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      World of Wheels volunteers needed   02/08/2018

      Go here to sign up on the sheet if you can spare some time to help in the booth. Help is also needed and appreciated for setup and tear down. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ULmhhNo7nK2dEgrvcdFmSPx0uMUPMl4WxbUcwfXz-Is/edit?usp=sharing


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  1. Passengers During Lapping

  2. I was wondering what sort of registration do passengers need to go through to do ice lapping events?
  3. Studded Winter tires for lapping

    Excellent! Thank you for letting me know
  4. Studded Winter tires for lapping

    So would that be DOT studable with studs put in, or DOT factory studded tires?
  5. I was wondering if studded winter tires (ones that are used for the street) are allowed to be used for Ice-x (Saturday lapping).
  6. For new drivers, would they have to do race school before doing the ice cross?