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  1. I went to Speed Factor last year for an alignment. No complaints. Vickar Nissan on Regent is another option. I believe they are lowered car friendly and can do alignments based on custom specs as well.
  2. I think you could just about say that anything with a transverse mounted powerplant is not going to fit into the "fun" category as described in the original post. Of course there will be a few exceptions to this (the Focus RS being the obvious one) that will compensate with the ability to provide significant rear bias in certain situations. BMW xDrive is a great (generally rear biased) system in all of their longitudinally mounted platforms. A family member of mine owned an E90 328i xDrive for 130,000 km and did not have a single drivetrain related issue. However, as noted above if issues do occur they will not be inexpensive to resolve. When considering a European car in general (Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche) you need to be comfortable with the fact that general maintenance and repair work is going to be expensive. If buying expensive parts and specialty tools or paying for repairs isn't your thing, a European car is not for you. You've gotta pay to play. Having said all that, another two cars that could be added to the list are the Mercedes C Class 4matic and the Cadillac ATS4. The C Class is probably on the less than sporty side but I haven't driven one in a while. The ATS has reportedly replaced the 3 series as the best sport sedan chassis based on several reviews I've read over the last few years. Based on your list though I'm not sure if a Cadillac would be in the running. I probably wouldn't buy one personally but I would be curious to drive one.
  3. Hello All, I apologize in advance for my noob level here but as I have just registered for my first event ever, I'm hoping someone can confirm that I have elected to enter my vehicle into the appropriate class. I have chosen STX as I believe it is the correct class for my 2017 Toyota 86 with its current modifications. These modifications include: - Enkei RPF1 Wheels (17x9 +35) - Bridgestone RE-71R Tires (245/40R17) - TRD Lowering Springs - SPC Camber Bolts (front) - TRD Catback Exhaust - Berk Front Pipe w/HFC (catalytic converter is in the same position as the OEM frontpipe) - Mtech Shifter Return Springs Please advise on the classification I have chosen. Thanks, Louis
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