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  1. ***1995 Ford Escort GT 4Cylinder/hornet 1.8 DOHC 5speed W/ parts car*** Many feature wins and always a front running car. Races at Red River Coop Speedway (winnipeg), ALH Motor Speedway (Morden), Lake of the woods speedway, and various tracks in the states, would also make for a wicked ice racer. -Welded tranny -Comes with spare head plus the motor and tranny in the parts car -102L tote full of parts (intakes, injectors, distributors, suspension parts, etc) -Newer injectors, new spark plugs, new struts, new harness belts -Spare doors and bumpers -Full containment seat not included -Comes with 6 hoosiers and a bunch of spare wheels/tires -Aftermarket fuel cell, fuel lines and fittings Come see it in action Sept. 15th, 28th, and 29th at Red River Coop Speedway. $2,000 obo
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