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  1. KMiller

    FC Rains

    My Hoisers are for sale. 7 x 20x 13 fronts and 9.5 x 22 x 22 rears. Getting old. $200 Available after last race.
  2. KMiller

    Racing oil

    I have a 20l pail of Castrol mineral oil, I believe its 40 weight. Never opened. $50.
  3. I have old P1 system that came with my FC. I have no need for it as I am a Mychron kind of guy. $450.00 or any reasonable offer. Will be bringing out at the end of the month.
  4. I am unable to attend this weekend. One, I can't get time from work as others would like some time this week off as with Covid, we are running very limited staff. I had to give up a race this month. Two, car still broken from race track. Parts to arrive hopefully by Friday. I was trying to get out there to help , but couldn't leave till Saturday morning and unless I get up at 2am and drive out there, I wouldn't arrive to be much help till afternoon sometime. I hate excuses but unfortunately I am being the A hole this time. As I alwaya have said, excuses are like a holes, everyone has one. Sorr
  5. To Matt and Scott. I would like to make a motion or proposal to the open wheel guys to run "2 " 22 lap or minute races rather than 3 races per race day. One race in the morning before lunch and one mid afternoon. Practice as usual Saturday morning and qualifying and just a warm up Sunday which is what is run now. The extra time to fix the formula cars is key in trying to keep grid numbers up. With the roughness of the present track, the formula cars as we all know are more delicate than the sedans.
  6. Just waiting to respond and sign in on MSR
  7. VERY disappointed as with almost 200 members more haven't responded. I also believe there should not have been a poll, but should have been on motorsports reg and then it would have been clear as too who and what class people where coming.
  8. With the lack of enthusiasm shown here I can't say I am not disappointed. Last time saw this, the club (not this one), folded up shortly after. beginning of the end. I am hoping this in not the case. It takes a lot of effort to host a race, the least we can do is attend and get things rolling again. I would like to see it posted on motorsportsreg so we know who is who TA or RR.
  9. Just to be clear, not trying to piss off anyone or push the issue, only trying to get people thinking on how we can SAFELY get things rolling, that's it, plain and simple. I also understand the governments roll in all this. I am not a doctor so I have no patients. (patience). And racing is an essential service, other wise might just come unglued sitting here doing nothing. LOL And yes I sent my membership in to you guys last night.
  10. Is there hope or word that the Manitoba government "might be lightening" up out of province travel Mat?
  11. I guess I will have to seriously consider racing in Alberta then if things don't change. I have a friend on BCSCC board of directors has invited me out there to run as well as they are "hoping" to be going late July with lapping starting in a few weeks, as well possible events at Area 27. Lots of FC cars as they have added 3-4 more making possible grids close to 30. I really and truly hope things change for Gimli as its a long haul to the west to either track for me. It would really suck not to race back with you as I consider this to be my home track.
  12. Funny, BC , Alberta and Saskatchewan only require self isolation for international travel, not out of province. You guys sure? Just had a friend move to BC and started working right away, no isolation needed.
  13. I don't think banning the out of province drivers is fair at all. We have super low Co-vid situation here in Saskatchewan. If you do this why would I join the WSCC for this season? Just to be a member? I could see keeping the US guys and Ontario out as they have issues.
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