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  1. I was also looking forward to testing a few new upgrades on the GTI this spring. I installed new KONI Sports adjustable shocks and was looking forward to tuning them at the track, as well have some wider stickier rubber coming from Speedfactor and maybe JBRacing. Plus I read Going Faster!: Mastering the Art of Race Driving so I'm sure that would have knocked off a second or two! I was starting to have some fun driving on the dry roads the last couple of days but that's on hold now too! The 928 poked its tail out today then went back into isolation. Brad
  2. Here is the latest with stories from the winter and updates on the upcoming season. Let us know if you have additional stories, updates or corrections. Thanks Aficionado 2020-2.pdf
  3. I dry everything with roasted fire ! I assume you bought these high quality coils!
  4. Here is our first Aficionado for the the new decade! Thank you Mia for pulling this all together! If you have story ideas, pictures or comments please send them our way so we can keep making it better. Aficionado 2020 1.pdf
  5. What great day we had yesterday in Beausejour! Thank you Darin and Mat, all the instructors and volunteers that came out on a cold day so we could have some fun on the ice (and learn few things too)! The venue was great with the figure-8, slalom course and of course the big wide oval (which I needed most of to get around the corners). I now have a much greater appreciation for the skill the ice racers have as they blast around a course at full speed. Thanks again and good luck to all the ice racer this season! Brad
  6. Its strange to think all these drivers grew up together racing as kids and then to lose someone must be hard. I'm still surprised that with all the advancements, a fatality can still happen. Yes Leclerc was very respectful and I was happy he held on for the win.
  7. Last week I saw this article in grassroots: https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/news/MotorsportReg-hobby-hot-property/ Hagerty seems to be really ramping up getting involved in a lot of auto events and building their brand. FYI The club can probably get a small annual sponsorship from them (I got them to sponsor our PCA newsletter earlier this year). Let me know if you need a Canadian contact. Also note: They now have access to everyone's trackday car information through Motorsportreg. So if you have a classic car insured through them (I do), they will know if you track it -which may or may not affect a future claim. Take it easy. Brad
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