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  1. Hi, I'm a new WSCC member and just planning to autoslalom this year. I have a '06 Pontiac Solstice. In the future, I know I can't do any track events unless I have roll protection. I'm kind of adverse to adding a roll cage because it's a daily driver and I do some touring, etc. I'm wondering if there any any after market hardtops that would allow me to do time attack? For example, this company has a hardtop with a 'club racer' version. Would that meet regulation requirements for time attack? https://www.smoothline.com/solstice-removable-hardp
  2. Hi, Newbie question! Where can I find a schedule for the day on May 3rd? I registered but can't find a schedule anywhere. I won't be doing track laps, just slalom. Also, on May 3rd we pay $100 even if we're not doing laps on open track? Thanks!
  3. What Grant (David) said! Member number (new) 7415 Number 59 please.
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