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  1. I work nights so I’m available during the days to help build these...I like the design tho...station 4 (one of my favourite places to marshal) seems to always be in the path of destruction...whether it’s the weather lol or the occasional race car coming for a visit...I was lucky last year to be out of the weather but I’m looking forward to a new station there and I’ll bang nails or cut wood to help see that as a reality!
  2. I had a great time in Beausejour this past weekend...it is a great track to get the season started on, for both drivers and volunteers! Lake Shirley is up next and I’m glad I had a chance to “warm up” at the Beausejour oval...Lake Shirley is going to be awesome!
  3. Did someone mention MK2 Supra parts? PM sent...sorry for the hijack Devon lol!
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