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  1. Its strange to think all these drivers grew up together racing as kids and then to lose someone must be hard. I'm still surprised that with all the advancements, a fatality can still happen. Yes Leclerc was very respectful and I was happy he held on for the win.
  2. Last week I saw this article in grassroots: https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/news/MotorsportReg-hobby-hot-property/ Hagerty seems to be really ramping up getting involved in a lot of auto events and building their brand. FYI The club can probably get a small annual sponsorship from them (I got them to sponsor our PCA newsletter earlier this year). Let me know if you need a Canadian contact. Also note: They now have access to everyone's trackday car information through Motorsportreg. So if you have a classic car insured through them (I do), they will know if you track it -which may or may not affect a future claim. Take it easy. Brad
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