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  1. No Rally in Portage or Gimli. 2 days of racing only at both venues.
  2. Hi Peter. Car 20 and 09 studded cars will get points for Studded class.. Other's will be classed as Rubber according to there finish.
  3. As far as l know. I think this is manditory for our group now. Sure makes it easier for officials.
  4. Yes. Hamish has Lyncrest Airport doing lunch on Sunday only.
  5. Well done Pete. Banquet was awesome. Food was great. Venue was great. Staff where awesome. This one is up there with the one we had at The Assiniboine Park. Deffinatly a go back to Venue.
  6. Was a great time with great company. Our Gimli family are the best.
  7. Will be bringing A Layered Salad.
  8. I know this is for Gimli but if anyone has problems finding rooms in Portage. Sunset Motel has some. Hamish and l are booked there.
  9. Good to hear from you Jordan. Glad it is going well. Best recovery will be at home.
  10. Been thinking about you. Speedy Recovery Jordan. Guess I will sit you on sideline with Marlene J in Portage.
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