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  1. Hi Rob For local sources try Speed factor on Pembina, or Classic Motor Works just North of the Perimeter off Main St. Both are sponsors for our club .If they don't have something in stock, they can usually get it quite quickly for you. I can't give you any pricing, but both are known to be reasonable and tend to really support club members.
  2. @helix Yes, I thought about that yesterday... 32 will work fine. Thanks you!
  3. I will try to make it out for some events, but would like to utilize the same number as in TA.. #328 Thanks! Roland Hufgard membership # 7156
  4. I have for sale a set of 18x8 aluminum rims with tires for sale. They come complete with a set of lug nuts and a lug nut socket. Bolt pattern 5x114, center bore 73mm, 35 mm Offset. Please have a look at this ad; club members can get them for $600 firm: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1499015042
  5. Is that Saskatchewan time or Gimli time... Thank you for posting the link to watch!
  6. David, from the OTA rule book: 8) The OTA car classification system expects safety and will not reward unsafe practices. This said, safety is its own reward and the classification system shall not use negative PIPs to further a safety agenda (e.g., a HANS device may provide additional safety, but it has no performance benefit so cannot be assigned a negative PIP value). Examples of how safety is encouraged are:a) All brake modifications are zero PIP.b) Rollover protection is given negative PIP values that reflect the weight penalty incurred so that competitors are not penalized for their use.
  7. You are right, there is none. I assume (meaning not knowing for sure) that brake upgrades are considered a safety item. Maybe they figure that any increase in braking performance is being counteracted by the higher inertia during acceleration and a (likely) increased amount of unsprung weight, so the handling and overall performance remains a wash?
  8. Did a bit more checking... PIP stands for Performance Index Points. HI stands for Handling Index..".that is assigned to each representative vehicle to judge its handling and braking capability (and other non-engine output or weight related criteria)relative to other vehicles. More details and a list of examples for each value in the handling index scale are outlined in Section 6.2, Handling Index." "There are a number of factors that influence handling- suspension design, steering geometry, frame/chassis rigidity, wheelbase, track, weight distribution, centre of gravity, roll stiffness, size of tire that will physically fit on the vehicle, etc. The Classification Committee has quantified these various handling attributes (and other non-engine output or weight attributes) into a ‘Handling Index’ number." That information comes from the OTA rule book, which we follow here in MB. Obviously PIP and HI will be initially set and subsequently monitored (and changed, if necessary) by the OTA.
  9. After you go into into the website and sign yourself in, select "My saved cars". You will see "Add new car" below the horizontal fields. If you click that button, a new screen will ask you for your base car, the year of it, and allows you to give it a name....I used my previous name, but with a 2020 moniker attached to it. After you entered and saved, the screen will go back to the previous one, but you should see your new car in there now. Click on "Select" right at the beginning of the line. Your line should be red now. Move your courser further down to "Add new PIP schedule" and click on it. The first window that pops up gives you the opportunity to name this schedule (for example "with stock tires"). Also please enter your own body weight in the next line. Do not hit enter, or you will move back into the previous screen! (However, if you did, no problem! You will find now in that previous screen that your car is also listed in the lower box. Click on "Edit" right above "Add new PIP schedule", and you will be forwarded to the screen again where you just added your weight.) If you look at the box where you just entered your weight, you will notice that there are actually four tabs, and you just worked on the first tab called "General Information". The second tab is "Dyno plot". I fooled around with that one a bit, but it is clearly meant for cars that have had either extreme engine modifications, or some sort of an engine swap,. Just ignore it... The third tab, "Select Modifications", is the big one! Here every competitor needs to go through every line. While some don't even apply (for example: on a Rotary engine I cannot install different camshafts), every line needs to be evaluated. This is a tedious task, but it is necessary for fair classification. The places where many people fail to assess their cars properly are in Interior, Engine, Tires, Suspension and Exhaust. As you go through each item on that long list, you will eventually get to tires, where some of the changes happened. Looking through the five lines, you will notice that lines 1,2 and 5 do not apply to your car.as your 3R are UTQG 100. Line 4 also does not apply, as your tires are not rated "Premium" since they do not have ONLY circumferential molded grooves. Therefore your tires fall into line 3. Tick off the little Select Box (yes, 5 PIP). Go through the entire rest of all lines. As you will notice, there is a narrow band across the top of the screen that keeps hovering even when you scroll down the list. in that line you see your car's overall PIP. I don't know exactly what PIP (Performance Index Point) stands for, but they are a points system to make cars comparable to a base line - you can almost consider them as penalty or handicap points.At the end you will get to "Save Changes to the PIP Schedule". When you click on it, an information box will appear - click "OK" to continue. Now you will get informed that your PIP schedule has been updated. Before you acknowledge, please have a quick look at that narrow band on the top. You will most likely see that your classification has changed. I entered your body weight as 225 pounds (sorry if I am wrong!), and the only item on the entire list I dealt with for this exercise was the tires, yet your classification went from SGT2 to SGT1. Now please go to the fourth tab. You will see a summary of your car and its modifications. This is the page everybody has to print out for the particular set-up their car is in during any race weekend, meaning if you change your set-up, you need to print out a new summary. When you go to the bottom, hit "Save, but do not submit to CCC". Now this particular car set-up is saved in the first screen that you hit when you click on "My saved cars" after entering the website. I find that if you tend to change your set-up on a regular basis (for example you run your stock tires, but the odd event you want to mount racing slicks), it is easier to run two or three different PIP lists and name them so that you can recognize which one is which, rather than continuously changing your one and only list you saved. However, if you change your set-up, just bringing a different PIP List is not enough - you must register your car in the proper class for that race day! It appears that Motorsportreg.com automatically defaults to the class you originally declared, therefore each driver has to make the effort to actively change the classification of the car! I hope this walk-through helped to guide you and others through the casc classification.
  10. You understood right. Stock does not mean you get to bypass the rules.There are cars that come from factory on with even more aggressive tires than yours; that does not mean that they can line up against some inferior tires and claim innocence just because that is the way the car came. You are free to put on AR1, R888 or NT01 and see whether you get faster, or even keep the same lap times- I personally doubt it, as your Supercar 3R is a race-ready tire (and is famous for behaving more like a UTQG 80 tire). Rules are for everybody to adhere to, and you are not the only one who gets caught by surprise with this rule change. As you notice, there are not only tire rule changes; there are also Handling index changes,. And the rule changes do not just affect the Camaro. That means everybody needs to go into the classifications on casc.on.ca and re-run their classification. Some cars may have moved into a different class than they were in 2019. If anybody requires some help with the class calculator, I will gladly assist. Nobody wants to see someone else running in a class too high or too low! This year's tire rules actually open up additional options for people who are willing to change their set-up and/or think outside the box. I have been wasting already a few hours thinking about various options....
  11. So that person was allowed to keep a trailer, that it never legally can own? What the...
  12. The racers in our new e-sport group have been very active, and apparently there has been some great racing. A lot of the people in the club keep expressing interest in watching, without having to purchase expensive equipment, or having to become subscribers to some gaming website. I know that one of the first races was available for watching - I think somebody posted a link to his recording. Ever since then, I personally have only been able to watch one more race. Is there some universal way for everybody to connect to the different types of races going on? And if so, can it please be announced so that everybody can find that link? I know something was put into the chat during last General Meeting, but that of course disappeared as soon as the meeting was finished, and it did not benefit anybody who had not participated from a PC. Maybe whoever is the organizer of the upcoming race can post a link for everybody to watch? Please and thank you....
  13. Son of a B.... That really sucks. I will never understand how some people feel that they should just take and have what other people bought with money earned through many hours of hard work Let us just hope that this scumbag thief is greedy enough to try to sell it; then it should surface again. I will keep my eyes open!
  14. As it stands right now, we are not allowed to do any racing activities....as a matter of fact, GMP is actually locked down right now. We are hoping that Phase II brings some relieve of the rules, and we can start having some cars on the track again. Whether that means that instructors can sit beside students in the same car remains to be seen.... Realistically, there is probably no HPDE until sometime in fall...
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