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  1. I want to chime in here, and echo Dason's comments. I am always one of the first persons to sign up as a driver for any of our events, expecting to have a great weekend filled with the smell of burnt fuel and abused brakes, the squeal of tires and the rushes of adrenaline. But at the same time, I also realize that this is not going to happen without all of your help. Some of you are easy to see when you are at the flagging stations, where we keep looking for you. However, there are so many of you who are just as important as the station marshals to make each event a success, and while you are not as easy to see and therefore have a seemingly less fancy (?) job to do, we still appreciate you and understand that you are just as important to the success of the event as the next volunteer. I, for one, cannot stop marveling at the dedication of all of you. This past weekend was the first race weekend for about ten months, yet you guys and gals pulled it off as if you had been doing the same thing every weekend in the past few months. Thank you to all of you - while not voiced often enough, there is definitely a tremendous appreciation for all of you!
  2. From what you describe, I get the sense that you have hardened the bolt by now with your repetitive heating (unless you really have super-crappy drill bits). Time to either weld something on the bolt, or cut into the brace to get it out of the way to get some serious torque on the bolt...
  3. Filling a socket with JB Weld and letting it set on the bolt head for 24 hrs before trying to remove has worked for some people; however, don't just rely on the JB Weld to work through form fitting. Clean the bolt head as much as possible, so that the JB Weld also bonds to the bolt, not just to the socket. I prefer the welding method. Clean the bolt head as much as you can, then hammer on and MIG-weld a M14 nut (or M13, if you have) onto the bolt head. The idea here is to plug-weld from the bolt head to the nut, thus heating up the bolt significantly while ensuring a solid mechanical connection between the bolt head and the nut. Do not compromise on the welding process: heat transfer into the bolt shaft is equally as important as a good connection to the nut (this is why you start welding from the center to the outside). Start removing the bolt immediately. This has worked for me as often as I have tried it. Having said that, when I look at your picture I get the feeling that your bracket is not in a great shape anymore, anyways. It seems that around the bolt it starts de-layering. I would not be surprised that, once removed, you will find the bracket quite rusty around the bolt hole... you may still be looking at buying another one, anyways (or repairing this one).
  4. Roland #328 Hotlapping on Friday TA on Saturday and Sunday
  5. I went on MSR to sign up for the next Hotlap weekend. I knew that the Saturday was getting pretty full; however, MSR let me enroll for Saturday and Sunday. But when I finished my registration, I was informed that I am on a waiting list now. Looking at the entry list, I am not listed for Saturday, nor for Sunday. Yet, it looks to me as if more and more people are enrolling for Sunday, while I seem to be blocked because of my request for both days... Is there a way so that I can get listed for Sunday, and remain on the waiting list for Saturday?
  6. Conebasher, can you elaborate? Why banned from a large portion? Is there a reason drag racers can't have people doing Slalom on the same patch of asphalt?
  7. "I want to compete this year, but if there is zero chance for me to win, then i'm going to sit out of the points race. I honestly just can't wrap my head around how everyone on here thinks I should be in the same class as the c7 z06 which has the same engine and drivetrain as my car, but is 300 pounds lighter and more aerodynamic. I hit 203-205 into turn 1 braking zone, and the vette hits 210 to 220, but sure put me in the same class as it. " I am not able to follow your argumentation. Last year the Corvette ran one class higher than you, yet you won the Championship. This year the Corvette will run one class higher than you, and you might very well win the Championship again. How do you feel that you will have zero chance to win? Pretty much everybody BUT you can say this, but you? From what I understand from everything I read up on, Time Attack is supposed to be a race type where every car should be able to win the championship. It is assumed that the perfect driver getting the perfect lap out of his/her T3 car will via adjusted time have as much of a chance getting the same amount of points as the perfect Mod 1 driver with a perfect lap. This seems to work for the most part. For the longest time in last year's championship there were half a dozen cars from different classes within less than one point from each other. It also works for you. You and Dan are always close in points, and out of three races that you both were on the track,. you actually won one (33%), despite being one class lower. Why do you feel that this is not fair? Because you have no guarantee that you get more points than the Corvette? It is easy for you to feel picked upon, but do you ever look at the other 45 cars on the track, most of which don't even get remotely close to 200km/h on the Finish Straight? Is it fair to them if you run regulated tires, but don't want to take Handicap points for them? After all, you often have the fastest time of the race, and are then guaranteed 100 points - an amount that someone in a lower class is virtually never able to achieve, just because they don't have the kind of power that your car makes...your car already has a huge non-penalized advantage over the vast majority of the field! Now I hope that you realize that there are two things we have been talking about: the new tire ruling, that did not affect you at all, because already last year you were supposed to take the 5 PIPs. The other thing that was talked about is the reclassification of your car's Handling Index. This does currently not affect your car, either. It might if you plan to modify your car, potentially making it slip into the next higher class a bit sooner then last year depending on the modifications, but right now it does not affect you. Therefore nothing changes for you at all in 2020. When you look at our own club, you can already tell that the ZL1-1LE was classified a little bit too low. The three cars in our club have no problems getting high points in every event. I am not saying that the drivers have nothing to do with that, but if the entire premise is that all cars in all classes should have a relatively equal chance for points, and if we can assume that the other drivers in the other cars are not all duds, then the ZL1-1LE had been evaluated too pessimistic. Fact is that it is the OTA who changed the HI, not WSCC, So if the OTA upped the Handling Index somewhat, there must have been the same things happening on other race tracks. If the spirit of Time Attack lies in the premise that all cars should have an equal chance of winning, OTA had obviously no choice but to revisited the HI of the ZL1-1LE. And again, the adjustment is so small, it doesn't even affect you. So come out this year and whoop our asses again, and do your battles with the Corvette, because nothing really has changed between you two.
  8. yes, they were. Looks like I will be on Skinnies again this year....
  9. Yesterday Winnipeg showed its ugly underbelly again, and my garage got broken into. Among many other things, two sets of wheels were stolen. I assume that they will pop up for sale somewhere. The first set is the one I have (had) for sale, Touren 18x8 with 235/50R18 Toyo tires on them: The other set are Avid 1 Wheels, Model AV-21 in 18x9, in very good condition with only one wheel having a bit of curb rush: Both sets are 5x114.3 boltpattern. If you see any of those rims for sale somewhere, please let me know. I thank you very much!
  10. Hi Rob For local sources try Speed factor on Pembina, or Classic Motor Works just North of the Perimeter off Main St. Both are sponsors for our club .If they don't have something in stock, they can usually get it quite quickly for you. I can't give you any pricing, but both are known to be reasonable and tend to really support club members.
  11. @helix Yes, I thought about that yesterday... 32 will work fine. Thanks you!
  12. I will try to make it out for some events, but would like to utilize the same number as in TA.. #328 Thanks! Roland Hufgard membership # 7156
  13. I have for sale a set of 18x8 aluminum rims with tires for sale. They come complete with a set of lug nuts and a lug nut socket. Bolt pattern 5x114, center bore 73mm, 35 mm Offset. Please have a look at this ad; club members can get them for $600 firm: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1499015042
  14. Is that Saskatchewan time or Gimli time... Thank you for posting the link to watch!
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