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  1. Well , it's been two years since this topic was last updated. I read through this thread and there is a lot of good information buried within but I think you can pretty much do one-stop-shopping by accessing the link Joe provided. Beyond Seat Time has developed exponentially over the last two years. You will find everything you need to know and more. I purchased "The Complete Autocrosser's Manual" and it is well worth the money. If you prefer something a little more basic, I've attached a Word file I found on the Internet. Hope this helps those who are getting their feet wet for the first time this season. Autocross Defined.docx
  2. Just a few questions Tim: Have the two big 6V batteries (sitting on the tongue of the trailer) been removed and stored for the winter? Otherwise, hope they didn't freeze. Do we have everything on site to test the timing equipment? Maybe Shawn has the laptop? Not sure if he'll be out Saturday. You said to meet at 10:00 am CST. Does that mean Come Some Time? Weebly Boss will bring donuts.
  3. Hmm, I see you've reserved #78 for Open Lapping so I'm guessing you'd like the same number for Autoslalom. Your are presently confirmed for #87 and I will hold that until Apr 28th. On Apr 28th all unclaimed "pending renewal" numbers will be released. If Mike doesn't renew #78, then you can apply for it at that time on a first-come-first serve basis.
  4. Hey Ian, The MSR/WCMA registry for 2018 Time Attack numbers is closed. Are we going to use the MSR/WCMA registry again for 2019?
  5. Some people are having trouble finding the Excel spreadsheet listing all the permanent numbers. I'll pin the spreadsheet to the top of this topic. Or, at least I will try and do that. Jim Eh: If this doesn't work, can you pin it to the top of this topic? Permanent Number Listing Apr_10.xlsx
  6. Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed Looks like #60 is available but I will need your full name and membership number before I can reserve a number. You will also need to have a current 2019 membership.
  7. Welcome to Autoslalom! #28 is confirmed. Nothing wrong with "69". Confirmed.
  8. Confirmed … and you're welcome. You're welcome! Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed You're welcome! Confirmed.
  9. Confirmed Confirmed Sorry Taylor, #2 was claimed yesterday. Please see the open numbers still available in the attached Xcel spreadsheet dated Apr 07, at the top of this post. Thanks Jim Confirmed. Confirmed
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