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  1. Hmm, only one reply to this question? I thought there were a lot of people suggesting changes to our schedule. Anyways, here’s my two cents: I would favour a somewhat compressed schedule with an earlier start time. I like the idea of six runs but would prefer it be split to two sets of three runs. Seems like a long time to be standing in the hot sun for six continuous runs.
  2. Yeah, I also like the sound of squealing tires and the smell of burning rubber and fried clutch plates … but just not on my car. The decision to go with a sharp-turn start was made by consensus last year after receiving complaints of “drag-strip” starts favouring the high HP cars. There was also a concern that these repetitive hard launches would result in accelerated (pun intended) wear on tires and clutches, thereby making Autoslalom less cost friendly. Not to mention snapping a half-shaft totally ruining your day. We had some hard-core competitors circumvent the 90° starts last year by crawling up to within a few feet of the timing lights, come to a stop, and then engage “launch control”. This achieved the desired burnout but did little for the elapsed time. To each their own. Glad to see you’re signed up for the Sunday event and maybe the course designer will come up with a compromise that will allow you to have your cake and smoke it too!
  3. Once again, great job on the current newsletter! Nicely put together. I enjoyed Greg’s article on the 1965 Shelby Daytona. Good to hear that he was able to track it and do well at Mosport.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I'm going to try one thing at a time and see what difference it makes. The first step I've taken is to flush out all the existing DOT 4 and replace with Motul RBF 660. I used about 750 ml in the process, watching the volume in the catch bottle to ensure the longest line pumped through the most fluid and subsequently pushing through less and less as the lines got shorter. And Matt, you're right, that stuff is ridiculously expensive at almost $100/litre. But, if I get a soft pedal again, I know it won't be because of brake fluid boiling. This highly expensive, highly hygroscopic (absorbs moisture like a sponge) fluid, will therefore need to be flushed out at the end of the season and replaced with DOT 4 until the 2020 season begins. Then repeat the flush/fill process.. I think RBF 660 is probably overkill and might look into Stoptech 600 or something more reasonably priced. If you read through the suggestions in this thread, there seems to be a consensus that boiling shouldn't be happening with a DOT 4 fluid with a dry boiling point of 509°F. So maybe the suggestion of rubber line swelling is the answer. However, the one thing that supports the boiling theory is that that every time this happens (once last year, twice this year) it's never on a cool day or early in the run. It's always been at the end of the day. In other words, it takes several heat cycles to raise the temperature to the boiling point (and it's probably happening only on the front calipers. Front calipers also getting heat soaked by the engine. The PTU on my car is water-cooled (for good reason), and it gets hot as heck on that side of the car when you're in the pits following a run. Maybe I'm boiling fluid on the passenger side inboard pistons only? Another interesting point is that after city driving the car for three days following the event, the brake pedal becomes firm again. Almost like the air bubbles are finding their way back to the reservoir. Not sure how easy it would be for air bubbles to work their way back through the ABS modulator lines and eventually to the reservoir. The other theory is that the tiny air bubbles actually get re-absorbed back into the fluid over a period of time. However, the downside is that this apparently changes the chemistry of the fluid and will lower its boiling point. Not my theory, just something I read on the Internet. Anyways, I'll wait and see what happens at the next Time Attack event this month and report back before I make any further changes.
  5. Hey @nopistons those are great recommendations ... I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with people like me, who are just getting into the sport. I'll start by answering your questions: I'm on my second set of OEM pads with 2nd set of OEM front rotors (one set of rotors worn, other set had a cracked rotor). Hmm, not warming up the brakes during the warmup lap?? My braking application is definitely progressive (to the point of ... "geez, maybe I should be braking later and harder"). The Focus has ducting running up into the wheel well and deflectors from that point directing air toward the caliper. Ducting is open. Good point on the ABS pump and control unit. I've assumed all the internal passages are open when bleeding the brakes with ignition OFF. The Focus Service Manual does not mention anything about cycling the ABS unit, but I will research further. They do, however, recommend the use of DOT 4 or better. Moisture absorption with RBF 600/660 is not a big issue because I will flush system at least once/year. As a last point, sometimes these problems are self-inflicted. Ford built this car knowing that it would be tracked and went so far as to say that it's performance would not fall off after 30 laps. So, I shouldn't be having these problems after only five sessions. I guess that leaves improper bleeding/flushing technique as a possible contributor to my spongy pedal. Here's the procedure I use: Place a board under the brake pedal to ensure the master cylinder piston doesn't "overstroke". Next, start bleeding at longest line (RR) and work to closest (LF). I open the bleeder, then have my unwilling assistant smoothly press the pedal to the floor and hold. Bleeder screw is then closed and the pedal released. I repeat the process (5-6) times until I see enough fluid in the catch bottle to indicate no air bubbles and that the entire line has been flushed. I never" just" bleed, because I've assumed that if the fluid has boiled, it has degraded and should be flushed. In years past I've used the "pump the pedal several times and hold" before opening the bleeder valve. Don't really know if there's any advantage in that method. Anyways, if you or anyone else sees any issues in the way I'm doing the bleeding/flushing process, please let me know. Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Hey Roland, it was good talking to you at the Time Attack event on Sunday. I'm glad that you have an interest in Autoslalom and I will help in any way I can to get you familiar with the sport and signed up for an event. Easiest way to get familiar with Autoslalom is go to the WSCC home page and click on "Autoslalom" on the menu bar. This will take you to a page with numerous links including registration, schedule, pricing, requirements, and location of the event. Take the time to go through all the links - it's very helpful. Registration is a snap - same as Time Attack, using MSR. The tech sheet is online which makes it even easier than Time Attack. You already have a WSCC membership, so if you register two days before the event, you get an additional discount and end up with a measly $25 registration fee. You're familiar with GMP, so you might want to consider the next event being held there on Sunday, July 7th. During last weekend, you probably noticed the Autoslalom cars on the far south end of the runway (also referred to as the "skidpad"). Don't be afraid to send me a PM if you have any other questions.
  7. The first time I noticed the brake pedal drop following a Time Attack session last year, I assumed it was simply some moisture boiling off from the nearly two-year-old brake fluid. I looked for a DOT-4 brake fluid with a high dry boiling point that wasn’t overly expensive. Seemed too good to be true, but Kleen-Flo had a 509°F (265°C) boiling, was dirt cheap, and available at Piston Ring and elsewhere. I bled and flushed the system, and all was good. But, like I said, too good to be true. Following the first Time Attack event of 2019, back to a soft pedal. This time I spared no brake fluid and made sure the system was completely bled and flushed. I assumed the previous bleeding/flushing may not have been completely thorough. Just finished yesterday’s Time Attack and back to a soft pedal. Mind you, this time it took 10 sessions before I noticed the pedal drop. I checked the Kleen-Flo specifications on their website and they state a dry boiling point of only 475°F (246°C). I double-checked the specifications printed on the bottle to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Makes we wonder if there are different standards for testing brake fluid. What is the consensus for the type of brake fluid that should be used for a 3500 lb car going 175 kph down the front straight? Do I really need a something over 600°F? and if so, would Motul RBF 660 be a good choice with a dry boiling point of 616°F (324°C)?
  8. Good comments Helix. I agree that we need to work on attracting new participants as well as retaining the long-standing members. I know Rob is doing everything he can on Facebook and Instagram, so we're getting some benefits from social media. Considering a "6-run" event is also another good idea. We've tried to encourage cross-discipline participation with last year's October event but weren't overly successful. It seems, if anything, to be working in reverse (more Autoslalom people becoming interested in Open Lapping or Time Attack). Just to let you know, every time I attend a Time Attack event, I walk up and down the pit talking to driver's who haven't tried Autoslalom and I do my best sales pitch. I've been targeting some of the new drivers who just graduated from HPDE this year as well as those who have been doing Time Attack for several years. I would estimate a potential for 10 new Autoslalom members. I'm also writing an article in the July Aficionado newsletter promoting Autoslalom. Hope that stimulates some interest.
  9. I like some of these ideas - might stimulate more participation. I think working the course for six consecutive runs would be a bit much, but like Mark suggested, we could alternate the run groups. Here's my suggestion for a typical Autoslalom schedule: 11:00 AM - same start time as existing schedule. 11:00 AM - Group A - three runs @ 15 min/run + 15 min changeover = one hour duration 12:00 PM - Group B - three runs @ 15 min/run = 45 min duration Lunch Break - approximately 12:45 PM to 1:15 PM + 15 min driver preparation 1:30 PM - Group A - three runs @ 15 min/run + 15 min changeover = one hour duration 2:30 PM - Group B - three runs @ 15 min/run = 45 min duration 3:15 - 4:00 PM - announce standings and course cleanup. Please note that the above schedule is a best case scenario with no allowances for unplanned delays such as timing issues, reruns etc. etc.
  10. Good event ... well attended, interesting course layout, and some close competition. And the weather? We had drizzle, cool temps, sun, warm temps, and lots of wind. Who could ask for more. I'll give two-thumbs up for the vendor. Best burger I've had in awhile. Changing subject - LOST COOLER BAG Green Carlsberg cooler bag left near the trailer or maybe station #3. If anyone picked it up, please respond to this topic or send my a PM and I'll arrange to pick it up. There's a half-eaten apple in there that I haven't finished!
  11. Same goes for me, even though I've got a heavier car and am not as skilled a driver.. I decided to cut back the number of events for 2019 due to excessive tire wear experienced last year, but now I'm reconsidering. The positive effect on tire wear resulting from resurfacing the Gimli track cannot be overstated. I've run on the new track surface 3 times so far, and I'm impressed with how little tire wear has occurred compared to the five events I ran in 2018. Heck, I might just add a few Friday lapping events to my schedule for 2019. Anyone who is not coming out to Gimli because of tire wear issues should give it another shot and see for themselves the improvement in the track surface.
  12. Matt or Al can confirm, but I’m not aware of any issues taking a passenger for open lapping (Friday track days). And, I agree that it would be a good way to get someone interested in our sport. Here’s what it says in the ASN Canada FIA Lapping Regulations 2018 15. Passengers 15.1 To be eligible to participate as a passenger, a person must: 15.2 Have the consent of the organizer; 15.3 Have signed the ASN Canada FIA General Waiver; 15.4 Wear personal safety equipment as required for the driver; 15.5 Keep hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times; 15.6 Not carry items such as food, drink, cameras, video recorders, purses, etc. 15.7 Passengers may occupy the front, passenger seat only. 15.8 Participants (drivers or passengers) under the age of majority for the province in which the event is taking place must also present both a completed Parental Consent Waiver and a Minor Participant Waiver at event registration. In addition, minors participating as passengers must: 15.9 Be at least 14 years old; 15.10 Be in a vehicle being driven by their parent or legal guardian;
  13. Hooboy, I guess videos don't lie. Same car, same group, same course. We even had our wives along for the drive. But what a difference in line selection and resulting times. Congratulations on your raw times ... too bad about the BS with the BS classification. Next time, we'll let the wives drive. At least, I will ... it'll be an improvement.
  14. "... accelerate your progress". Nicely said, and very true. Hope we get a good turnout for the Level 1 school. Wait a minute, what am I saying? That's just means more novices will beat me!
  15. Hey Mark, nice touch with the commentary added to video. Looking forward to the next one.
  16. The WSCC results were available yesterday but are no longer shown on AXti.me Is the disconnect at our end? Oh yeah, I'll raise my hand for "Outlaw Dogs". Nothing wrong with Tiki Dogs, but it would be nice to alternate and have a backup.
  17. I noticed that you didn't include the Focus RS on your list. I've driven mine two years and can confirm it was built for a driver that loves hooning. I think it would be a good fit for your driving style.
  18. I assume all entrants for Time Attack event #1 are complying with the requirement to get their car classified through CASC Ontario Time Attack. I submitted my car classification to CASC Ontario Time Attack more than two weeks ago and still haven't received approval. My PIP schedule and summary are as simple as they come, so I'm sure that's not holding it up. Anyone else having delays in receiving approval?
  19. Too good to be true, but I need all the help I can get. I noticed Roberto signed up with a 2018 Focus RS in B Street. That's what you get for running a front LSD. Thanks @Magner for all the effort you put in over the years helping people class their cars. We'll see you on Saturday!
  20. Confirmed, tiny writing and all. Confirmed Finally, you got what you wanted - confirmed.
  21. Well , it's been two years since this topic was last updated. I read through this thread and there is a lot of good information buried within but I think you can pretty much do one-stop-shopping by accessing the link Joe provided. Beyond Seat Time has developed exponentially over the last two years. You will find everything you need to know and more. I purchased "The Complete Autocrosser's Manual" and it is well worth the money. If you prefer something a little more basic, I've attached a Word file I found on the Internet. Hope this helps those who are getting their feet wet for the first time this season. Autocross Defined.docx
  22. Just a few questions Tim: Have the two big 6V batteries (sitting on the tongue of the trailer) been removed and stored for the winter? Otherwise, hope they didn't freeze. Do we have everything on site to test the timing equipment? Maybe Shawn has the laptop? Not sure if he'll be out Saturday. You said to meet at 10:00 am CST. Does that mean Come Some Time? Weebly Boss will bring donuts.
  23. Hmm, I see you've reserved #78 for Open Lapping so I'm guessing you'd like the same number for Autoslalom. Your are presently confirmed for #87 and I will hold that until Apr 28th. On Apr 28th all unclaimed "pending renewal" numbers will be released. If Mike doesn't renew #78, then you can apply for it at that time on a first-come-first serve basis.
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