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  1. I want to offer personal thanks to a couple of people in particular who taught me so much about corner marshalling: Scottie who was a wealth of knowledge; Stu who knows more about marshalling than anyone I know; Al who partnered with me the very first weekend on Station One (and shared many memories from when I crewed for his dad in the 1980s); and Dason who's enthusiasm and love for the sport was contagious. I also have to mention Jen and Matt who were ever patient and understanding that I haven't flagged since the 1980s, and some of my radio calls to Control may have been a bit late or somet
  2. I was crewing for Vince Squib and Hank Marcoux that weekend. Racing was done for the day, and I debated with my buddy to pitch a tent or head back to Winnipeg for a comfortable bed. We elected to head back. We missed the landing by about 10 minutes, but our jaws sure dropped when we turned the corner and saw it on the ground early the next morning. Vince emptied a fire extinguisher into the nose gear compartment to help put out the small hydraulic fire, which left us one short the next day. But we found another for our pits, and we were good to go. (I think it took Air Canada over two yea
  3. Thanks Scott, Dason and donrolando . I will be there Saturday for 8:45. My wife and I are a bit old for the tent in the infield, so we are doing a room at the Lakeview, and dinner at the Ship and Plough Friday night. Glad to hear I won't be the oldest person there. I changed my forum name to "Have Gun Will Travel", and if you are my age or older, you will remember that television show from the 1960s. It's pretty appropriate for what I do. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and helping out where I can.
  4. I will be there for Saturday. Maybe Sunday if you need me too (and I don't screw up too badly.) Please be gentle on me. I haven't been to Gimli since the 1980s when I crewed for Vince Squib and Hank Marcoux in a BMW 2002. Lots of fun in those days, and spent a few weekends helping out on corner one (when there weren't Air Canada 767s nearly landing on our head, like there was one weekend.) I apologize in advance, as I am old and my reaction times aren't like they used to be. (Or, maybe, never were.) Hopefully, you folks will welcome an old timer who just wants to help out for a few w
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