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  1. I second going to Saturn over PA. The pros shop at Saturn and if they don’t sell what you want they can custom make it. They have a huge shop.
  2. For those who have used these before, how many did you go thru in a season?
  3. Sorry to hear of the injury Jordan. My best wishes for a quick recovery.
  4. Although I'm not a current racer; I am a past racer and will be a future competitor in my civic hopefully in 2017. I agree with the tire restrictions suggested. I am cheap and slow so reducing cost by restricting the super fancy go faster parts is good with me too since I don't buy them anyways. I am looking forward to racing in a pack again, I raced a lot with a 4 car class in the old IT2 class and it's basically racing by yourself after 2 laps. Separating the civics in to a spec class and leaving a handful of non civics in PTE sounds like less door to door action to me. My most memorable races are with cars that are not Civics.
  5. I would not spend money on go fast parts on a "new" racecar. The car has not likely ever been driven as hard as it will be on the track. Even though you have one of the most reliable cars available you will find all the old weak parts this year as they break/wear out. Get a set of Falcon tires, high performance hawk front pads, OE rear pads and go get as much seat time as possible. The car will be easier to learn to drive at the limit without race suspension, brakes and tires. PS. I assume a new timing belt is part of your basic maintenance!!
  6. The decal shop that decals the company vehicles puts clear vinyl on the leading edge of the hoods. We have never had any issues with that.
  7. Nice pictures Andy, thanks for sharing.
  8. Have you tried playing around with different tire pressure front and rear? That is fast and free experimentation. Maybe you can get the results you want or gain some experience as to weather you really want the back end more loose or not.
  9. Are you thinking of selling your Car Jim? I think it's been sitting for almost 5 years now? Sounds like you could have a potential buyer here. No, I have plans of fixing it. I doubt i will get to it this year though. That being said; everything is for sale for the right price!
  10. I suggest the kinds of cars that line up to grid sunday afternoon for the last race of the weekend. The reliable ones will have the highest fun factor since you are on the track all weekend, not wrenching in the pits or leaving saturday with a broken car. I am biased like Jordan though. Honda and Mazda seem to be most common on the track.
  11. Do any of you guys know of a local shop that can shave tires? It is a pick up truck tire size LT285/75/16.
  12. It was great to see everyone again. Sorry to those I passed by and don't get a chance to visit with. As usual the Classic Motorworks weekend was a great turnout. And the dinner was great too. Thanks to everyone involved to make it a great event including the drivers who all put on a great show!
  13. It has always been a rule but it was never enforced when I raced. I voluntarily pulled in my first year and was told if i didn't get a black flag dont come in.
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