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  1. Weebly

    Where to get brakes changed?

    Hey Roberto, If you can't find anyone to give you a hand, send me a PM and we'll work something out. We won't let you miss the next event because of a brake issue. Mind you, if we get your Mustang ready for Time Attack or Autoslalom next weekend, that means you'll clean my clock again. Hmm, let me think about this. Just kidding, send me a PM and we'll get you fixed up.
  2. Anyone interested in co-driving my Focus RS this Sunday? Looking to partner with a mature, responsible adult. Must have driver's licence, a sense of humour, and enjoy long walks on the beach. Ha -ha, just kidding about one of those requirements. You don't actually have to be "responsible". Send me a PM if you're interested.
  3. Weebly

    Gimli Retrospective

    Shawn, You couldn't have said it better and you took the time to thank everyone involved in the event. However, there is one thank-you that is missing. Thank-you Shawn!! It's incredible how much effort you put into organizing the weekend events and how none of this would've been possible without your determination to get it done. I can't believe anyone would consider this last weekend as anything other than a success. Well done, and looking forward to helping with the July double-header.
  4. Hey Matt, Looks like a good start and, like you say, something we can build on. I like the full-size photos on the webpage. Is there any way that you can scroll through the photos? Am I correct to assume that all future event results will be contained in this topic "2018 Timing Results"? Something that was discussed at one of our meetings was to provide an update to the class standings, maybe two or three times during the season. For example, at some point in the season you wanted to know where you're placed in the class standings, then this information would be available. In that way, you could monitor your progress throughout the season and, hopefully, would encourage you to enter more events. How much work and how practical would it be to generate a standings report on a monthly basis?
  5. Weebly

    Fishing rod and breaker bar found at gmp

    That's just plain hilarious Jim! I can just picture reeling the fish into the boat and then clubbing it with the breaker bar. Thanks for the chuckle.
  6. Weebly

    WTD: Gimli Morning CoDrive

    Sorry Tim, as much as I would like to offer Liam a co-drive, I'll most likely be doing Time-Attack Sunday morning/afternoon and doing AutoSlalom in the evening. Considering I'm doing open lapping on Friday, Drift on Saturday, Time Attack Sunday morning, and Autoslalom Sunday evening, there's little opportunity for a co-drive Sunday morning. If my schedule changes, I'll let you know. Likewise, if Liam is interested in a Sunday evening co-drive, let me know. Brian
  7. Hmm, I like your deep insight, but zero DNF's will never happen as long as I'm out there. But, kidding aside, you're right - a course should never be designed to be "tricky" just to make it interesting for those who are more experienced. To me, I look at it simplistically … if a significant number of the entrants are novices, then the course should be designed to accommodate them as well. . No tricky elements required. Your second comment about driving the course with your eyes closed is exactly what I do. Only difference is I didn't realize you're supposed to do this between runs - and not during the run!!! By the way, was this "wise man" you mentioned, the same guy who said "wax on … wax off" ?
  8. Weebly

    Gimil Event Help

    I'll sign up for #3 as part of "Team A". Seeing as how I have a hatchback (Focus RS #65), I will load up cones from the skidpad and drive out to the road course and set up cones. All I need is another volunteer to ride shotgun and help load cones from the skidpad and deliver to our designated section of the road course. Any takers?
  9. Curtis, It appears that your experience trumps theory every time. I did a little deeper digging into the results of the last 21 events (2017 - till present) and came up with an average count of 8.5% for DNF's. Highest DNF score was last year's May 27th event at Gimli. Lowest DNF score was 1.6 % at St. Andrews Aug 26th event. Cone counts averaged out to 50.6%. Highest cone score was a whopping 80.2% at Aug 20th event at Gimli. Lowest cone score was 25.7% at St. Andrews May 12, 2018 event. I guess it makes sense that the highest DNF and cone counts were at Gimli skidpad … lack of being familiar with the course?. Speaking of Gimli, which is coming up this weekend, I wonder what kind of course design Shawn will come up with? I have this sinking feeling that I will be contributing heavily to both the cone counts and DNF's.
  10. Tim, Your comments are well received and that's exactly the kind of feedback we're looking for so that we can make improvements in the future. It's ironic about your reference to Roger Johnson's Course Design, because this is just the kind of thing Shawn is trying to drill into my pea-brain. In previous course layouts I've asked Shawn or Helix if the finish is too fast, but they're quick too point out that you don't want a last element maneuver to slow the car and inevitably upset the car balance at the most critical time when needing to keep the car under control. Not sure how this nasty pinch slipped by us on the course test drive. It's possible that we might add Event #3 course design to our library for possible re-use in the future. That's assuming we can tweak the start and eliminate the pinch at the finish and adjust the previous elements as you suggested. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Sorry, but I've just been commandeered for a garage sale this weekend. Hopefully, I can make the next drive. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback Nick! I'm assuming that you didn't like the start because it was too tight? What the heck is the wheelbase on a S2000 anyway? Just kidding. Yeah, the start is a tricky thing to balance so that you don't get the hard launch, drag-strip style start versus the overly tight 90° turn before the start timing lights. And that's why we're asking for feedback. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  13. Tim, Good to see feedback from "people in the know". First let me qualify my feedback report by saying that I am a novice on course design and have a lot to learn. However, I will be using this forum topic as a tool to better understand what works and what doesn't. Although my role is not course design, I am out there with the course designer and am very aware of the difficulty of setting a course that both flows smoothly and at the same time offers challenges. Your comment about line selection caught me flat-footed and wasn't even something that I considered as an important element of course design. I'll defer to the experts on that one. If this were analogous to road racing, I'm assuming you would like to see some flexibility in turn-in, apex, and exit points. But you're right - how do you that on a 75' wide track? Regarding your comment on the finish - please see my reply to Curtis.
  14. Thanks for your input Curtis. The DNF and cone targets I chose were based on events from last year. You would be surprised (or maybe not) to see a huge discrepancy in these % ratings based on the various course designs. I'm trying to establish a "norm" and I will adjust these ratings in future reports. Comment about the start are very important and something that the course designers are monitoring closely. This all came about from comments last year that "drag strip" starts favour high HP cars and AWD cars and isn't fair to the majority of the vehicles in the field. Also, it adds to clutch and drivetrain wear issues. You wouldn't believe how many times we run the start during course layout and adjust and readjust the positioning of the first pointer cone and the timing lights. During my stint as Station 3 marshal, I saw the pointer cone hit twice and the timing light box cone hit once. Regarding the 5-4-3-2-1 slalom cones padding the cone count, please see my reply to Jim. And lastly, the "pinch before the end". Yeah, that's our bad. There was considerable attention given to this element during course layout, but it's one of those things where you're trying to provide a safe finish entry speed, but not introduce a steering input that could result in a spin. Safety is number one priority (fun is a close #2) when designing a course. That's why we're asking for feedback.
  15. Good comments Jim! … much appreciated. I'm green at course design (basically just pull the cone wagon for the person doing the layout) but I feel it is a very important element of the sport and extremely difficult to please all people and car types. The "expansive" 5-4-3-2-1 wall slalom on the north side was designed to "tighten-up" going in and "open-up" on the return. If I remember correctly the spacing (going north) was 75', 70', 70', 60'. Shawn, please correct if I'm wrong. Jim, also a good comment on the finish being on the east side of the course. I believe this is only the second time we've used this design in the last couple of years. Seems to work and doesn't present a safety issue, so you may see it again in the future. I was watching the release of cars at the start and it didn't seem to add a delay to the event. Basically, cars were released at the start as soon the car on track entered the south hairpin. However, having said that, it did cause us to issue our one and only red flag when cones were taken out at the finish. More on that later. Regarding your comments on Section 5 (south end) are valid. I worked Section 5 briefly during one session and did witness one car get a DNF for going in the opposite direction around the hairpin. Shawn and I looked at the offset going into the hairpin during course layout and although that the last pointer cone was positioned in the center of the course, it was hoped that people would look ahead and see the three laydown cones. Also, the course walk would reinforce that this is a typical course design with the north and south hairpin entries being on the same side. In this event, that would be the east side. Jim, your last comment about DNF's versus class ratings is noted. I had already assessed the number of novices that racked up DNF's and compared it to the rest of the entries and yes, of course, novices had the most DNF's. I will consider including that information in my next report. Thanks.