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  1. @white_cross: Yes, my Celica had an 18R-G. I loved the sound of the four carbuartors sucking air through a mostly open airbox! For that time, it was a quick vehicle....maybe not superfast, but driven with the right attitude, there were not very many vehicles that could follow. Unfortunately, a big German Oak tree acted as a guard rail during a rallye and left its imprint in the quarter panel. So when at the finish of the rallye a competitor offered me more money for the damaged car than I bought the Celica for about a year earlier, I took the money and came home with an empty trailer. Replaced
  2. Registration has only been open for 14 days, yet the HPDE is already more than half sold out! There are currently only 18 spots left. If you are still sitting on the fence, don't wait too long to make up your mind - sign up before you end up on the dreaded waiting list....
  3. Have you ever wondered how it feels to drive on a race track? Would you like to see what you and your car are capable of without running into trouble with the law? Do you want to improve your driving skills under the guidance of experienced racers? The Winnipeg Sports Car Club will once again facilitate a High Performance Driving Experience, combined with a Licensing School, at the beautiful Gimli Motorsport Park. The event will be held on May 1st and May 2nd, meaning two full days at the track. It is an excellent opportunity to shake off the cobwebs of the winter, acquaint (or re-acquai
  4. Merry Christmas to you Jim, and everybody else in this club!
  5. Well said. I guess your first sentence would indicate that maybe the club will have to bump-start this "speaking up to the RM" , ensuring that the Airport Authority is actually cognizant how long Slalom has been running there, and that there never was any complains. Likewise, the RM should maybe get a statement from the club, pointing out the differences in noise levels and the fact that those two types of motorsport should evaluated and considered separately.
  6. Let's just hope that WSCC's Slalom activities don't get caught up in this fight, and that the board and the residents realize that the Autoslalom has been going on there for quite some time without any noise issue.
  7. I, too, would come and drill a few holes, or put bolts in. With the proper lubrication that should work out quite well!
  8. Congratulations, Brooke and Ian! That will be another child growing up smelling exhaust fumes and burnt rubber! Soooo... Brooke will be behind the steering wheel during the first race in May, while you are breast-feeding the baby?
  9. That has got to be the nicest version of the Aficionado I have read!
  10. After COVID19 ruined our plans for a High Speed Driving Experience and Licensing School in May 2020, we are optimistically planning for a great 2021 season. Knowing how much people are looking forward to this event, we set the date for May 1st and 2nd of 2021. Expect to see some minor changes to the layout of the event, yet it will be again a highly anticipated weekend for participants and volunteers alike! Watch motorsportreg.com after New Year for the opportunity to sign up. The HPDE / Licensing School traditionally has sold out rather quickly.in the past few years - signing up early he
  11. It probably would be a good idea to either tell us what vehicles they are for, or give measurements...
  12. Are you still looking for seats? I have two Ractive seats available; however, I would have to measure how wide they are...I assume your 21" refer to the seating area width, not the shoulders?
  13. @Weebly : I don't have snow tires, either. But Drift Mode, that I have! I don't even have to switch it on, it comes on all by itself, whenever I don't need it....
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