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  1. FAQ about Formula 1: DRS (Drag Reduction System) During any Formula 1 Grand Prix race since 2011, DRS has been and is still used by the drivers during the race. But what is a DRS Zone for example? and why is DRS the best we have for racing?? This video below explains it all in 8 mins, enjoy
  2. The Formula 1 Music Theme and Anthem 2018 - Present. Music by Brian Tyler @ The Royal Festival Hall, London. When you hear this, YOU KNOW IT'S RACE TIME !!! This music is played around the world just before the beginning of every Formula 1 Grand Prix race, it's one of best intro's to a F1 GP race ever, enjoy
  3. Formula 1 2016 World Championship Season - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) wins the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Nico Rosberg won his first Formula 1 world title despite Lewis Hamilton disobeying Mercedes orders not to back his team-mate into rivals. Hamilton won the Abu Dhabi GP driving slowly in an attempt to bring other drivers into the battle, knowing he needed Nico Rosberg to finish below third place. Lewis Hamilton was repeatedly told to speed up but told the team: "Let us race." Nico Rosberg came under pressure from Sebastian Vettel but held off the Ferrari driver to finish in second place and win the 2016 World Championship. After the drama of the race, Hamilton congratulated Rosberg on his world championship and the two men embraced and shook hands on the podium. The Rosbergs are only the second family in which a father and son have won the F1 world title, after Graham and Damon Hill. This was also the last race for Jenson Button, who won the World Championship in 2009 with Brawn GP. This was also this season where Formula 1 had it's first race in the capital city of Baku, Azerbaijan. Formula 1 2016 season Mercedes highlights (below): Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton crash into each other at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg and lewis Hamilton collide into each on the last lap at the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix. And finally, highlights of the last race of the season in 2016.
  4. The Formula 1 Abu Dhabi 2010 Grand Prix - Sebastian Vettel wins he first Formula 1 World Championship for Red Bull and become's the youngest Formula 1 driver to win the Formula 1 World Championship. At 23 years and 106 days, Sebastian Vettel took the title with a faultless drive from pole position to the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi (UAE), resisting a strong challenge from Hamilton, who in 2008 had achieved the same feat at the age of 23 years and 307 days. Hamilton came home 2nd, after a long period of frustration behind Robert Kubica in the Renault, and was followed home by his team mate Jenson Button, the outgoing 2009 champion. It was Vettel's 10th career win - his 5th of the season - and came from his 15th pole. Understandably, an emotional Vettel wept both in his car, on his slowing down lap, and also on the podium as the German anthem was played. His team chief Christian Horner told him: "Sebastian, you are the world champion." Vettel replied with. "I love you." Later (Vettal), looking drained added: "I feel exhausted and a bit speechless at the moment to be honest. It's been such a long and tough season for us all. I am exhausted physically and mentally and it is the same for us all. "It's like a dream and I can hardly believe it". Vettel then went on to win the 2011, 2012 and 2013 F1 World Championships with Red Bull Racing. Since 2015 he now drives for Ferrari. Highlights of the F1 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix can be seen here below:
  5. Last lap drama of the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton becomes the youngest F1 driver to win the Formula 1 World Championship, one of many to come. Arguably one of the most dramatic ends to a world title race in Formula One history culminated in Lewis Hamilton becoming the sport's youngest world champion in 2008. As thunder boomed over the Interlagos race circuit in Brazil, and on a track becoming wetter by the second in the closing laps, Hamilton was on the verge of missing out. Running in sixth and with title rival Felipe Massa (with Ferrari) running away with the expected race win, Hamilton's heart was about to be broken for a second time. (Image: Interlagos Race Circuit, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wikipedia) But he can thank Toyota for taking the title as they failed to call in Timo Glock to take on wet tyres. With the German still on dry rubber and running in fourth at the time, he slowly started to drop back. Just one kilometre from the conclusion of the Brazilian Grand Prix, and at the penultimate corner, Hamilton passed Glock to claim fifth place - and with it the title. In the end Hamilton became a champion by a point after so nearly losing it on race wins countback to Massa. Youtube video of the last laps drama of the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix which many remember as one of the best finishers to a Formula 1 race ever. Watch it here:
  6. Michael Schumacher - Immortal (The Youtube Video). (Image above: Ferrari F2004, Wikipedia) Michael Schumacher is known by many as the greatest racing driver in human history. I have to admit the video below has been made brilliantly and it's worth watching. Schumacher began his career with Eddie Jordon who brought him into Formula 1. Schumacher later joined Ferrari and went to become the greatest driver ever in Formula 1 history by becoming a seven time Formula 1 World Champion by 2004. I grew up watching this great man and I will never forget the memories he made while driving for Ferrari. To all car fans on here. Here is the YouTube video below of the great Michael Schumacher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ahkfc1kKg
  7. Lol nice try. And like I said. I said "Or I want to promote my video (which I can). F1 is in the off session. Yes, so what.
  8. Or I want to promote my video (which I can) as well as start a new discussion about F1 on here.
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