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  1. Hey guys I need help which class and pax I need to pick for registering since I have changed a couple things on my car if someone could help it would be much appreciated! Below is a list I've done in the last year to my car since I bought it. 2000 honda s2000 Clutch master cylinder oem replacement Slave cylinder oem replacement DOT4 brake and clutch fluid change Upgraded rad hoses Mishimoto triple core rad AEM cold air intake Valve seals and retainers Valve adjustment (Secondary air pump deteled and EGR Minus 7.2lbs off car izze racing wiring harness replaces that) Izze racing EGR block off plate PVC valve Stock shocks Motor mounts (lower engine only) Soft top Valve cover gasket kit Laser cut spark plugs Hood damper kit Cooling plate Battery time down JDM password Thermostat oem Idler pully Serpentine belt JDM password rad brackets AMS oil change (engine/tranny/dif) Coolant change Stop tech stainless steel brake lines Front lower ball joints oem 4 new sway links oem Thanks in advance!!
  2. Korey patey #43 please wscc #6602