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  1. I hadn't thought about that. I was at the open hot laps last winter with my Lancer (was so much fun!), this year I'll be attending with a recently purchased Subaru, the Volvo didn't quite get ready for safety this winter so maybe I'll get that out next winter. Thanks for the advice, looks like one day I'll have to consider adding a cheap FWD car to the lineup. Or buying one of the used racecars that pop up on the forum here.
  2. A general query, I picked up a 1990 Volvo 244 (NA) with a 5 speed manual transmission. Would it make a viable ice racer? They're decently lightweight 2800-2900 lbs before being gutted. I ask because I have one I got with another 244 in a packaged sale. I love the idea of using an old brick for racing. I've never done any wheel to wheel racing but it's something I want to work my way into, might be a few years in the future but might shape what I do with this car.
  3. Thanks! That helps a lot. So is going catless not allowed in any class?
  4. Hi everyone, I just finished my first event and want to figure out how some upcoming mods are going to affect my class/PAX. I have a 2005 Legacy GT, currently just has an ECU tune. I'm going to be putting coilovers on the car very soon. I believe at this point I would be in Street Touring? Would I be in Street Touring Xtreme or Hatchback (hatchback says for turbo hatchbacks and sedans)? I'm also considering replacing my uppipe and downpipe with catless pipes but want to make sure that's allowed and if so what class it puts me in. Thanks,
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