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  1. Rally Dec 4th

    Another great rally eventAnother rallycross is in the books. We had to spend a few minutes getting the track ready, but everyone went away smiling.Fastest 2 cars were a Subaru and a Mitsubishi, but 2 wheel drive was only seconds behind. 6 cars with 6 or more timed runs each.Times will be posted soon.David
  2. WTB: Car Trailer

    You could borrow mine.. PM sent.David
  3. a great eveningThanks for a wonderful evening, Peter. The meal was great, as were the hours with so many friends. The building is an architectural and historical marvel.David
  4. Rally x

    newsWe had wanted to tell everyone about our generous host. He liked the idea that we would help publicize his business. There is great synergy between his business and our craziness with cars. He was gung ho last week, but for a week+ I could not get confirmation from him. He emailed 24 hours ago that his landowner has said no rally-cross there next month. He says that a spring Rally-X is still possible. I am still trying to find out what was his reason for saying no. If we can, we will be there eventually. I liked his lot. No houses nearby, rough gravel, so if we groove it a bit, he wouldn't mind. Big enough for 60 seconds of fun per run.While it would be nice to run lots of cars, and allow any kind, we would do serious damage to a nice smooth gravel parking area in 5 hours of runs. Some business owners would not be pleased. We cannot afford to professionally dress and roller a lot after we are done. This is just one of the big compromises of Winnipeg Rallycross.We were so sure that this was a go, based on what had been said on the phone, that we did not cultivate our next 2 possible lots. The contact guy for those lots is now out of town. I spoke to his assistant this afternoon, and we may be there in November. I also called the place Vicki thought we had months ago, a gravel producer, but they are still afraid of rally-cross. I will work on them next week. The insurance is ready to go, as soon as we have a definite invite. If anyone has a contact with the owner of an area of gravel or grass (that can be cut up a bit by tires) please let us know. As when Corey was trying to get this going 4 years or so ago, permission to use some land is our big issue. I found land that a former WSCC racer is about to build a business on. There is no damage that rallycross will do that will matter when the bulldozers are done! It is remote from homes, and big enough, but now he is in Europe for weeks, so that does not help for the 13th.How do we get invited to rally-cross at the new 'port' project north of the Downs? Tons of space, idle most weekends, and lots of it wouldn't matter if it got grooved by us.I can see why some of you are getting frustrated. I am sorry that we have not had more details. Remember that if we do have a gravel event in November, it will be a learning event. If we only have 12 cars, at 100 bhp each, and try hard to minimize course damage, we could have a fun event. Moving on to really fast cars for subsequent events, and inviting more entrants seems logical. It has been even worse to be in the middle of this, and to face so many roadblocks, for so long. The rally-crosses which WSCC has held in recent years, have averaged about 3 cars each. We know we can do better. Holding yet another season of TSD rally or autoslalom in the same place with mostly the same folks, is pretty easy, compared to setting up something very new. The easy thing for Vicki and me would be to give up, after being told 'no way' by a few potential hosts.Years ago, when I found that the Fargo Fairgrounds was a possible autocross lot, I did not tell everyone until it was fully firmed up. Vicki and I brought the PCA cones and stuff, worked with the Fargo PCA folks and had a great event. Similarly, when I was negotiating with Springs Church for the first Autocross there, I kept it quiet until we had a date and they were happy with us. I do not believe it is responsible to do otherwise. If we had an email inviting us 10 days ago, ASN would have had our insurance form, and you all would have known, within hours of it arriving.Remember that when it is cold enough, we can and will rally-cross on ice or frozen ground. We WILL have fun this winter. The only thing up in the air right now is the venue for November. We will have TSD rallies in Jan-Feb-March too.David
  5. Rally x

    detailsOur primary lot is not far from the RR Ex. Because it is a borrowed lot, we want to minimize deep grooves when we are done, so heavy AWD monsters are not really wanted. When the ground is frozen they can do less harm to the lot.
  6. Custom tube/pipe bending in the city

    I have found that for small jobs, a bag full of stock bends, a saw/ grinder and some TIG welding is more cost effective. Easier to make complicated headers from bits than to draw it all and get a big production shop to do the job. I have been doing it that way since the 60s. Of course you young'uns probably want to do it with ProEngineer and get Champ to make it instead. David
  7. Rally x

    Cost?I understand entry fee will be $15.How much damage could you do to your daily driver? About like a month on Winnipeg winter roads... a few chips where your car throws stones. Of course if you drive slow enough ... no chips, but no fun. If your car is new come on out and cheer on your friends.If your car has been through a few winters already, or is an experienced ice racer... no problem!
  8. 300ZX for parts October 19

    http://www.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=2172&itemnm=92 for a bent Nissan. Should have a few useful parts for those who race such things.or http://www.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=2172&itemnm=252 for a bent Vette... these do not come up very often.Get an auction number early on October 19. The 300ZX may sell before 11 am. The Vette closer to noon.
  9. WTD: Classic Car Rental in Vancouver or Victoria

    rental?Tim,Is driving west out of the question? Lots to see along the way; take the US interstate for some variety! Same hours and $ as the TransCanada... Nice car when you get there...My sister in Vanc has a 993 C4; her hubby has a Ferrari TR and some Benzes, but they are sorta picky about their cars.Best of luck,David
  10. OT: Ozone Machine Rental Locally?

    If you cannot find exactly what you want, an old brush style vac could safely be left running, with the ventillation system temporarily blocked of course. Is the cleaning level needed much above the short term safe-exposure level for this?Sounds like this would be less work than the scrub/ replace carpet and wallpaper method I have been forced into in the distant past.good luck,David
  11. OT: Ozone Machine Rental Locally?

    Ozone generatorsAny electrical machine dependent on brushes will make lots of ozone, more if its insulation is in bad shape.I do not have access to one. Did you try googling "ozone generator winnipeg" ? There is lots of stuff there, starting with warnings about the dangers of ozone.I read somewhere that the bozone layer is the part of the atmosphere that supplies us with really dumb, annoying folks...