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  1. lol, didnt even notice the thumbnail for the third video facing towards the field.
  2. Thanks Helix. Seeing the digital speedometer is great, too bad that its only visible during cloudy/raining weather. Sunny days would cause the view of the track to be overexposed if I focused on the speedometer.
  3. Here's my run. Daiten's run And a bonus clip of Daiten spinning out on his first run
  4. Very fun in the rain. Here's my fastest from yesterday.
  5. Here's my fastest time 56.338. Not very happy with the first half and didn't take the line I wanted going back through the wall. I really like this course, simple and fun.
  6. My fastest for event 6 Grant's best run for event 6 My fastest recorded for event 7
  7. Here's my fastest run for the day
  8. Jason Tran # 7118 Would like to reserve #29 please
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