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  1. Hey Greg ... thanks for your comments. As per your suggestion, the policy has been revised to be more clear on the issues you addressed. The first and fourth bullets under the heading Conflict of Interest Definition have been reworded.
  2. As discussed in our Regular Club Meeting of Feb 18, 2021, we have drafted the first of our proposed bylaws and are providing a copy here for your review. We will vote to accept the Conflict of Interest Policy at our next Regular Club Meeting, scheduled for Mar 18, 2021. Please direct any comments or concerns on this matter to "secretary@wscc.mb.ca". Thanks, Brian WSCC Conflict of Interest Draft_Rev C.pdf
  3. It's incredible the effort you guys are putting into this project. Good to hear that you've got the bugs worked out on the tire shaving process. Sounds like you might need a work party to get the drilling, bolting, and sealing done. Where do we sign-up? I've only been with the Club a few years, but some of the things I've witnessed or experienced in that short period of time is nothing short of amazing. There appears to be many people willing to give up their personal time to help others and the Club overall. I think that's why we have such a strong Club.
  4. Thank-you Mike, for staying on top of Ice Race and HPDE schedule situation and keeping us updated as changes happen. Now, let's be honest, which is more work - dealing with the administrative side of things? - or shaving 25mm of tread off a tire at 1mm per pass? They say you should have lots of lubricant when shaving tires. They meant the tires, right?
  5. I finally got around to reading the latest edition of the Aficionado. This is definitely a collector’s edition. And, you don’t have to take just my word on this because here’s what I found in the Winnipeg Free Press in the magazine review section: “A VISUALLY stunning and emotionally powerful collection of graphic short stories that takes us inside the everyday experiences, dreams and delusions of a demographically diverse group of WSCC club members. The expressive narrative combined with artistically composed photos make this one of the best editions of the Aficionado”.
  6. @grailThanks for the explanation. Looks like it must be calculated on some kind of sliding scale. School was never one of my best subjects.
  7. @babyfodThanks for making the effort to revise the standings based on six events instead of eight. Congratulations to the new winners! I'm sure you'll get some complaints, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Looks like Modified was the only class unaffected. I think I understand the Class points system but have never been able to figure out the PAX points system. Looks like you get 100 points for finishing 1st in PAX and something like 94 points finishing 2nd? But after that, I'm lost as to how the points are assigned. Some of the better drivers were only getting 10 points or
  8. @MagnerI think you're right. Here's an excerpt from the 2019 & 2020 Sup Regs, which read the same under para. 27: 27. AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded at the end of the year for Division winners as per the WCMA trophy guidelines. Points will be awarded for each competitor’s best 8 events of 2019 (using the half + 1 rule). Competitors may drive any car within their Division to compete for points. In the event of a tie, the 9th best event for each competitor will be used as the tiebreaker.
  9. No kidding! You were averaging 0.968 Pax through your 7 events. All you needed was a 0.926 on your 8th event and you would've snagged second place. Oh well, can't win it if you're not in it. (this time I'm just kidding).
  10. HUGE thank-you to all those who made this event happen! I’m sure it takes a lot of effort to organize a late season event on short notice, while dealing with COVID-19 and Mother Nature all at the same. My toque is off to Mat, Scott, Chris, Al and all the others who sacrificed their time so that we could just drive around having fun. We could never hold an event without our volunteers, so a special thanks to those who braved the October windchill and kept us safe. Thanks, Dason, Al, Llew, Jay, Dave, and all the others who gave up their Saturday. Sorry that I missed a few of the other corn
  11. Latest weather report for Saturday is sunny! ... with a balmy plus 3°C. I've got the same issue with my Hankook tires that shouldn't be driven or stored in sub-zero temperatures. However, even if you have an unheated garage, chances are your tires will still be above the freezing point due to the warming effect of the ground compared to the outside air temperature. The drive out to Gimli should keep the tires warm until it's time to start lapping. Like you, I don't want to miss the last event of the season. Even if it means running on snow tires in Drift Mode. Besides, what could
  12. Maybe this ... Standard Model - Chicken Hawk Racing.html
  13. Spoken with passion and sums up what we all feel about our Club! We need more people like you. Uh, ... on second (scary) thought, one is enough.
  14. Oh, wow; I couldn't believe what I was reading! After the first 2 or 3 points, I said ... "has Roland been hitting the Schnapps again?" Then, I read a little further and realized that I'd been had and these were all back-handed compliments. If your day job doesn't work out, you can always be a comedy writer. Kudos for using your sharp wit and sense of humour to express gratitude to all the people behind the scenes and capturing the essence of what makes this Club so great. Couldn't have said it better or funnier myself.
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