but the tires already stick out that far so essentially you are just putting body over the widest point (the tires)
  2. I love the look of #44 in the pics, and now we had an offer from a professional body-guy to help us out with the install when we invest in it
  3. I did (surprisingly) really enjoy the car at Lincoln. Many of the issues have been improved and at least I could turn the wheel this time! I don't feel I drove my best, partly due to having not run since May in Lincoln. I do think if I had been on my game I may have snagged second place (no way I could have caught first - much better car and a good driver behind the wheel). The speeds a mod car can get will certainly take getting used to. On the East course I chickened out at around 90k in the back section where Mark was into the slalom at 110k (even though I had a faster and better start
  4. Mark had a 1:03:xx in a 2011 911 Turbo (S?) last year. I'm sure he has video kicking around. It was in the wet
  5. I can't take any of the credit ...this was a 1 man army (Mark!)
  6. http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/showthread.php?t=20471&highlight=advertising
  7. Oh and I did build & paint the fibreglass bumper too ;P ...not exactly.....
  8. Oh...there will be more than just pink valve covers
  9. I painted the valve covers today..... PANTHER PINK!
  10. I agree...is that a chick driving too! Love it
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