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  1. I know this is for Gimli but if anyone has problems finding rooms in Portage. Sunset Motel has some. Hamish and l are booked there.
  2. Good to hear from you Jordan. Glad it is going well. Best recovery will be at home.
  3. Been thinking about you. Speedy Recovery Jordan. Guess I will sit you on sideline with Marlene J in Portage.
  4. Saturday is a usual day. Test and Tune.
  5. Great venue and dinner Pete. Great time by all l would think. See everyone at ice race.
  6. Thank you to all that contributed to the Pot Luck. It was awesome. We are planning on making this an annual event on the Last Race Weekend of the year.
  7. Thank you everyone for a great season. A big thanks you to The Stewart Family for all the work you do. Above and Beyond. The Volunteers without you racing could not happen. To the drivers for a great show and swag gifts you gave to show your appreciation to the workers. See you all at the banquet. Bob Willmott
  8. Is Portage back on board?
  9. 2 for me. No DLB account. Have to figure it out also. Thanks Cara. No account needed for workers that have days in.
  10. New Flagging Terms Beginning Next Weekend.
  11. I have received confirmation for ice. We can and have done Mazenod with 14 inches of ice. Mainly to the fact Mazenod has a Mud Bottom. Hopefully with colder weather coming in we should and hopefully be ready for Jan 23rd and 24th weekend.
  12. Spoke with Dino and unfortunately what we need is 18 inches of ice.
  13. Big thank you to all the Workers for a great season. Without you none of this would be possible. Thank you also to the racers for a great year. Congrats to the this years Champs. See everyone at the Banquet.