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  1. Hmmm, maybe you can give us a hint? Seriously though, hustling 4100 lbs and 650 hp around a tight Autoslalom course would be a challenge for the best of drivers. The fact that this weekend was your first time doing Autoslalom, I was very impressed. I hope we'll see you at future events and maybe you can encourage a few of your buds to join as well.
  2. Brian Wiebe Member #6723 Renewing #65 Thanks for all your hard work Helix!
  3. I finally completed writing a bunch of rubbish about myself. I know there are many of you out there who have interesting stories to tell and I would love to read those. Keep 'em coming ... My Story.pdf
  4. Thank you @Rare Snake for reviving the "WSCC Driver and Car Spotlights". This has some history to it going back several years when Alston Penlock (Tristen) set this up. It's too bad the links to the interviews and pictures don't work anymore because there were some very positive comments on how well these articles were received. I think it's a great idea to learn a little more about some of the people you bump into at the track (figuratively, not literally), but are unaware of their colourful background. I enjoyed reading your story and the background on the Viper(s). @donrolandofurioso that was an awesome write-up you provided. Fell out of my chair when I read your comment about having 21 cars by the time you were 21 years old. I Googled the German version of "autocross". Wow, that's some pretty serious stuff. And, yes, I was the one who challenged you to write the story (and darn glad I did), so I guess that means I'm on the hook for providing a story. I've gone through the family album and high school yearbooks several times, but still haven't found anything interesting that I've done in my life. A boring story, coming your way soon ...
  5. @The Contrarian I hear what you’re saying and I totally understand your frustration. But, now please let me become the Contrarian on this issue. First of all, our Club is bound by federal and provincial health regulations and must abide by Phase One restrictions, beginning May 4th, and Phase Two restrictions, beginning no earlier than June 1st. Phase One limits social and sports gatherings to a maximum of 10 people. From what I understand the restrictions apply to all venues, regardless of the venue size. I know the WSCC considers the safety and well-being of its members as it’s first priority and I’m thankful for that. If I have to miss a few events in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, then that’s what I need to do whether I want to or not. And no matter how tiring it gets when they say … “we’re all in this together”, it’s true. I thought about your comment about Auto-crossing being no different than golfing and we should be allowed to hold our events. I’m going to offer a worse-case scenario that could actually happen during an Autoslalom event: Let's say one of our club members is Asymptomatic, feels no symptoms, but is shedding the virus. We’ll call him person “A”. Person “A” arrives and registers using the common pen and signs the registration waiver. The virus is now on the pen, the form, and the table. Person “A” unloads his vehicle and asks to borrow a tire gauge from his pit stall neighbour. Upon return of the tire gauge, the neighbour checks his tires with the infected gauge. Person “A” is gregarious and can’t help walking up and down the grid chatting with people face-to face. Person “A” is very accommodating and welcomes “ride-a-longs” during his runs. During his work stint, person “A” resets several cones with ungloved hands. During the lunch break, person “A” offers another member, who forgot his lunch, an apple and a bottle of water. Unwittingly, the other member says … “thanks so much for offering!” Yeah, right. Being the helpful, caring person, he is, person “A” offers to cleanup and put things away at the end of the event. Now he’s touched equipment that will be handled by others. Everyone who’s been “touched” by person “A” returns home to their families and then to work on Monday. Meanwhile, person “A”, is unaware of the potential harm he may have caused. On the flip-side, just about everything listed above could be prevented by implementing safety procedures and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) on site and posting educational information prior to the event. I work for a company that is committed to the safety of their employees. They have bombarded us with daily COVID-19 updates and safety protocols. So much so, that some employees are saying … “this is overkill; Manitoba has one of the lowest infection rates, why can’t we go back to normal?” I think the answer, very simply, is that we can’t take the chance. Better to err on the side of safety, especially when we’re hearing about the “second wave” and countries like the U.S. having a death rate higher than the Vietnam war. I’m the last person that wants to give up a single event, but under these extraordinary circumstances, I feel it’s in my best interest and those around me to comply with the Phase One restrictions that limits public gatherings to 10 or fewer people. I’m also crossing my fingers that Phase Two restrictions, which will be affected by Phase One results, will allow for expanded gatherings. Otherwise, it’s wait for Phase Three in September before restrictions are lifted. I’m certainly no expert on this issue and have gathered all my information from our workplace COVID-19 health safety protocols and the Manitoba government website: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/restoring/approach.html I know the WSCC Executive is monitoring the current situation and will inform the general membership as soon as the status of our 2020 season is known. I hope to see you all at the track sooner than later.
  6. Here's something I came across in our archives. This goes back to the days when bell bottoms were wide, disco was in, wings were big, and men were men. Does anyone remember this race or the exact location? Some pretty cool cars. 1973 WSCC Ice Race.mp4
  7. Once again, thanks Mia and Brad for putting together another great edition of the Aficionado. I think it was important to communicate how the COVID-19 situation affects us as well as reporting on the anticipated start date possibilities for the shortened race season. Enjoyed the very well-written article submitted by Kevin Mazur giving us a glimpse into the behind the scenes life as data analyst for professional race car teams. Also, this edition gave us a nice summary, with photos, on the Ice HPDE and Ice Race season. This is what makes the Aficionado newsletter such an important part of our Club, especially in these troubling times. Keep up the good work!
  8. Some close competition. Gimli should be very interesting this weekend!
  9. If anyone needs the construction details for study, then I'm posting Jim's plans here. As you can see, a materials list is provided along with a cutting list and an estimated cost. Looks good to me! WSCC Marshall Station without Elevation.pdf
  10. Welcome Aaron, Looks like you've got a decent setup for Autoslalom. Where have you run previously? The St. Andrew's course is not tabletop smooth, so I wouldn't recommend going too stiff on springs or sway bar settings. The driving instructors who've driven my Focus have said not to use the stiffest settings. You picked a good tire with the RE71R. The Bridgestone comes highly recommended and was picked #1 overall in a poll we conducted last year. Check out the following link and drill down to the end of the Mar 29th posts. @Magner does an excellent job of listing all the suitable tires and providing an unbiased evaluation. http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/topic/11502-time-to-retire/
  11. NIce. Just in time for the Feb 23rd Subaru AWD Club event at Lake Shirley.
  12. Looks like we had an excellent turnout for Saturday lapping and a lot of new faces. I arrived late but still managed to see some pretty cool driving and meet a lot of nice people. Just driving around the parking lot made me appreciate how much effort is put into plowing the track, clearing the pit and spectator parking, and viewing areas. And all this for just one weekend! Thanks Mat. Minus the wind, the weather was pretty decent, but you still have to give credit to the volunteers who worked the weekend to allow this event to take place. This is the first time I've tried posting a video clip using BoobTube, so I'm hoping it works, and apologize for the amateur editing. Not sure what's worse, my driving skills or my computer skills. Looking forward to the next Ice Racing event at Winnipeg Beach on Saturday, Feb 15th. And, as a bonus, we managed to slip in a Lapping event on Sunday, Feb 16th. For those who haven't been to Winnipeg Beach, it's a great venue with up-close track-side spectator viewing within a snowball's throw from the town site Now, cross your fingers and hope these linky things work: https://youtu.be/aX2Cw1rjHYw https://youtu.be/pP9uYiDFX80
  13. Okay, might be a slight exaggeration. Phil showed me his in-car video (on the oval) and he might have you beat with number of turns on the wheel. You were riding in the car with him, so you probably know what I'm talking about. Actually the Civic that Phil was driving had an interesting setup with siped front tires and gripless rear tires. He said it had more oversteer than a RWD car. I think everyone had a great time and learned a lot. Darin was asking for some feedback and improvements that could be added for next year. I'm putting together my feedback and will submit shortly. Anyone thinking about going out to Lake Shirley for lapping on Feb 1st?
  14. Pretty cool (or should I say "cold" as in -29°C) videos! I especially like the in-car "Figure 8" video - man, were you ever working the wheel! I played it back several times and counted 732 revolutions of the steering wheel during the figure 8 maneuver. If I were riding shotgun there would've been claw marks on the dash from me holding on so tight. Meanwhile, Steve is sitting there all relaxed like as if he was back home watching TV in his recliner. Seriously though, the instructors were awesome and helped us improve our technique (or lack thereof) by pointing out how we could better manage and coordinate steering and throttle inputs. All you have to do is watch any of these instructors on the ice performing their "ballet" and realize ... it ain't easy. A big thanks to everyone that helped organize the event and volunteered.
  15. @Mat you might want to inform Ryan when the track closes. He mentioned that he might not be able to get off work until 2:00 PM
  16. After watching the video 10 times, my "hate-on" for partial or fully autonomous cars has changed. But, like Jim says, is this for real? And, how may hay bales were injured in the making of this video?
  17. Great job with the poster Mat! Looking forward to an exciting 2020 season. Here's hoping Santa brings me another set (or two) of tires.
  18. We're hosting WCMA Time Attack Championship?!!! Way to go Brooke, Ian, and Mat!
  19. Very nice! Was that poster done locally? Ian Peters maybe? And don't tell me you did it yourself.
  20. @aaronstumpf What are your plans for January 11th? Are you going to take the HPDE? There are several Time Attack and Autoslalom guys that should be interested in taking the school. Hope we get a good turnout - I've already signed up.
  21. Yeah, at least you won't have to worry about breaking through the ice at Beausejour. So, is it time to throw a set of Black Rockets onto your Civic?
  22. Hmm, methinks we have a philosopher in our midst! Great topic written with flair and a deep understanding of the word “perseverance”. This is the kind of article you want to frame and hang in your garage as a constant reminder of what this sport (and life) is all about. Speaking of “framing” this article, I think Mia and Brad (our new Aficionado editors) might be interested in using your story in an upcoming edition. Throw in a couple of photos and you’ve got a bestseller! Any copyright issues, Matt? Thinking of quitting your day job and do this kind of thing for a living?
  23. Here are the minutes from the 2019 AGM: WSCC Annual General Meeting Minutes 2019_11_21.pdf
  24. Great shots Steve! Especially like the one of Allan sitting in the "banana". That will make for some good conversation with the grand kids.
  25. Can you buy silent auction tickets by the roll?
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