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  1. NIce. Just in time for the Feb 23rd Subaru AWD Club event at Lake Shirley.
  2. Okay, might be a slight exaggeration. Phil showed me his in-car video (on the oval) and he might have you beat with number of turns on the wheel. You were riding in the car with him, so you probably know what I'm talking about. Actually the Civic that Phil was driving had an interesting setup with siped front tires and gripless rear tires. He said it had more oversteer than a RWD car. I think everyone had a great time and learned a lot. Darin was asking for some feedback and improvements that could be added for next year. I'm putting together my feedback and will submit shortly. Anyone thinking about going out to Lake Shirley for lapping on Feb 1st?
  3. Pretty cool (or should I say "cold" as in -29°C) videos! I especially like the in-car "Figure 8" video - man, were you ever working the wheel! I played it back several times and counted 732 revolutions of the steering wheel during the figure 8 maneuver. If I were riding shotgun there would've been claw marks on the dash from me holding on so tight. Meanwhile, Steve is sitting there all relaxed like as if he was back home watching TV in his recliner. Seriously though, the instructors were awesome and helped us improve our technique (or lack thereof) by pointing out how we could better manage and coordinate steering and throttle inputs. All you have to do is watch any of these instructors on the ice performing their "ballet" and realize ... it ain't easy. A big thanks to everyone that helped organize the event and volunteered.
  4. After watching the video 10 times, my "hate-on" for partial or fully autonomous cars has changed. But, like Jim says, is this for real? And, how may hay bales were injured in the making of this video?
  5. Here are the minutes from the 2019 AGM: WSCC Annual General Meeting Minutes 2019_11_21.pdf
  6. Can you buy silent auction tickets by the roll?
  7. Hmm, I was kind of wondering about the choice of words on the unedited version. Good catch! Not sure why they call it a "silent" auction. Obviously not the case last year when my better half was yelling at me as to which prize bags I should be putting my tickets into. Not sure why I need kitchenware or a visit to a Spa for a pedicure. Maybe I'm missing something? Seriously though, you're doing a great job organizing the banquet @cboettch
  8. Ditto for me. Great job Ken! I know most people use social media for keeping up on social activities but I would highly recommend putting the Aficionado on your reading list. I enjoyed the article on Autocross Nationals. I love reading articles written with passion ... better than using a pen.
  9. Here's proof that at least one car made it to Minaki.
  10. Hey Rob, Had lots of fun on the Fall Drive yesterday and got a chance to meet some new people. Perfect weather for ducks, so thanks for leading our group of ducklings safely throughout the drive. Looking forward to next year. It would be nice to get some photos that we could use for an upcoming article in the Aficionado.
  11. Judy & Brian will be donating a car cleaning kit.
  12. Devin/Tony, I've been following your Snake Charmer project since day one and can't count the number of times I've said "are you kidding me?" You guys take on the impossible and somehow make it happen. The latest rear suspension swap (putting a 2015 Mustang suspension into a 1972 Celica) seems to defy the laws of physics. But, again, you somehow managed to get it done. Even the little things, as detailed in your last video on the intercooler plumbing, would bring mere mortals to their knees. Snake Charmer is a cool name, but I think you guys should rename this project, or at least the car, to "PERSERVERANCE" PS - never got a chance to talk much on Sunday but would like to get the back story on the Fiesta ST. Seems like it's a dragstrip car that could easily be turned into an autocross beast. Looked like you and Tony we're having a blast.
  13. Don't worry about the brake fluid thread ... it was giving me a headache. I'm learning s-o-o-o much from you guys. Keep it coming!
  14. @donrolandofuriosoThis just in from Wikipedia: "GL-5 is not necessarily backward-compatible in synchro-mesh transmissions which are designed for a GL-4 oil: GL-5 has a lower coefficient of friction due to the higher concentration of EP additives over GL-4, and thus synchros can not engage as effectively." Hope it's not too late to drain and refill with Redline MT90 (which meets API class GL-4).
  15. Hey everyone, time for an update. The conditions were cloudy and cool on the Saturday of Vintage weekend, but I still lost brakes during the third session. I bled the suspect RH caliper and got back most of my braking. Managed to complete fourth session but pedal travel was increasing. Just to be safe I did a four-wheel bleed before heading home. I tried to do an automated ABS bleed procedure with my newly purchased Autel MaxiCheck Pro but was informed by their tech support that it won’t work on my car. Too bad, so sad. RH brake caliper has been ordered and I’m presently sourcing out stainless steel brake hoses. The RBF660 brake fluid has been in my system for 6 weeks, so that will have to be flushed. How often do you guys do a complete flush on the Fuchs 5.1 and the Total 600? I might just consider going back to DOT 4 now that I’ve convinced myself that I don’t have a boiling brake fluid issue.
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