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  1. I’ve got a number of friends interested. Now that I’ve got my hard card can I give them Hot Lapping ride-alongs to pique their interest?
  2. Matt: Is there detailed day schedule for May 24 & 25? peace, David
  3. Right now the classing system is down @ http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/Default.aspx This site can’t be reached ccdb.casc.on.ca refused to connect. And the forums are down: "The CASC-OR Forums are on maintenance from Tuesday May 7 for an indefinite but hopefully short period."
  4. I've got to give Thank You's to many people this 2019 HPDE weekend. Starting with track workers keeping us safe, the instructors giving us invaluable knowledge and advice, for me especially my instructor Damon Hill, and the organizing group of people putting in countless hours preparing and organizing the event: Thank-You! My car ended up breaking (right-rear shock broke, not damaging anything else or causing havoc) mid-morning Sunday before the speed limit was lifted. So I feared that I wouldn't be able to finish the course, wasting my time and money. So my biggest THANK YOU is to George Abrahams from Saskatchewan for lending me his BMW M3 so I could successfully finish the course! That was way beyond the call of duty, Thank-you so much! And last but not least, Thank You to Randy Morash, he had his tow truck there and got my car home on Sunday night! I consider by self to be a very fortunate person to have experienced the generosity of so many people of the WSCC! Thank You All! peace, David
  5. I'm looking for a service shop that would be able to do a proper wheel alignment on my Nissan 350Z. My standard auto repair place doesn't have a rig to do it (the various NISMO aero add on bits get in the way of the sensors, they'd have to take the front and rear bumper bits and the side skirts off). With the NISMO multi-link suspension I'd like to have all four wheels aligned and the camber set for slightly more camber than is factory spec. peace, David
  6. I'm thinking of volunteering to be a corner worker some times this year, would this be good for me to attend? peace, David
  7. I’d like one number that’s available for all activities that i might want to do this year, either track or auto slalom. I might want to get magnetic signs. so that would be #40 Thanks and sorry for the ambivalence.
  8. My buddy Ron Janzen is going to be mighty disappointed if he doesn’t get #59, considering he’s got his magnet number signs for his car already!
  9. I’ve got #40 on the Auto Slalom list, should have it here too. #99 is reserved by someone else.
  10. I suggest that there should be only one place to select numbers. There are three here, this forum topic On the hot lapping forum: On the registration system On Track Day #1 there’s going to people registered for one day, possibly participating in both hot lapping and auto slalom
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