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  1. Wayne Jones

    '81 Mazda race car for sale

    Some pics
  2. Wayne Jones

    '81 Mazda race car for sale

    A friend of mine in Ottawa is selling his vintage racer and trailer at a very reasonable price. I can supply a couple of pics or info on seller if any interest. 1981 pro built gt2 race car from new '81 Mazda 626. Asking $3500 with double axle trailer, spare diff,' 5 speed gearbox, webers, springs (adjustable), two sets of rims, disc brakes all around - Jag fronts, Mazda rear. Fibreglass fenders all around with moulds. Two boxes of assorted spares. Car presently has 13B Mazda Rotary which ran when stored, but down in power, needs rebuild or replace. Has been in dry storage for twelve years, was raced throughout 80's and 90's Ontario and Quebec regions. Ex Luigi Lazzari, (Mazda mechanic/driver). Text Roger Haspeck at 613 446 3358, e-mail, <roghasp@gmail.com> Can send better pics if any interest, these pics about 3 years old. Car the same, trailer parked outside so bit rustier but roadworthy, four good tyres.