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  1. Thank you Rare Snake, I too am torn, I’ve spent (and will spend more) of my retirement money getting into this sport. My wife has lately gone through aggressive cancer & chemo, ending up with pulmonary embolisms, putting her into an even more vulnerable position along with her (and my) advanced age. I want to enjoy my wife, my life, and my sport (which she also supports). I chafe to get out at the track and I appreciate all the consideration and care that the members and leadership of the WSCC are taking to thread through this minefield, Thank-you! peace, David
  2. David Klassen

    Open Track Weekend #1

    Quarantine Kicker Registration opens @ 12:00 PM CDT, June 5, 2020 https://wscc.motorsportreg.com/events/2020-wscc-opentrackday-1-quarantine-kicker-gimli-motorsports-park-518315
  3. Newbie: what’s a ‘Pete Special’? Depending what that is, I’d be game.
  4. I’d be up for Sunday, we should be good with ON if we don’t stop on the ON side.
  5. I noticed that there is no mention of brake equipment mods. I looked ‘cause I’m going to install a BBK.
  6. Manitoba increases gathering limits to 25 inside or 50 outside starting Friday, May 22, 2020 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-covid-19-update-1.5577047?cmp=rss
  7. Absolutely, we're trying to collect them all, this is what I've been sent so far, care to add to the list?
  8. David Klassen

    2019 Awards

    Annual Awards 2019 Metro Motors Drivng Skills Derrick Pelletier Rookie of the Year Mia Schellekens Driving Champion Clint Sharples Long Service Gloria Gordienko Worker of the Year Jeff Bergen Baler Award (Lawn Maintenance) Clint Sharples Best Engineered Dan Barry Garbage Can George Abramson
  9. @ Matter: I could see protocol topics such as: Registration: online only have all paperwork submitted via email 2 days prior to the event Meetings (marshals, drivers, etc): take place outdoors maintaining social distancing use of megaphone / mic / amp / speaker handouts of track layout with basic rules du jour Ride - alongs: only house hold members Washroom sanitation: YES - LOTS (frequent sanitizing) and/or installation of hands free: hand sanitizers wash faucets paper towel dispensers (definitely NOT air blowing hand driers) toilets & urinal flushing Instruction, drivers and instructors in contact via cell phones (doubtful of efficacy): all drivers have hands free earpiece / microphone with cell phone instructors in a location where the entire track is visible or following in a chase vehicle marshals enforce social distancing measures I'm sure there are more. Peace, David
  10. I'd be all in for a Spring Drive. Social distancing wouldn't be a problem during a drive, special care would need to be taken at any rallying points. Technically, any gathering of over 10 people would be against the current health measures . . . but then, nobody seemed to get into trouble at the May 9 Anti-lockdown rally of 70 people, evidently organized as groups of 10 people, with 1 meter spacing between groups. We could have groups of less than 10 people gathering at various rally points and join up for the drive. peace, David
  11. As much as I would like to get my Z out to Gimli, I would hate to be involved in an event, only to find out 10-14 days later that one of the organizers/stewards/volunteers ended up being infected. Just. NOT. Worth. IT! If you aren't being careful for yourself, be careful for others! peace, David
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