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  1. I've read about the previous drives, and now that I've got a sports car . . . . When and where's the next drive? peace, David
  2. Great job Ken! Very informative and well put together! peace, David
  3. Brian: My picture has more pronounced rear fender and narrower spoiler. Nope definitely not a Ford,
  4. Bingo! I apologize for having doubted your deductive skills! 2009 was the first model year for the NISMO 370Z.
  5. Me thinks with no pistons being HPDE Director, it wasn’t entirely a guess? But then, why is it a little off. Jim Eh.: Totally stock vehicle.
  6. Many thanks to all that offered suggestions and wisdom for my sports car search. I’m now the proud owner of a 2008, ______ ____ _____. All will be revealed at the HPDE weekend in May! Clue #1:
  7. Can you give me any indication as to the head room in the Boxter? For all the recommendations that I got for the Miata, I would have to do extensive seat lowering/roll bar raising in order to take it out on the track. I'm big, but not tall (5'10") and with a helmet I'm too tall for a stock Miata. Sort of killed that for me.
  8. There is a Hard Dog available for the NC and is SCCA approved. That would take care of the roll bar issue Would still have get a lower seat to get the helmet from hitting the roof. All totaled, 3 - 4K$ on top of the cost. Maybe better to put that towards a 350z
  9. Road Block on the Miata NC! So I bought a helmet to help me gauge prospective cars and I got in a Miata NC today. I'm not a tall person (big, but not tall, 5' 10") and with the helmet on, it pushes up on the fabric convertible top and hits the lateral framing member. (seat was all the way back, all the way down). Drawing a line from the top of the wind screen frame to the stock roll hoop, my helmet would be about 2" above the line Thinking about putting in an after market roll bar, but I'd have to remove the convertible top totally. It's completely in the way of a roll bar and back angle brace. Or maybe putting in a lower seat? Are we allowed to run on the track with out a top? Nissan 350Z is looking good, I can fit in it with the helmet.
  10. Thanks mcorrie . . . good link on the Miata. Yeah, I've been looking at the 350Z's as well. Just have to raise the cash now . . . buying in late winter / early spring. peace, Grant
  11. Thank you white cross! I’m scratching the cash together and will probably be in a position to buy in late winter/ early spring.
  12. Thank you for all the comments. Next phase, next week is to test drive some samples of my top 4: Miata Z3 Z4 Scion FR-S
  13. @Magner thanks for the detailed Miata recommendation! @Beau thank you for all the food for though. I’ll have to work through all the details!
  14. @nopistons thank you for the pointer to the Toyota/Subaru/Scion. I had been leaning toward a coupe because of chassis rigidity and safety. This gives me a fresh avenue to explore. @Need my Focusin thanks for the Miata vote, I’ve heard others recommend it too. I’m sensing that the older Z3s are retaining value, maybe becoming collectible, the newer Z4s are becoming reasonable. But yeah, expensive to maintain @Brian_Earl_Spilner yeah, I’ve researched the S2000 but it’s out of my price range @MRS Joe thanks for the Miata vote and other confirming points
  15. I’m in research phase to purchase my first sports car. my goals are to: have fun do the High Performance Driving school in spring of 2019 do hot laps (for a year or 2) to Improve my skills spend less than $15,000 be able to drive the car to/from the track for hot lapping competition events might be in the future, but I’m not aiming for that right now. I’ve narrowed my choice to either a Mazda Miata (2nd generation or newer) or BMW Z3 or Z4. I might even we able swing a BMW coupe I’m willing to entertain other similar possibilities for a rear wheel drive sports car. Any advice would be appreciated! peace, Grant
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