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      Go here to sign up on the sheet if you can spare some time to help in the booth. Help is also needed and appreciated for setup and tear down. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ULmhhNo7nK2dEgrvcdFmSPx0uMUPMl4WxbUcwfXz-Is/edit?usp=sharing


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  1. Drift Days 2018

    Cool. I've got a set of worn out AutoSlalom tires that need to be burned down to the cords. I looked at the schedule and do you think I would be able to run Time Attack in the morning, followed by Drift in the late afternoon, and then follow up with a session of AutoSlalom in the evening? I seriously need a tire sponsor.
  2. Great slalom article

    Thanks for the great article Corey! Don't know how you find all this stuff, but keep it coming. This article is brief but does a great job of explaining the reasons behind backsiding cones and the relationship with the center of the turning circle. Also a good explanation is given when it's not necessary to backside every cone. Now I finally understand what Rob was saying during the rookie course walks when he pointed to a 5-cone slalom and said ... "you can ignore the last two cones". At which point I said to myself ... "Say what??. That's crazy talk!" I was thinking it might not be a bad idea if we gathered some of these articles, including Corey's Laws, and store them in a resources folder that would be accessible to all club members. Not every new member is able to attend our schools and this would give them some insight into the techniques required to be competent at Autoslalom. I suppose we could also extract pertinent information from sources such as "Secrets of Solo Racing" by Henry Watts and put together some of the key points in a Word document. Not sure if anyone else out there has access to Autocross tips or techniques that we could use. Do you think this would be a worthwhile venture?
  3. This is my first season with WSCC and I don't want to miss any events that are associated with "FUN". Two please.
  4. Promoting autocross

    Sorry Beau, but I don't have your address. Also, I noticed that we've had inputs to this topic from about a dozen people. Should we reach out to the other 1/2 dozen or so people who offered suggestions but may not be aware of Sunday's meeting?
  5. Promoting autocross

    Yeah, it's me again ... "Mr. Let's Keep this Going" First of all, thanks to Helix for initiating this topic with "Novice Taxi" and to Dale for resurrecting it with "Promoting Autocross". Here's a brief summary of the ideas submitted so far: Promote awareness by producing business cards for random distribution. Create a promotional video highlighting the action and excitement of the sport. Could include some testimonials from certain photogenic members (leaves me out). Develop a relationship with local car clubs such as Unrestricted Empire (UE) and Top Tier 1 (TT1) to spread the word about AutoSlalom, which could become a win-win for everyone. Consider introducing a new event at the beginning of our 2018 schedule called "Introduction to AutoSlalom". See this thread for details. Simplify the constraints of our current classing rules by introducing a casual class called "Open Class" or "Raw'. Basically, if the car is street legal and registered, it's qualified. Offer promotional items, such as T-shirts, ball caps, at each event to novices and spectators to help spread the word that AutoSlalom is alive and well. Consider reducing the number of events over the season so as to consolidate the entry levels to a more sustainable number. Maybe 30 - 40 per event. However, this is a "Catch-22" in that less events could equal less entries over the span of the season. "Make Autocross Great Again (MAGA). Got to love that suggestion! Should that become our mission statement? End of event "casual" run. This would expand the "Introduction to AutoSlalom" (proposed at beginning of season) to each and every event. No need to register or go through tech inspection (this could be an issue), but it would allow people who arrived as spectators to take their car for a spin (no pun intended) on the course. Need an improved location. Do we adopt an "it is what it is" attitude or do we dig deeper into avenues that we've already explored? There's been talk about Red River Ex, the water treatment "sludge pond", Springs Church, and the Cirque de Soleil property across from Ikea. Springs Church might work as a once per season promotional event. Might be hard to get the hot-dog guy to come to the sludge pond. Mix it up. This suggestion encourages variety to maintain interest throughout the season. Not only should we use the Gimli skid pad for our AutoSlalom, but what about adding another Gimli AutoSlalom event on the road course? Stimulate interest by introducing a "Team Challenge" event where you're competing as part of a team rather than one-on-on class completion. Add a sponsored charitable event to our schedule that would draw attention from a larger audience. Waive the entry fee for first time entrants. Add a "Novice School" to the schedule which would minimize anxiety issues or reluctance to compete. Strictly casual runs with no timing and no mandatory course work. If in reality there really is a $25K allocation set aside for improvements (sounds too good to be true), how to we use a portion of this fund to promote our sport? Allow a little more leniency with late arrivals if they are newcomers or rookies. Establish a core base of attendees by offering a discount on a "season ticket". Details need to be worked out. Select certain events in the schedule to be a combined car show and AutoSlalom event. This might be better suited to Springs Church for the required display area. Encourage attendance by offering prizes at each event. Consider splitting the season into two mini seasons of 9 events each. This would give individuals with conflicting schedules to still have a chance at winning a trophy ( or would that be a half-trophy?) Encourage spectators by providing bleachers or maybe a sheltered area (tent) near the start/finish area. Post individual videos and any other commentary that would help identify new members. Sort of a "get to know each other" kind of thing. Post the point standings on a more frequent basis to encourage not only competiveness, but to minimize the laissez-faire attitude of "what's the point of coming out". Instead, wouldn't it be nice if it resulted in the " holy crap! ...if I attend the next 3 events, I could actually win this thing!!" Lastly, I apologize for any of the great suggestions I may have missed. Do not hesitate to respond to this thread and add any more suggestions you may have. Thanks everyone for your input to promoting Autocross and encouraging me to write this summary.
  6. Event #16 Sept 17

    Joe, I'm new to Autoslalom; this is my first year but I'm really enjoying the experience and meeting some great people. Our paths haven't crossed yet ... maybe Sunday I'll get a chance to introduce myself. I've really enjoyed your posts on the Forum this year and I can't believe how much insight you've provided on the videos. Obviously you can pick up on subtle, yet important, driving techniques that most of us would miss. Your comment about Shawn being the captain of a "luxobarge" was hilarious! Joe, thanks again for the suggestions on how to properly set up and navigate through a pivot turn. And Shawn, sorry to have provided an opening for Joe to poke some fun. You can have some revenge tomorrow by co-driving the snot out my Focus RS and showing Joe how it's really done. And of course, there will be no video.
  7. Maybe most members haven't seen this most recent thread on the forum? How about a broadcast e-mail advising all club members? Sure would be nice to have a good turnout.
  8. You realize you used the word "Honda" and "goodness" in the same sentence? Just kidding. It'll be great to have you out in the Type R. Hopefully you can show our two guys in their fancy-prancy 2017 Focus RS a thing or two. Or maybe they'll see your entry and just back out! Now, there's a challenge to those Focus folks.
  9. Event #16 Sept 17

    Hi Guys, I appreciate the videos everyone posted for event #16 and, aside from having an instructor ride alongside, these are the next best learning tools. I go through each video and compare the driving lines, steering inputs, hand position etc. between the various drivers. Sure, everyone has there own style but typically there are common driving techniques that show up and these are the ones I key on and try and learn from. Shawn, I really thought your video capture was awesome in that it not only showed driving technique but you could also see speed and RPM instrument displays as well gear shift inputs. Did you realize you hit 102 kph going through the south end sweeper? Did you even lift? Gad, I think I braked for that gate on my first run and probably went through at 80 kph. Also enjoyed watching your hand position going through both pivots - one hand on the shifter and the other hand palming the steering wheel... interesting. Mind you, the apex cornering speed was over 30 kph (not to shabby) so maybe this is something I should try? Now, if we could only get rid of that big smiley face in the rear view mirror, we would have the perfect video!
  10. Course setup

    Hey Guys, I enjoy helping out in the course setup and getting into discussions about the best way to lay out a course ... good learning experience. I agree with Shawn that daylight is no longer in our favour, so I will come out early around 5:00 PM. If you guys don't arrive until later, that's fine ... I can always practice my drifting! By the way Shawn, did you get the flat fixed or get a replacement wheel for the cone wagon?
  11. Course setup

    Shawn/Helix, Not sure who is doing course setup for event #17 but if you need help, I'm available Friday evening. Just let me know.
  12. Promoting autocross

    I agree with Corey's comments. What better way to tap into the local car enthusiast scene than making contact with Unrestricted Empire and see if we can spread the word about AutoSlalom at St. Andrews. As far as the video suggestion, it's a great compilation/montage of what shenanigans go on during events throughout the year, but probably not the best promotional tool. Sorry Jim. I'm wondering if it would be possible to produce a video specifically for attracting newcomers to the sport. The video would need the obligatory in-car shots, but should also provide the accompanying shots of the car as seen by the spectator. A typical 5-cone slalom would suffice. I would love to see a staged shot of a slalom being run directly at the camera. Then, to emphasize the casual and fun aspect of the event, we could do some video of the pits and casual conversation between friendly competitors. Make sure we get shots of the variety of vehicles that can participate, everything from the "Flyin' Banana" to "not your grandfather's Buick". Timing is against us right now, with only two events remaining ... but with a decent turnout at events #17 & 18, a little sun, and some commitment, we could get it done!
  13. Course setup

    Shawn, As of 8:30 PM Thursday we have 7 people registered for Saturday's event. Maybe the weather is holding back registration. According to Environment Canada (never right with weather predictions) it should be raining steady Friday evening and night and intermittent rain on Saturday. I'm available to help course setup on Friday evening, but I think we would have to do it as early as possible to avoid the heavy rain in the late evening. Having said that, should we wait until 5:00 PM Friday to ensure we have enough entries (minimum 11) for Saturday? And as a side note to Tim's last post, I think most driver's in his class would prefer that he keep his car on jack stands.