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  1. Loved this whole thread. Looking to swap out the brake fluid on my mustang before HPDE this year. I have one bottle of Motul 600 (what, doesn't everyone ask for brake fluid for xmas?) but would need a couple more, it's like $30/500ml on amazon. Any place in the city that has a good price on some high temp brake fluid? I guess it doesn't have to be Motul but my Mustang requires Dot 4 low viscosity fluid.
  2. Great job on the aficionado! I'm new to the sport this year and this gives me a lot of very interesting info about the club.
  3. I would definately like to do TA but would have to attend the HPDE for a license first.
  4. First weekend racing for me and I'm hooked. Loved the sunday course. Already looking at getting new tires. No idea if these 2 runs were my fastest as I forgot to record probably half my runs but they were clean runs at least.
  5. Well after looking at the pax this past weekend and realizing I could have finished 5th instead of 10th in novice the strut brace is coming off! Anyone interested in buying a ford performance triangulated strut tower brace for a 2015-2019 Mustang? lol.
  6. Thanks for the tips don, I'll be checking those out and tips on used helmets also this week.
  7. My car didn't come with any kind of strut tower brace from the factory and the aftermarket part I put on is a triangulated strut bar, it connects to the firewall and across the struts so I'll be signing up in CAM-C, thanks for the help!
  8. Hey all, I'm hoping to be able to attend my first autoslalom event June 13/14, I've applied for Wscc membership on motorsportreg, got the wiaver and supp regs so I think I'm just about good to go but I had questions about classing my car and helmet requirements. I have a 2019 base Mustang ecoboost. From what I've read that would put me in Street DS? The only thing I've modified on it is adding a Ford performance strut tower brace with cowl brace. Does this change the class I enter my car in? Regarding the helmet, I gather it's better to buy a SA2015 helmet over a Snell M2020 but pric
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