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  1. Some good information here... I do realize that I forgot to mention the usage of the car. The RX-8 was bought for the sole purpose of racing; the only street driving I do is to and from the event. So everyday usage concerns including noise and cold performance do not matter to me. I might do the odd Autoslalom, but the vast majority of the quick driving will be done at GMP
  2. I started at the first test & tune day with brand-new (high quality) brake pads. After the HPDE and the last TA event they now are maybe 50%, and I am certain that after the next TA weekend they are not worth keeping anymore. Obviously brake pads wear rather rapidly during TA and hot-laps events. (Some people say I should brake less - I tried that in turn 1 and that didn't work out well at all...) My car has rather large brakes for its weight and power; so far I have not experienced any fading or inability to lock up my tires. So here is my question for all the experienced drivers here: Does it make sense to upgrade to more race-oriented brake pads such as Hawk Blue? What are the advantages? And where do you buy high-performance pads? I do realize there is a premium to pay for a purpose-built race pad in terms of purchase price, but I am also assuming that those pads are much harder on the brake rotors. In your opinion, is it worth to switch?
  3. Roland Hufgard - I would like to keep the 328 I use for TA. Thanks
  4. In addition to David's question...if a friend wants to take his (rules-compliant) car onto the track during a hot-lap day, does he need to have a WSCC membership in addition to attending a mini-school at the track?
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